When Angels Fall

Chapter 5

Ellen looked up as the door to the Roadhouse opened once again. Ash came in with a man that no one recognized except John Winchester. Mary laid a hand on her husband's arm as he grew tense next to her.

"John?" She questioned. "Do you know him?"

"Yeah, I know him." He growled at the sight of one Henry Winchester. "He's the no good son of a bitch that abandoned me when I was a kid."

Ash nudged Henry and pointed to the table where Mary and John sat then gave him a little push in that direction before heading to the bar.

"Ash, who is that?" Ellen asked. "He's not a hunter."

"That is Henry Winchester, John's old man." Ash said grabbing a can of beer and popping the top.

"That's John Winchester's daddy?" Bobby asked. At Ash's nod Bobby added "Balls! John hates his father. He ran off when John was just a little kid. Might not have been such a good idea to bring him here."

"Actually it's a damned good idea. Henry has forgotten more about the supernatural than you even know Bobby." Ash said. "Remember me telling you about that group that used to work with hunters back in the day, The Men of Letters? Henry was the last one until Sam and Dean met him."

"Wait how did they manage to meet him?" Ellen asked.

"It's a long story and I'll leave it to Henry to tell, John deserves to hear it first. Then we can work on trying to figure our why there's nothing on Angel Radio." Ash said as he finished his beer and hit a few buttons on his computer. "Okay folks, one Rufus Turner coming right up."

When Sam Winchester opened his eyes he immediately wished he was still unconscious. Then he thought that maybe he was. It was the only explanation for the being sitting in the chair next to the bed with his feet propped on the mattress and reading the National Enquirer.

"Paris Hilton? Kim Kardashian? These are big time celebrities? I'm almost feeling a little superfluous here, Sammy." Lucifer commented. "You cockroaches don't need me to turn the world into a living hell, you're doing a damned fine job of it all on your own. Pun definitely intended." Lucifer said as he folded the paper and tossed it on the nightstand. "So, you finally decided to open your eyes and and rejoin the land of the not at death's door, eh? Too bad. That means one of those idiots that I call brothers is going to wake up Dean now and I'll have to listen to him complaining and threatening to dunk me in holy oil."

"You're not real. You're not real." Sam was chanting and scooting up the mattress to huddle against the headboard.

Lucifer let out a huff. "You know Sam, I didn't expect you to greet me with open arms; but a little gratitude would be nice considering the only thing keeping your soul from falling apart right now is my grace." Lucifer turned toward the door. "Hey midget! King Kong is awake!"

If Sam thought he was dreaming or hallucinating before, now he was sure as a dead Trickster suddenly appeared next to the bed.

"King Kong Luci, really?" Gabriel snarked.

"Well they're both overgrown apes." Lucifer explained. "I'll go let Raphael and Michael know he's no longer resonating. You explain the situation to him, after all you're probably in his good graces all things considered."

"So, Sam how are you feeling?" Gabriel asked.

"You're dead. I'm dreaming or hallucinating...Ow!" Sam yelled as Gabriel reached out and pinched his thigh.

"Nope you're wide awake." Gabriel said as he sprawled out in the chair that Lucifer had just vacated. "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Archangels are pretty hard to kill, especially when they are as popular as I am."

"Huh?" Sam was completely lost.

"The power of prayer Sammy. When Metatron cast the angels out of heaven it sent people into a panic. They all thought the end was nigh and couldn't get their asses to a church fast enough. And a lot of them prayed to St Gabriel the Archangel." Gabriel smirked, pointed to himself and said "Hellooo! St Gabriel the Archangel!"

"So they prayed you back to life?" Sam asked.

"Yep! Just in time to find out what Metatron had done." Gabriel said. "All the angels fell. Oh and Abaddon opened all the hellgates. So we are looking at a mess that makes the Apocalypse you and Dean almost caused look like a stroll through the park.

To make matters worse, Metatron sealed the gates of heaven. Right now there are millions on top of millions of unprotected souls just sitting there and anyone who dies before we fix things will be an earthbound spirit."

John looked at the man who was his father as Henry sat down at the table. The two simply looked at each other for a moment before Henry looked at Mary and broke the silence. "You're their mother, Dean and Sam."

"What do you know about my boys?" John snapped. "You disappeared when I was just a kid. You weren't even around."

"I know and I'm sorry for that. That night I left I ran into a demon named Abaddon. On order to escape her I had to cast a spell that sent me forward in time, to the year 2013. It was meant to send me forward to you, the person I had a blood connection with. Because you had already passed on; it sent me to Sam and Dean."

"You were with them?" Mary asked. "How were they? I didn't get to see them grow up. I only saw them once after I died. I'm Mary by the way."

"They are good men; men you can be proud of. They are hunters but good men in spite of that." Henry turned to John. "From what they told me, you were a good man John. I was proud of what they told me about you. I wanted to come back, to fix things. Knowing that you would hate me for disappearing but Dean..." Henry paused. "Dean told me about everything that would happen, I couldn't go back. I couldn't change history. All of the sacrifices that they had made, that the two of you had made had led to things being the way they were. The risk of things turning out different was too great. It wasn't just us that would have been affected. Azazel's plans would have destroyed the world if they had succeeded, but they didn't. And I think that maybe this Azazel wasn't working by himself. I think Abaddon was involved. If she had succeeded in carrying out her plans the night I disappeared, then Azazel would have succeeded. I couldn't come back."

John just snorted.

"How did you end up here?" Mary asked.

"Abaddon followed me. She would have killed Sam. I showed Dean how to stop her; but it meant giving up my life to save them." Henry shrugged his shoulders. "I was not supposed to be there. I was out of place. In the long run that could have proven just as disastrous as going back in time. I made a choice."

"So Sam is out of danger, lets go take care of Metatron so we can bring the seraphs back home." Michael said.

"Slow your roll Mikey. There's still the problem of keeping Metatron occupied until the gates can be opened." Gabriel said. "That means we have to keep a low profile until the gates are opened and the three of you wouldn't know how to keep a low profile if it jumped up and bit you in the ass. We need to find Balthazar first."

"Balthazar? Balthazar! That traitorous thief?" Raphael said. "He broke into the armory and stole all of the weapons!"

"Yep, and he didn't get caught. He knows how to keep a low profile." Gabriel agreed. "And he was nice enough to find me and give me this nice golden ram's horn right after he cleaned out the weapons locker."

"Well you're going to have to find another way." Raphael leaned back in his seat with a smug expression on his face. "Castiel over there stuck an angel blade in his back."

"Really?" Crowley snarked. "I didn't know you had it in you angel. Oh wait I did! You certainly stabbed me in the back quickly enough, but one of your own?"

Castiel glared at Crowley. "It would be wise to remember that you are just as human as I am. And I doubt that you have the training in hand to hand combat that I possess."

"Okay you two, neutral corners. We can have the Thrilla in Manila Part Deux after we fix things." Gabriel said. "Balthazar being 'dead' is a good thing."

"How is that a good thing if you need his help?" Lucifer asked.

"He wasn't affected by Metatron's spell anymore than we were." Gabriel explained. "So we bring him back, fully powered."

"And how exactly are we supposed to do that?" Michael asked.

"The power of prayer." Sam answered as he stood in the doorway.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean who was standing behind Sam yelled. "We're about to have one huge Archangel wienie roast!"

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