When Angels Fall

Chapter 52

Gabriel plopped down on a boulder. "So this is the group of kiddies Azazel created to help spring you from the cage? I thought there was more of them."

"There were more of us. Azazel said they flamed out. They weren't strong enough." Jake said still in Lucifer's grip.

"Lucifer release him." Michael said. "I'm interested in what he has to say."

"Fine, we will hear him out but he stays here. I don't care what else he has done." Lucifer said. "His ass is mine."

"I know I'm spending eternity here, It's my punishment for not killing that yellow eyed demon when I had my hands on that gun of his." Jake said. "I should have and I didn't. I made a promise but I let myself forget the oath I took when I put on my uniform." Jake stepped away from the wall and pointed at the the others. "They don't belong here. The little kids don't belong here."

"Little kids?" Michael said. "There shouldn't be any little kids here."

"Lily and Max took them farther back in the cavern." Andy said.

"So you're here to look out for these guys?" Gabriel asked. "That doesn't sound like a cold blooded murderer to me. So how about you tell us how you went from Azazel's surprise party to now?"

"None of us really knew what was going on." Andy said. "I mean I had an idea but that was because of Sam and Dean. But I don't think any of us really understood what was going on except for Ava. She had figured out how to summon and control a Demon. She killed Lily first then me. I never even suspected her."

"Sam knew that demons were involved but even he didn't know everything. That Ava chick, she told Sam she had been there in that ghost town for like 5 months. She had totally gone dark side." Jake said. "She was bragging about killing kids that Azazel brought in. I killed her."

"And then you killed Sam." Lucifer said flatly.

"It was him or me. That yellow eyed demon was only letting one of us walk out of there alive. Sam balked at killing me, I guess he sympathized with me or something." Jake said. "The army breaks you out of that. You kill your enemy, period. It's your job. So When Sam didn't kill me, I killed him. But I do regret one thing. When Azazel put that gun in my hand, I should have put a bullet through his head right then but I didn't. I let him get into my head and use my mom and my sister against me."

"Me and Lily ended up here with all these kids. We figure they must be the ones that Ava killed. Ava, Jake, Ansem; we didn't see any of them until recently." Andy said. "Jake helped us fight off Ansem and Ava."

"This new chick, she wanted the babies." Jake said. "I wasn't going to stand by and let them hurt babies. So I helped Lily and Andy and then we blocked the tunnel. Lily knew a Wiccan spell so she invoked some spirits to protect it against the others."

"You said she wanted the babies," Michael prompted, "Did she say why?"

"Probably to eat them. Demons consider babies a 'delicacy'." Lucifer said. "But I don't understand how babies ended up here. They're innocent. They should automatically go to heaven."

"Unless they're infected with demon blood." Gabriel said. "Azazel was infecting them young, Sam was six months old when Mary found Azazel in his nursery."

"Michael they don't belong here. You want to take the babies and say anyone under the age of 12?" Lucifer offered.

"No haggling?" Michael asked "Just take them?"

"Yes but the others well it will have to be like we agreed earlier." Lucifer said. "At least for those here in this chamber. I think this Ava and Ansem have sealed their fate." He turned to Jake. "As for you, get used to the idea of hell. As far as what happens to you here? I think I'll let Sam have some say in it. After all you killed him after he had spared your life."

"There's one more thing." Jake said. "That demon wanted us to bring the babies to her. She's in New York."

"City or State?" Gabriel asked.

"Somewhere in the city." Jake said. "But she gave us a second address, Coney Island."

"Thank you Samuel Colt!" Sam said smiling widely. "Hey Dean, Cas! Come here a minute."

"What?" Dean grouched.

"I thought you might like to know I found Colt's plans for a devil trap you won't believe." Sam explained opening the journal and placing it on the table. "Take a look at that."

"So it's a devil's trap. Big deal." Dean said.

"Dude will you stop mourning over your car? It's not like they ran it through a car crusher." Sam said tired of Dean's sour mood.

"Don't say that too loud. That other feathered dick might hear you and get ideas." Dean said.

"This is one of Samuel Colt's designs?" Castiel asked.

"Yeah." Sam said.

"This is extremely dangerous knowledge to be in the hands of a human." Castiel said. "Michael will not be pleased to discover that Gabriel shared this with him."

"What's the big freaking deal?" Dena said. "It's a freaking devil's trap."

"Dean, this is not just a 'freaking devil's trap'." Castiel said. "It was designed to trap a special class of demon. Like Azazel and Abaddon. Demons who fell from heaven and allowed their grace to become twisted. Theoretically this devil's trap could contain the devil himself."

"What? Colt made a devil's trap to trap the devil?" Dean said his interest peaked.

"Yes and that is why it is dangerous." Castiel said. "If it can trap and hold Lucifer, the second most powerful angel in existence, it can easily be adapted to trap and hold any angel."

"Crap, if Abaddon had found this she could conceivably trap every angel in existence except Michael." Sam said.

"Which is why you must destroy it." Castiel said. "Michael will consider any knowledge of this as a direct threat against heaven."

"So the best weapon we have against Abaddon, and we not only can't use it, we have to destroy all knowledge of it?" Dean said. "Are you freaking nuts?"

"It is also the best weapon that Abaddon could use against us." Castiel explained. "It is not worth the risk, considering your history where she is concerned. After all she escaped from you."

Sam ripped the pages out of the journal and pulled out his lighter setting fire to the edge of the pages and burning them. "I hope this doesn't come back to bite us."

Abaddon had run out of patience. Even with a nation's worth of human law enforcement agencies hunting for them, the Winchesters were proving elusive. But there was something else that demanded her attention. She had considered it a stroke of providence that she had stumbled across a handful of pre-demonic souls that had been cultivated by Azazel. Ava, Ansem and Jake had taken well to the demonic gift of Azazel's blood embracing it.

Ansem had given in quickly killing several people before he even knew he was not completely human. He was even willing to kill his own twin.

Ava had given in just a few days after Azazel had taken her to Cold Oak. For months she had killed every child Azazel had brought to the town. Not only did she kill Azazel's other children, she had learned to use her gift to control lower level demons.

Jake had viciously stabbed Sam Winchester in the back and then opened a devil's gate at Azazel's urging. Even holding the method of Azazel's destruction in his hand he had not used it to kill Azazel. He had let his selfishness rule his decision.

There were a few others of Azazel's children willing to embrace the darkness within them but these three had not only embraced the dark gift, they had learned to use it, and that made them useful. Abaddon entered the room to find Ava and Ansem. Jake was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Jake?" Abaddon demanded.

"He did what he does best." Ava said "He stabbed us in the back."

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