When Angels Fall

Chapter 58

Gabriel didn't waste any time presenting himself at the base of God's throne. He dropped down to one knee with his head bowed. "I'm here like you ordered."

"Approach the throne my son." A voice said. "Call it a gift. Something for my children, all of my children."

Gabriel made his way up to the throne to find a scroll on the seat. Picking it up he opened it and read his father's words. "Uh Dad, you had us lock Metatron in the cage. And now we're supposed to let him out?"

"You will offer him the chance to do the right thing. You will make it known that I allowed him to cast the others down. His sin was not in what he did, but in what he failed to do." The voice said.

"A gift? This is going to piss everyone off." You're asking me to pound the nails into my own coffin here." Gabriel said.

"You are my messenger, it is your duty deliver the messages that I entrust you with. Your agreement with the message is neither required nor desired. Obey me Gabriel." The voice said. "I have overlooked much granting you forgiveness when you deserted your post to cavort with the pagans. Deliver my message."

"Can it at least wait until we have dealt with Abaddon?" Gabriel asked.

"Deliver the message Gabriel, forget about Abaddon. Have faith." The voice said.

"Have faith? Have Faith?" Gabriel questioned disbelief clear in his voice. "Tell me something Pops, what kind of faith do you want me to have huh?" Sam Winchester faith where I pray to you every day while you simply kick me in the teeth? Everything you let Sam Winchester suffer and he still has faith in you to this day although I don't know why.

Or maybe I should have Castiel faith. Chasing after you with as much chance of finding you as I have of finding the Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and still defend you to everyone around me when it's clear to anyone who wants to look that I've been abandoned. Tell me what have you done to deserve faith since the carpenter's son breathed his last?"

"Sammy, your bestest bud there is a dick." Dean said gesturing at Lucifer as he and the Archangels entered the kitchen.

"Ya think?" Sam snarked. "He's the devil. It pretty much goes with the territory."

"See, I told you." Dean smirked. "We think you're a dick just on general principles."

Lucifer showed Dean that even the devil could learn sign language by flipping him the bird. "Sam, where is Gabriel?"

"He said to tell you he had to take a call." Sam answered.

"From Daddy." Jody added.

The Archangels all looked at each other. "Father summoned him?" Raphael asked. "But that's impossible all these centuries with no word."

"No word for you jackasses you mean." Gabriel said as he appeared. "He never stopped sending messages he just didn't feel the need for a face to face until now. He wants to see you Michael, I just claimed the number one spot on God's Shit List."

"Gabriel what did you do?" Lucifer asked.

"I simply told him what he could do with his command to us to 'have faith'. Guess he didn't like it too much. He bound all my powers and sent me back." Gabriel shrugged.

"He made you human." Sam said.

"Essentially yeah. But I can have my powers back anytime I want them." Gabriel said. "All I have to do is apologize for calling him the universe's prime example of a deadbeat dad. And deliver his pitiful assed excuse of an explanation as to why he is such a piss poor father."

"Gabriel, why would you openly rebel against him?" Lucifer asked. "You moron, you're lucky he didn't toss you in the pit with Metatron."

"Yeah he wants us to release him now too." Gabriel said. "He says the scribe has been confined long enough to learn his lesson. Michael you'd better get going. He's in a mood right now. I wouldn't make him wait."

Michael stood at the top of the Pyramid before God's throne with his arms crossed. "Father." The Archangel bowed his head.

"Michael, my good son." God's voice said. "You have never questioned me."

"I never questioned you before." Michael said. "You left us with orders that ended with me and Lucifer destined to battle to the death. Why? Do you gain pleasure by setting us against the ones we most love?"

"What is your meaning Michael?" The voice asked.

"You sent Gabriel to Abraham. Did it bring you pleasure to cause Abraham such pain? To command him to sacrifice Isaac, his beloved son? Did it bring you pleasure to set me against Lucifer to turn heaven into a battlefield?" Michael asked. "Did you enjoy watching Lucifer's vessel reduced to madness as a reward for sparing our lives."

"You dare question me Michael?" The voice asked.

"Yes, I dare. Watching the vessels willing to sacrifice themselves for each other time and time again, seeing the bond of brotherhood between them that was once between Lucifer and I, a bond that you destroyed with your manipulations, I dare."

"Gabriel's rebellious attitude seems to be contagious." the voice said. "You share in his rebellion, then you share in his punishment. Get thee from my sight." the voice said and Michael immediately appeared in the bunker.

"What happened? What did he say?" Raphael asked.

"Let's just say Gabriel is not the only one who has had his wings clipped." Michael said.

"Dad punished you?" Gabriel asked dumbfounded. "Look, I'm a screw up. I've done a lot of crap Dad doesn't like but you're his Golden Boy, Mr Perfect."

"I was the perfect son until I asked for answers." Michael said. "Then I was told to 'get thee from my sight'."

"Wow the old man must be getting senile in his old age. He has grounded his messenger and his General?" Lucifer said. "You know I could just march in and take over heaven right now."

"I would stop you." Raphael stood up and pulled out his blade.

Lucifer chuckled. "Put your blade away Raphael, I said I could; not that I would. Besides you don't have Michael's power nor Gabriel's craftiness. You're no match for me little brother. You're not even a match for Gabriel and he's the baby."

Lucifer placed a hand on Raphael's shoulder "Obviously there is something going on here that doesn't quite seem right. Let's see if he's still occupying his throne and if we can get to the bottom of it."

Ava watched as Abaddon paced back and forth. "You should have sent me instead of Ansem. He doesn't have any self control. He was the wrong tool for the job."

"You think that I should have sent you." Abaddon asked.

"Where is he? He should have returned by now, somehow he has screwed it up." Ava looked out the window.

"He should have returned." Abaddon said. "But there is a method to my madness. Ansem is brute force. He is direct. I fully intended a direct attack from him. Ansem has very little intelligence. But you my dear Ava are more subtle. I had no intentions of risking you this early in the game."

Abaddon walked over to the desk and opened up a laptop. "Ansem on the other hand is expendable."

"What are you doing?" Ava asked.

"Having access to so many young and often brilliant minds through these gangs comes in handy." Abaddon was typing something into the computer and a map came up. A red dot was blinking over Lebanon, Kansas. "GPS is a wonderful thing."

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