When Angels Fall

Chapter 54

Raphael, Michael and Gabriel stood surrounding the demon trap that Ansem was contained in.

"You know I heard so much about all of you when I first went down there. Lilith, Meg Alistair, they used to talk about the three stooges all the time." Ansem said. "Too bad they didn't realize there was a fourth stooge."

"I guess you never heard of Shep. But if we're the stooges I claim Moe." Gabriel snarked. "Let me guess, Azazel grabbed your ass as soon as the elevator doors opened. Probably grooming you for some special task and then the Winchesters threw a monkey wrench in your plans again by killing him."

"He does seem to be Azazel's type." Raphael said. "Less intelligent than a single celled organism."

"I'm sure it was a blow to find out just how little you were worth down there. Azazel was probably grooming you to be Lucifer's first string ass kisser. It had to hurt to find out you were destined to kiss Sam Winchester's ass since Sam was Lucifer's vessel." Gabriel laughed. "Sam was born the boy King of hell. You were born to be nothing more than the court jester."

"Did Abaddon offer to make you more than a jester?" Michael asked. "Did she offer you a place at her round table? You are nothing to her. Like every other demon in hell, you are means to an end, nothing more."

"You know, this is what she's looking for." Ansem said. "And you brought me here. She'll find it soon enough and then she will kick all of your asses. She'll find what she wants."

"And what is it that she wants?" Michael asked.

Ansem smiled and said nothing.

"She wants Colt's journals." Gabriel said. "He stumbled onto something that he shouldn't have."

"What do you mean he stumbled on to something?" Michael asked. "How did he manage to..."

"He was smarter than I believed him to be, okay? He figured out how to create a devil's trap that would hold my big bro and your little bro." Gabriel said. "I had no idea that he had done it. That's what Castiel wanted to talk to me about, or rather chew my ear off about. But I think we need to know everything Abaddon knows."

Castiel appeared in the kitchen just in time to see Lucifer pop into the room along with a tall black male. Castiel found himself puzzled since Sam and Dean were glaring at the male. Castiel believed the human expression was 'if looks could kill'.

"Sam, I killed you, yeah. You know exactly what Azazel said. Only one of us was walking out of there." Jake said. "But then you returned the favor not too long after. You looked pretty cold hearted when you were pulling that trigger."

"At least you saw the look on my face, I didn't wait until your back was turned." Sam said.

"Sam had balls enough to face you and he didn't run away afterward either." Dean said. "If we didn't need you, I'd send your ass back downstairs right now."

"Dean, Sam; who is this abomination?" Castiel asked.

"A necessary one for the moment Castiel." Lucifer said. "Michael and Gabriel were supposed to explain that."

"I'm afraid that I demanded Gabriel's attention immediately upon his return; and then we had to make a detour to Sioux Falls." Castiel explained. "Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are in the basement. Our detour involved capturing one of Abaddon's demons."

"Ava or Ansem?" Jake asked.

"Ansem." Dean answered. "And how in the hell did you know?"

"Because that demon made it a point to find all of us that she could. The ones like me and Sam, the ones with talents as she put it." Jake said. "She wouldn't send any of those gangbangers that far away to do anything. She's send someone she thought to could handle it."

"Why?" Dean asked. "You guys were important when Lucifer was in the cage. I can't see where you're all that important now."

"We were supposed to be Lucifer's soldiers." Jake said. "But we also knew where there were others like us. Some of them were babies. I guess they didn't survive Azazel's little midnight visits."

"Babies in hell?" Sam turned his most deadly bitchface on Lucifer.

"Not anymore. I turned them over to Michael. Michael has angels transporting them to heaven right now and Spicy is also watching out for them." Lucifer said.

"You the father of demons let a bunch of babies go?" Dean asked. "Yeah, right."

"Dean I'm hurt." Lucifer said then smirked. "Actually I don't need tons of diapers full of baby shit stinking up the place, not to mention how destructive children are. Let heaven put up with it."

Gabriel chose that moment to join the group in the kitchen. He looked at Jake. "I'm beginning to think that you may know more than you're letting on here Jake. We've got one of your buddies in the basement and he let a little something slip. I'm hoping you're going to be a bit more chatty."

"Oh? And what did this little pal of Jake's let slip?" Lucifer asked.

"She's looking for something here in the bunker. And after my little talk with Castiel I think I may know what it is." Gabriel said. "I'd just like a little confirmation."

"She said that there was something that she was looking for and had been for a long time." Jake said. "She thought Sam and his brother had it."

"Castiel, Why don't you take Jake downstairs." Gabriel said. "Get Benny and a couple of the other Seraphs to help you keep an eye on things and send up Mikey and Raph. The grownups need to talk."

Castiel nodded then went over and took Jake's arm before disappearing, a couple of seconds later the last two Archangels appeared.

"Gabriel?" Michael questioned.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm right, but what I'm not sure about is the wonder twins here." Gabriel nodded at Sam and Dean. "I'd like to think that you listened to Castiel and destroyed that journal but I can't see Dean just letting go of something that powerful."

"What exactly are you talking about?" Lucifer asked.

"Gabriel's little revelation to Samuel Colt got out of hand." Raphael said. "He taught Colt enough to figure out how to build a true devil's trap for the devil himself."

"You what?" Lucifer roared and grabbed Gabriel by his collar. "You realize that if something like that could hold me it could hold you too dumbass! It might even be able to hold Michael and you gave that knowledge to one of these cockroaches!"

"And here you mud monkeys had been making some progress." Raphael said. "Now you're back to cockroaches again."

"Lucifer, release Gabriel." Michael said.

"Oh I'll release him alright." Lucifer said drawing back his fist and punching Gabriel. "Just as soon as I'm done kicking his stupid ass halfway across the Milky Way."

Michael grabbed Lucifer before he could hit his brother again. "Lucifer it was not intentional. Colt simply went beyond where he was meant to go with what Gabriel told him."

Raphael knelt down and brushed his thumb across Gabriel's cheek healing the cut Lucifer had caused with his punch.

Gabriel got to his feet. "Sam, Dean please tell me that you didn't try to be too smart for your own good."

"I burned the pages." Sam said.

"We need the entire journal Sam. There's no telling what else Samuel Colt stumbled upon." Michael said. "If this is what Abaddon is looking for there's obviously more to it than just containing Lucifer. She intended to release him from the cage and kill him."

"But it takes an Archangel's blade to kill you guys." Sam said.

Raphael snorted. "Castiel didn't use an Archangel's blade to kill me. You hairless apes were there to witness it. You're regressing."

"Cas wasn't Cas when he killed you. He was God." Dean said.

"He was hopped up on Purgatory souls." Sam corrected. "He just thought he was God. Or a god"

"Yes." Raphael agreed "If poor clueless Castiel could find a way to do that, don't you think she knows that she could too?"

"You think she'll open the gates of Purgatory like Cas and Crowley did." Dean asked. "Do you know how long it took them to find what they needed, and they need an eclipse. Those don't exactly happen every night."

"No they don't. But Death created another eclipse for us to open the door again so Cas could put the souls back." Sam said.

"Which means she wouldn't necessarily be stymied for lack of an eclipse. If Death did it once, it could be done again." Lucifer said.

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