When Angels Fall

Chapter 53

"Jake Talley will pay a price for his betrayal. But for now Ava, go to the FBI Building. Speak to the Director, a man named Fairchild. Tell him I need a list of associates of both the Winchesters and of Jake Talley." Abaddon ordered.

"And what good is that going to do?" Ava asked.

"Because we are going to be paying them a visit." Abbadon gave an evil smile.

Ansem mirrored Abaddon's smile. "Good. I owe the Winchesters. If I can't pay them, I'll pay whoever I can get my hands on."

"That's the spirit. And if it's someone who is of some importance to them, even better." Abaddon said. "But Ansem, control yourself. We don't want dead bodies, we want living suffering victims that can feed their sense of guilt. But you don't have to wait to get started."

"Have we found someone already?" Ansem asked.

"Yes it seems that they have an admirer in law enforcement." Abaddon explained. "It seems Sheriff Jody Mills of Sioux Falls buried an official FBI request to look for the Winchesters vehicle. That is not something she would do if she didn't know them, and well."

"Perhaps she just thought that her Sheriff's department has more important things to do?" Ava said. "They aren't the FBI."

"I wouldn't think anything of it but it Seems that Crowley was quite interested in her recently." Abaddon said. "He wouldn't have wasted his time if she weren't important. I think she will make the perfect message to our heroic Winchesters. Just remember, I don't want her dead." Abaddon gently placed her palm on Ansem's cheek. "I suggest that you be careful. If you kill her, I will make you wish you were dead."

"I will be careful." Ansem said with a twisted smile.

Gabriel and Michael returned to the bunker to Find Castiel, Dean and Sam in the conference room while Benny and Kevin seemed to be filling out a shopping list. Castiel immediately looked up with the Archangel's arrival.

"Gabriel, I require 1.72 minutes of your time." Castiel said.

The Archangel looked at the Seraph curiously. "Sure Bro, I guess it requires privacy. Come on lets go find somewhere safe from prying ears."

"What was that about?" Michael asked.

"I guess Castiel had a question for him." Dean said. "After all Gabriel was the only one of his brothers that didn't think he needed his ass kicked a while back."

Michael shrugged and turned to Sam. "Sam, Lucifer asked me to warn you. He's bringing someone up you may not want to see again. But he has knowledge of where to find Abaddon. We have to insist that you restrain yourself until we have dealt with Abaddon."

"Whoa, Who could you be bringing up that is going to make Sam that mad?" Dean asked. "You aren't bringing up that other hellbitch named Ruby are you?"

"No Ruby is history. She won't be coming back." Michael said. "We intend to resurrect Jake Talley."

"Jake Talley? The same Jake Talley that stabbed me in the back and then opened the hell gate?" Sam asked.

"What the hell? You can't just ask him and leave him down there to rot?" Dean said. "You are bringing that bastard back? Sam won't have to restrain himself because I'll send him right back as soon as you bring him up!"

"He belongs to Lucifer. I will not interfere if you want to carve him up like a Christmas goose, but not until Abaddon has been eliminated." Michael said. "The Hell knight is our priority for now. Should you insist on acting impulsively I'll have Gabriel stick you in another time loop. I understand you enjoyed it so much the last time he did it."

"Is Jake really that important?" Sam asked.

"If we know where she is, we can neutralize her now instead of waiting for her to attack us first." Michael said. "Yes, he is that important."

Garth had been bored. It seemed that nothing had been happening since Dean and Castiel had shown up to let him in on what was happening. It was as if every Supernatural baddie had gotten wind of something and they didn't like it.

Well Archangels about to butt heads with a Hell Knight? Garth didn't blame ordinary run of the mill werewolves and wendigos for keeping their heads down. If Godzilla and Mothra want to get into a fight your best bet was to just get the hell out of the way and let them fight.

Then of course there was the angel now glued to his ass. Specially assigned by the Archangels to guard little old Garth Fitzgerald IV. Xaphan was conscientious if nothing else.

"Sheriff Mills might have picked up on something happening. It's been too quiet." Garth was saying.

"It is my understanding that human authorities do not condone your efforts." The angel said. "You spend much of your time lying to or avoiding them and yet you wish to actually place yourself within arresting distance of this Sheriff Mills."

"She was a friend of Bobbie Singer. And she knows Sam and Dean." Garth said as he pulled his car to a stop in front of the Sheriff''s Office. "She's also had a few run ins of her own. She passes stuff on to us sometimes."

"She is an associate of The Winchesters?" Xaphan asked. "I do not think that Michael was aware of her connection." The angel suddenly went on alert as he exited the vehicle. His angel blade dropped down into his palm. "Demon."

Garth grabbed his shotgun and a box of salt rounds then ran for the door startling the angel. He pushed it open almost slipping in a pool of blood. Garth looked down and breathed out a sigh of relief. It wasn't Jody.

"There is a human locked in a room approximately 6 foot by 8 foot, no windows and a single door. There is a salt line barring the door and at least three demons biding their time." Xaphan said. "We will require assistance."

"Xaphan," Gabriel nodded as he and Castiel appeared with angel blades in hand. "So little bros, in the mood to do some smiting? I'm going to take one back for interrogation." The Archangel turned toward Garth. "You with the satellite dishes for ears. You grab the Sheriff then we get the hell out of here before reinforcements show up. Ditch the vehicle and just bring them directly to the bunker."

"We will follow your orders Gabriel." Castiel said. "Sam and Dean would not be pleased if harm came to Jody Mills."

"I'm going to grab this demon and go. Don't waste time playing with those two demons." Gabriel said. "We should have this one contained by the time you get there."

Michael suddenly grabbed the end of the table and shoved it to the side then held out his hand and spoke something in Enochian. A Devil's trap appeared on the floor just as Gabriel appeared holding on to a struggling Demon. A split second later Castiel showed up with Jody Mills clinging to him like her like depended on it. Garth was also there with another angel holding onto his arm.

"Garth, Jody? What happened?" Sam asked.

"It looks like Abaddon sent this little asswipe after the Sheriff. She locked herself in the ladies room and salted the door to keep him and his playmates out." Gabriel said.

"Garth and I discovered the situation." Xaphan said. "We planned to ask the sheriff if she knew of any odd happenings requiring the skills of a hunter."

Sam looked at the demon. "Ansem."

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