When Angels Fall

Chapter 55

So lets say Abaddon is looking for Purgatory and plans to suck down the souls what then?" Dean asked.

"I swear Dean, a goldfish has a longer memory than you." Gabriel said. "Have you forgotten what is in Purgatory besides souls? Have you forgotten how it affected Castiel?"

"Wait how do you know anything about that. You were dead." Sam said.

"Yeah but when Raph told me that little Cassie exploded his ass, I had to know how that happened." Gabriel explained. "I flipped back a few chapters to catch up with the story."

"So you know about everything, Sammy's swan dive into the pit, Cas's New God period, Dick Roman, all of it." Dean asked. "And you just let it all happen?"

"Yep. I may be a trickster and an Archangel but even I won't screw around with history." Gabriel said. "Too bad you don't remember what happened when Balthazar unsunk the Titanic. 50,000 people who should never have been born and it caused a big screw up in the timeline. Things that you didn't have to deal with. Even a tiny change can have major consequences; so no, whatever happened, happened."

"Okay, so Abaddon opens the gate to Purgatory and swallows down the souls and she destroys everything right?" Sam asked.

"Uh...no." Gabriel said. "If Abaddon opens the gates to Purgatory and swallows down the souls she pops like a pimple and you get your sloppy seconds of Dick. Roman that is.

Honestly, I'm surprised that Castiel managed to contain them for as long as he did. That's why we absolutely without any question need to know what she plans. For the moment we give Jake a pass he is 'cooperating' for what it's worth, but Ansem is playing at being James Bond. We need him to talk."

"You want me to torture him?" Dean said.

"What we want is for you to get information from him." Michael said. "If that can be done without torture then let it be done without torture. You have a certain reputation Dean."

"And sometimes all it takes is reputation." Lucifer said. "I probably haven't done half the things people have accused me of since the fall, but it adds to the fear that people regard me with. If I can use that fear and conserve a little energy then well I'll use the fear, and from what we've heard so far Abaddon has been building up your reputation among her demons."

"So you want me to fake him out." Dean asked.

"Do you think that you can?" Raphael asked.

Kevin was sitting in the kitchen with Jody. He had given the sheriff a cup of tea and then sat down with her to keep her company.

"So you're Kevin, the prophet?" Jody said. "You look a little young to be handing down the word of God kid."

"Well we recently found out I'm not that kind of prophet, I just translate what Metatron wrote." Kevin said.

"Well isn't that still the word of God?" Jody asked.

"Not always." Another voice interrupted and Jody turned to find Benny standing behind her.

Benny smiled and kind of tipped his head. "Ma'am. It turns out some of what old Metatron wrote was the word of Metatron. Namely a spell that booted every angel out of heaven. The Archangels fixed that but while all the angel's were stuck down here a demon by the name of Abaddon managed to get loose."

Jody shook her head. "You would think that after all the crap I saw while dealing with Bobby Singer, I'd just take angels in stride. I've seen the dead walk, demons, gods and even ended up with a leviathan for my doctor. So I'm going to assume that this means the Gabriel who showed up at my office is THE Gabriel. The 'blessed are you among women Mary because my father just knocked you up' Gabriel?"

"Yeah and he's Loki too." Kevin said.

"The Norse god Loki?" Jody shook her head and sipped her tea. "So angels suffer from split personality disorder too."

"I suppose that's one way to put it." Benny chuckled as he went to the fridge and took out a blood bag. Biting off the end of the tube Benny sucked up a mouthful of blood and swallowed. "I guess you may as well get used to the fact that I'm a vampire."

"Yeah our very own Edward Cullen." Kevin said.

"Watch it Kevin, them's fighting words." Benny said. "I'd love to meet the idiot who wrote those books and set her straight on what a real vampire is."

"I suppose you hate Dracula too?" Jody asked.

"Actually once I was turned I found Bram's story to be funny." Benny said. "The first time somebody stuck a cross in my face I almost busted a gut laughing."

"So how exactly does a vampire end up in the Winchester club?" Jody asked.

"Purgatory makes for some strange bedfellows Sheriff." Benny said. "My views on being a vampire started changing before I ended up in Purgatory. Then Dean came along and I knew a way out. I helped him get out and he brought me back with him. I have family, a granddaughter. She doesn't know who I am, but I got to spend some time with her."

"Family can make you do some strange things." Jody said. "I met Sam and Dean when the dead started to walk. My son came back. I should have have known better but I wanted to believe that it was a second chance for me and my husband to have a family. I managed to convince myself and even with all the dead coming back, I turned a blind eye. At least until Owen turned."

"Took a while for him to get hungry?" Benny asked. "Normally they come back ravenous. I'm sorry you had to lose him a second time."

"If it wasn't for the dead rising I would never have known what it was Bobby did. I would have gone on thinking he was just a crazy old drunk." Jody said. "I wouldn't have known to call him in when I saw that Leviathan eating my roommate in the hospital. And I wouldn't have known what to do today when those demons showed up."

Dean had found a fairly nice brass tea trolley with a squeaky wheel. The wheeled cart was covered by a white linen cloth. The Archangels entered the room followed by Dean pushing the cart and Sam carrying an old book in his hands.

Dean wheeled the cart over to the edge of the devil's trap and took off the cloth taking time to neatly fold it and set it to the side. This allowed Ansem and Jake to get a good look at the collection of blades on the cart.

"Sam, do you have that knife Ruby gave us?" Dean asked.

Sam reached down and pulled up the leg of his jeans pulling the demon killing knife out of his boot. Standing up he handed the knife to Dean.

"Thanks." Dean then set about rearranging the the blades on the tray to make room for the knife. He then picked up a bottle of water. And held it out to Michael. "I know I could bless it with a rosary, but I'm thinking it will have more oomph if one you guys do it."

Lucifer snapped his fingers producing a small clay pot. "If you are going to use holy water created by the blessing of an Archangel then you should be using premium salt too. Go ahead and toss that Morton's."

Lucifer handed the pot to Sam who who lifted off the lid revealing the gleaming white crystals inside. "So what's so special about this salt."

"It comes from one of the pillars around the Dead Sea." Lucifer said. "This was once a woman named Ado. You probably know her better as 'Lot's wife'. It was an act of our father that changed her."

"Awesome." Dean said taking the pot from Sam. "So Ansem, you and I are going to have a little chat." Dean said as he picked up the demon killing knife."

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