When Angels Fall

Chapter 60

"Abaddon's demons have possessed several families."Castiel said. "She is using an ingenious strategy. Families with small children under the age of three. The children are spared and held as hostages. She has built and baited a trap for Sam and Dean."

"Sam and Dean aren't the only ones affected by her trap." Michael snarled.

"It is a trap Michael. You are looking right at it, don't be stupid enough to trigger it." Lucifer said. "None of us are in any condition to take her on right now."

"Brothers." Virgil said as he appeared in the room with Balthazar.

"My, my. We are in a bit of a pickle aren't we?" Balthazar nodded. "Little Cassie advised us of the situation the four of you find yourselves in, and at the worst possible time too, with Abaddon circling the town like a vulture waiting for a wildebeest to die.

Luckily for you, I remembered where I had stashed these." Balthazar gestured toward the large sack that Virgil was holding.

Virgil reached into the bag and pulled out a gleaming sword. "I believe that this one is Gabriel's." Virgil said handing the sword to the Archangel who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Come to Papa!" Gabriel said. "I have really missed this baby."

Sam had stepped up closer and was studying the gleaming blade closely. Especially the lettering that decorated the blade. "Gabriel is that what I think it is?"

Michael was also grinning as Virgil handed him his sword. The four Archangels not only looked happy they looked ecstatic.

"So they're swords." Dean said. "I don't get what the big deal is."

"That's an Ulfbert." Sam said reverently.

"Not quite, Sam." Gabriel said. "These are celestial swords. The very weapons we used against the Leviathan. But a blacksmith named Ulfbert did get a gander at one of them and set about trying to recreate it."

"That was impossible of course, but he and others who managed to glimpse the swords all tried to copy them." Michael said.

"Along the way they created legendary swords. The Ketana, the Scimitar, the Claymore, the Gladius." Lucifer added. "All in an attempt to capture the power of these weapons that can only be wielded by God's first sons."

"Wow. Can I hold it?" Sam asked still engrossed in the sword Gabriel was holding.

"Not mine but I think Lucifer's would be okay." Gabriel said. "You are his vessel after all."

"But Lucifer's isn't an Ulfbert." Sam said.

"Sure it is Sam." Lucifer said holding out the hilt of the sword as the shape of it changed. "It's basically in the shape of whatever bladed weapon we want it to be. I just happen to prefer a scimitar, Gabriel likes the viking broadsword, Michael likes the Ketana and Raphael has a thing for that Zulu spear looking whatchamacallit."

Sam touched the hilt and yanked his hand back. "What was that?"

"The sword itself has power. It's used to my grace. It probably felt a trace of my grace left over from when you said yes and tried to bind with it." Lucifer said.

"Alright so you guys aren't powerless now." Dean said. "We go after Abaddon and kick her ass."

"Slow down, Dean Winchester." Virgil spoke up. "Yes their swords have been returned to their hands but they are not in any shape to face Abaddon at this moment."

"Well we can't just sit here and let her take over this town." Dean protested.

"For once in your miserable little existence Dean, shut up." Lucifer said. "You are always so quick to rush into things half-assed and you get people around you killed. This time be silent and let older, wiser heads prevail."

"Lucifer is right Dean, your constant need to lead the charge is admirable until you lead others to their deaths. Your rash decisions cause more harm in the end than good. You concentrate on saving the handful that should be sacrificed for the greater good." Michael said. "Even when someone older and wiser speaks, you ignore them. Do you even realize how many lives have been sacrificed on the altar of your pride?"

"Michael, don't." Gabriel said.

"Little brother, I know you mean well, but that is not going to accomplish anything in this case. Dean won't listen to anything other than having his mistakes shoved in his face." Lucifer said. "If he hadn't been so stubborn when Zachariah first talked to him, Michael and I would have had it out long before you ended up on the wrong side of an Archangel blade, Jo and Ellen went boom, and Sammy jumped in the pit."

"Don't put the blame on Dean for me getting shanked. The rest of it whatever, but I chose to go back and help them." Gabriel said.

"Kali had your blood. When you were hiding in the car you said get our blood." Dean pointed out.

"Yeah so I'm partial to this vessel. I wanted to hold on to it for sentimental reasons, but I'm not superglued to it. Any more than any other Archangel is stuck with one vessel." Gabriel said. "I could have abandoned it to Kali and gotten you out of there using my true form but I didn't for two reasons. One it would have been like waving a huge red flag at Lucifer and every other angel in creation and two, this man who said yes didn't deserve to be left to Kali's tender mercies. So that is one guilt trip you don't have to take Deano."

"Well if we're done playing, or not playing the blame game," Balthazar said. "Are our commanding officers ready to summon the troops and go to war?"

"One of you will need to contact the Cupids." Gabriel said. "I can't exactly pop into their garrison."

"The garrison leaders also." Michael said. "It looks like we will make our stand here in Lebanon, Kansas."

Castiel looked around the garrison now known as the roadhouse. The gathered hunters were all dedicated men and women. And now they would be called to arms for the first time.

"Cas?" Bobby noticed the angel. "What brings you to our neck of the woods?"

"The garrisons are deploying to Earth. Virgil will remain here with a small force, but you will be needed to defend Heaven." Castiel explained.

"What's going on down there?" John asked.

"Abaddon has moved her demons into the town of Lebanon, Kansas." Castiel answered.

"That is not good. It's bad, very bad." Henry said. "She's right on top of the repository."

"Her proximity to the 'Batcave' is troubling." Castiel agreed. "We have warded it quite heavily. I doubt that she will discover its location."

"I think there's a bigger concern right now." Ash interrupted. "What's going on with your big brothers? I know they all came up here recently but when they left they went quiet. Whether you know it or not you guys might talk and chatter on angel radio but those guys are loud. Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel there's no missing it when they start chattering. And even when they don't chatter, since you guys got your groove back, they've still been there in there like background noise."

"Well what's up with those idjits?" Bobby asked. "Keeping quiet while they come up with a plan?"

"Our father has rendered them...human." Castiel answered.


Balthazar had actually done a recon of the town and created a perfect scale replica on the conference room table. "Abaddon has taken over several homes in these three neighborhoods. These are the homes that had small children." Balthazar pointed to several different sections just outside of town.

"Do you know if she's gone after the police, or fire department?" Jody asked.

"For what purpose would she do this Jody Mills?" Michael asked. "Would it gain her some unforeseen advantage?"

"Michael you really need to get out more." Gabriel said. "If she controls Emergency Services she can shut down the entire town."

"She could send her demons on a door to door search without arousing anyone's suspicion." Jody said. "Can't you guys just possess the cops before the demons do or something."

"Unfortunately no. We have to secure permission to occupy a vessel and the vessel must be of the correct bloodline." Lucifer said. "Even I have to ask and it can take a long time to wear someone down to the point of saying yes."

"All of the homes Abaddon has taken are outside of the city limits." Sam said. "Does that seem strange to anyone else?"

"Yeah like there's some kind of a barrier or something." Dean said. "Kind of like they can only stay inside the city limits for a set amount of time and then they have to leave."

"I think maybe I should start looking through some more of Colt's journals. Maybe it's something he did." Sam said.

"That's a possibility. Gabriel, Raphael; help Sam scour the journals." Michael said. "Lucifer and I will continue to work on developing an attack strategy."

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