When Angels Fall

Chapter 61

Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer are older than us and so more powerful. Do you think it is possible that their age may possibly give them knowledge beyond what we possess?"

"Raphael, speaking through our grace when Sam is left out of the conversation is kind of rude." Gabriel said out loud.

"No offense is intended toward you Sam Winchester, but this is not a discussion that I believe we should have in the presence of a mud monkey, even one as remarkable as you." Raphael said.

"Uh thank you, I think." Sam said not sure if he should be insulted or not. After all this was Raphael who still occasionally referred to humans as mud monkeys, hairless apes and who knows what else.

"Sam is not a mud monkey." Gabriel reminded "Did you forget Dad's little Hunter's reward? He is a yet to be ascended Guardian."

"Which means that he will one day be a lesser brother, but for the moment he is still a mud monkey." Raphael replied.

"It's not a problem." Sam said. "I'm thinking it's about time for a dinner break. After all Raphael probably isn't too familiar with hunger. I'll fix something for you guys and you can talk while I'm gone."

The Archangels waited until Sam had left the room then Gabriel turned to Raphael. "What's this crap about Mikey and Luci being smarter than us?"

"Not smarter Gabriel, more knowledgaeble." Raphael asked. "Father gave them more power than us, perhaps he also granted them more extensive knowledge?"

"Nah, that doesn't sound right." Gabriel said. "Besides I'm not sure that Dad gave them more power or if it's just a result of them being older. But where the hell is this coming from Bro?"

Raphael picked up one of the journals and laid it on the table in front of Gabriel. "Tell me little brother have you ever seen this before." Raphael pointed to an odd sigil hand drawn on the page.

Gabriel studied the odd sigil. "It's not anything I've seen before. It looks Enochian at first glance but then it kind of has an Oriental feel to it. The longer I look at the more it feels like I should be able to pin it down but them I find myself thinking it's a different culture, different language. It's like an ever changing Gordian Knot."

"Then I am not alone in my assessment." Raphael said. "I dismissed a dozen different cultures it could be tied to but just as I become sure of my determination, I realize that I am mistaken."

"Looking at this all I can say is Samuel Colt either had an IQ that would make Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking green with envy or he was completely cookoo for Cocoa puffs." Gabriel said. "How did his head not explode?"

Sam was making his way through the conference room headed toward the kitchen when Michael beckoned him over. "Any progress?"

"Not really. I think your brothers are thinking about resurrecting Sam Colt just to smite him for being so confusing." Sam said. "I get the feeling that they are just as lost as I am."

"Awesome. Colt's got the Archangels flustered?" Dean said. "Too bad you guys can't resurrect him. I might be tempted to smite him myself right now."

"What about on your end?" Sam asked.

"We think that we can make things difficult for Abaddon and her followers." Michael said. "This entire town and the surrounding area depend on a single source of water. The reservoir here." Michael pointed.

"Okay and what do you have in mind?" Sam asked.

"Holy water won't hurt us or humans." Lucifer said. "But it will definitely cause some pain to demons."

"You're thinking about blessing the reservoir." Sam said with a grin.

"The nice part is whatever is touched by holy water that we bless is also blessed." Michael said. "So they don't have to drink it or bathe in it. Kevin is in the kitchen cooking spaghetti. I noticed that he is boiling what he called pasta in a pot of water. If that water was blessed by us, that blessing would be absorbed by the spaghetti."

"So drink it, shower in it, eat it; the same effect on them." Sam said. "But wouldn't they catch on pretty quick?"

"Yes this would be our opening salvo. We need to get as much water flowing in the town as we can." Lucifer said.

"And how are we going to do that?" Dean asked. "What you going to announce mandatory shower day or something?"

"It won't be the first time we've burned demons out of a town." Lucifer said. "Why do you think we leveled Sodom and Gomorah...and Chicago?"

"You weren't around for Chicago, Lucifer. How do you know we did it?" Balthazar asked.

"Because I could always hear you guys so I used to listen in on your grace most of the time." Lucifer explained.

"And all these years we thought the Great Chicago fire was caused by a cow kicking over a lamp." Sam shook his head.

"It was." Balthazar said "But you can't really blame the poor cow. After all Zachariah poked it in the ass with his blade. If it's any consolation, the lamp wasn't the only thing the cow kicked. She got a good one in on Zach too."

"Good for the cow." Dean said. "I hope it was where it really hurts."

Michael suddenly stood up straight. "It seems that the Archangels aren't as flustered as you believe they are Sam." Raphael and Gabriel suddenly appeared in the doorway looking flustered. "But then again I could be wrong."

"Mikey, do you or Luci maybe know what this is?" Gabriel asked laying a book on the table and pointing at the strange sigil.

Lucifer looked at it and frowned. "I don't know what it is but I'm getting a headache just looking at it."

"It is affecting you but not the rest of us?" Raphael noted. "Interesting."

"No you numbskull." Lucifer said. "The damnable thing keeps changing. That's what's giving me a headache."

Sam looked at the sigil. "I guess this is what you didn't want to talk about in front of me. It's not changing it's just a big blob of ink." Sam frowned.

Balthazar nudged Sam to the side and looked at the book then poked Sam's forehead with two fingers. "Well there's nothing physically wrong with your eyes so you aren't seeing what we are seeing." Balthazar handed the book to Dean.

"It just a big scribble." Dean said. "Looks like a three year old had a pen and just kept scribbling in the same place."

Gabriel snapped his fingers and Benny and Kevin were suddenly standing in the room. Take a look at this would you?" He asked taking the book and handing it to Kevin.

Benny looked at it and shook his head. "This some of your angel magic?" The vampire asked and quickly made his way to the other side of the room.

"Benny what's wrong?" Dean asked.

"I looked at it and I just suddenly started to ache. Deep down like in my bones." The vampire said.

"Are you still experiencing this sensation?" Raphael asked.

"Naw it stopped as soon as I got away from it." Benny said.

"I have no idea what it is but it doesn't seem to affect Humans. Angels see something that keeps shifting in their vision and Vampires seem to experience pain." Raphael nodded. "I will probably regret this, but Lucifer could you call Crowley and that pet demon of yours?"

"Spicy? Of course I can but I thought you didn't want to be within 10 feet of her." Lucifer said.

"I have a theory and I need Spicy and Crowley to confirm it." Raphael said.

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