When Angels Fall

Chapter 59

"Now this is a paring I had never thought to witness." Lucifer and Raphael started as their father's voice issued from the throne.

"Father!" Raphael fell to his knees "You do truly live."

"Of course I live. You are the one who doubted it Raphael." The voice said.

"So would you like to tell me what game you're playing at now?" Lucifer asked as he stood in front of the throne. "Clipping Gabriel's wings I get. You know there have been times when I have had to count to a million to avoid wringing his neck, but Michael? Michael has never done anything except obey you even when it tore his heart to shreds, and this is his reward for obedience?"

"Lucifer, you would do well to guard your tongue. You have only just been allowed back into the fold." Said the voice.

"Right and as soon as you accept me back, you give Gabriel and Michael the boot. What is so abhorrent to you about us being a family? Whenever we begin to get along and treat each other with something close to love and affection, along you come with some plot to divide us." Lucifer said. "I don't get it at all. But Gabriel and I are good, Michael and I are good. Right now I think that is more important to me than sitting up here lounging around the base of your throne. So it's not like I don't know what it's like to be on your bad side. But at least this time I have company." Lucifer said as he disappeared.

"Well?" The voice prompted as Raphael stood there. "Are you just going to stand there like a marble statue?"

"Father I do not understand. We have been united as we were in the beginning. We have worked together and our grace sang with joy to be united again." Raphael said. "Why do you seek to separate us again."

"Consider your words Raphael." The voice said. "What have I done lately to cause a rift between you? Anything? Or have you chosen to create your own rifts?"

"If we have, it was a path you set us on. You are the one who decreed that Michael and Lucifer battle each other to the death." Raphael said.

"Did I not also decree that Dean and Sam Winchester do the same?" The voice said. "And when Castiel defected to the Winchesters side did I not resurrect him each time he died?"

"You didn't resurrect Gabriel." Raphael countered.

"Was it necessary to bring him back immediately? Did I not also decree that the start of Michael and Lucifer's final battle would be signaled by Gabriel? It is Gabriel who sounds his horn and breaks the seals of the apocalypse. I did not decree that the rising of Lucifer signaled the Apocalypse."

"But why would you not answer us when we called out to you for guidance?" Raphael asked.

"Perhaps because I believed that my first children were at least as intelligent as those who came after." the voice said. "Must I bear the blame for your shortcomings? As I told Joshua, I gave all the help that I intended to give. I gave you signs and omens, you my heavenly children failed to heed them."

"So Gabriel standing up to Lucifer for the Winchesters sake was the right thing to do?" Raphael asked.

"Yes it was. I didn't resurrect him because Gabriel has always been the one most torn by the infighting. As long as the infighting continued I chose leave him restfully at peace." The voice said. "Lucifer and Gabriel learned quickly and now even Michael has learned. Now you must learn, your existence is your own. You must be responsible for your actions. It is your time, you must prove yourselves worthy."

Gabriel was slouched in a kitchen chair pouting. He had tried several times to snap up something sweet or something simple and nothing. "I'm not apologizing!" he yelled at the ceiling.

"I believe my vessel is becoming unhealthy." Michael said. "I feel a discomfort in my abdomen." His words were accompanied by a low grumbling from his stomach.

"You're fine, just hungry. You need to eat to keep your vessel alive." Gabriel said.

"Just when we thought we were safe from human angels." Dean said and shook his head. "Cas we need your help."

"Dean, we have Dad's truck. We need to make a supply run anyhow." Sam said.

"That would not be wise." Castiel said as he appeared. "There are two demons in the lower levels who are more than likely aware of the fact that both Michael and Gabriel are...now human."

"Thanks for the reminder there bro." Gabriel snarked. "We had no idea that clipping our wings meant we were human. And we're hungry." He added as Michael's stomach growled again.

"Senile old goat." Lucifer said as he appeared in the kitchen. "Ha this is nothing old man. Do you honestly think binding my powers is going to bother me after you pretty much sent me to my room for centuries?"

Sam looked at Lucifer as he shook his fist toward heaven. "So you're powerless too now?"

"Yep, what the hell I'm used to it." Lucifer said. "Although I think the old man has totally lost it if he thinks this bothers me."

"And Raphael?" Michael asked.

"No clue. I simply wanted to give him a piece of my mind." Lucifer said. "I think it really pissed him off when I just walked out on him. Last I saw of Raphael he was standing there with his mouth open catching flies."

Raphael returned about 30 minutes later. The Archangel was quiet.

"Well?" Gabriel asked. "Dad pluck your feathers too?"

"Yes expected us to be smart enough to walk away and we were not. Whatever failures occurred are our own." Raphael said.

"Like I said, pops is senile." Lucifer said.

Castiel popped into the kitchen with Kevin, the angel and the prophet both loaded down with bags. "Our problems have been compounded." The Seraph said. "Abaddon has arrived in town."

"The shit has definitely hit the fan." Lucifer said. "The bitch would show up when all four of us are powerless."

Ava looked around the house. It was large with room for several demons to occupy it. The family that lived here had all been possessed save the youngest child. Ava was now stuck babysitting this stinky little human creature. Abaddon had given explicit instructions that the child was not on the menu. The child would be best used as bait.

Demons were out scouting other homes to take over. Abaddon had tracked Ansem to this town called Lebanon Kansas. Abaddon was convinced that the Winchesters must also be here, the threat against a child should be the one thing that drew them out.

But the Winchesters would not be located by just sitting around. Ava shoved the child into the stroller and pushed it out the door. It wouldn't hurt to ask around town and see if she could get some idea of where to find Sam and Dean.

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