When Angels Fall

Chapter 62

Lucifer was glaring at his little brother. "Gabriel is there something you want to tell us?"

"Nope not a thing." Gabriel said with a smirk.

"I am also interested Gabriel." Michael said. "You summoned the vampire and the prophet while being powerless?"

"Son of a bitch." Dean said "I didn't even realize...What the hell did you do Gabriel?"

"Come on guys, I am the Trickster." Gabriel smirked. "Do you honestly believe that I would mouth off to Dad without having a backup plan? When will you stop underestimating me just because I'm the so adorably cute little baby Archangel?"

"So you have your powers?" Sam asked. "Cute, and when were you planning on sharing with the rest of the class?"

"Look, my grace is locked down just as tight as the rest of you." Gabriel said. "But I spent a lot of time in witness protection and a lot of time keeping the Aesir and the rest of the pagan gods off of my ass as Loki. The first thing I learned was to never put all your eggs in one basket."

"But how is it that you have any of your grace available?" Raphael asked.

"It's not grace, Dad clipped the hell out of Gabriel's wings then drop kicked his ass out of the garden and back to Earth." Gabriel explained. "But that didn't affect Loki. Over the years all that worshiping people did? Let's just say I deposited those checks in the bank and didn't touch it. I just let it collect interest. I've been using my grace all these years and just disguising it."

"Is this like that 'power of prayer' thing you told me about when you first came back?" Sam asked.

"See Sam that's why you're my favorite Winchester." Gabriel smirked. "That huge space between your ears actually has a functioning brain. Yes it's the same thing. Pagan gods only have power because people worship them. Then they have to use that power to awe and mystify their followers so their followers worship them and give them more power unlike grace which is eternal. But break the circuit and they fade away into oblivion. And maybe someone revives their worship eons later and they can gain enough power to come back. An angel's grace is always there even if that angel happens to be scattered across the cosmos. That's how we can be prayed back into existence so easily."

"So all those vikings and Norsemen who worshiped you over the years were giving you power and you saved it up all this time." Sam said.

"Yep, and thanks to Thor and the Avengers doing so well at the box office Loki is back in vogue again." Gabriel said snapping up a sticky bun. "Can't say that I'm all that happy about my sweet tooth coming back with a vengeance." He frowned.

"And you were planning on telling us this when?" Michael asked. "This is the second time you have kept important information from us Gabriel. I am growing a bit tired of it."

"Bite me Mikey. I've been on my own for far to long to fall into rank as one of your little tin soldiers." Gabriel said. "Besides the less this gets around the better. You do know however, I'm not the only one capable of doing Pagan magic right now. Luci should be able to accomplish it too."

"What? How exactly am I supposed to be able to pull off something like this?" Lucifer asked. "It's not like I ran off to join the pagans."

"True but the humans spent a lot of time building you an entirely different persona. Some of them even worshiped that persona." Gabriel said. "Looks like it's time for little Bro to teach you a new trick, Satan."

"Raphael, you gorgeous thing you." Spicy said as a greeting. "I hear that you asked for me?"

"Do not let your imagination run wild. I also asked for Crowley." Raphael replied.

"Sorry darling, I don't do threesomes when there's an angel involved." Crowley snarked while Raphael glared at the two demons.

"Do not fret demon, I did not request your presence for a 'threesome'. I need your assistance in researching something and if I am not mistaken, Lucifer has ordered you to assist me however I deem fitting." Raphael noted.

"Alright you've got me there. What exactly do you need. After all I recall you were a reasonable woman, er fellow. Oh whatever, you were a reasonable angel." Crowley said.

Raphael stared at the former king of hell for several moments before speaking. "First I will need a variety of Supernatural creatures. One of each save vampire. We already have Benny and he has agreed to assist me."

"This is all sounding very 'Noah's Ark' to me." Crowley commented. "Should I go out and buy some hip waders for a coming flood?"

"Oh a threesome, supernatural creatures, and hip waders? This is getting kinky...I like it!" Spicy said.

"Be silent!" Raphael ordered. "I need to discover what Samuel Colt has done! And you will assist me. If I can discover what Samuel Colt discovered we can use that knowledge and power against Abaddon!"

"Oh don't go getting those heavenly robes in a twist Sugar. We'll help you." Spicy said. "So how about I go grab you a wendigo to smooth those ruffled feathers? Crowley we'll need a way to pen it up."

"There are dozens of cells below that bunker the Moose and Squirrel call home. It will be easy enough to lock it up there. I'll make sure our little 'jail cell' is up to par for our flesh eating guest." Crowley said disappearing."So I'll be right back with a wendigo for you sugar." Spicy said and also vanished.

"I don't understand what you intend to accomplish by this little brother." Michael said. "Lucifer was locked in the cage for all these years. How is he now suddenly supposed to tap into a power base he has no knowledge of?"

"Because, Baby bro is going to help him out." Gabriel said.

"How exactly is a trickster going to help the devil?" Dean asked.

"Because there are those who think Loki is a devil. Especially with the whole Ragnarok thing." Gabriel said. "I'm not the devil, but there are a lot of people who say that I am a devil."

"I get it." Sam said with a laugh. "That is just too simple."

"I'm glad somebody does because I'm totally lost." Dean said.

"You are not alone in your confusion Dean Winchester." Michael said. "I too am at a loss as to how Gabriel can help Lucifer suddenly gain power."

"It's like a joint bank account, right?" Sam said looking to Gabriel for confirmation.

"I think you've got a good grasp on it Sam, go for it." Gabriel said. "Besides you can probably put it in simple enough terms for all of the muttonheads we call brothers to understand."

"Okay, Loki has his own power base that belongs only to him. Like his own private bank account. He's the only one that can tap into it but at the same time because some people call him a devil he can tap into the devil's bank account and the devil has always been called Satan." Sam explained. "When humans began spreading the story Lucifer's fall, they gave him a new name, Satan. Some of the early lore suggests the name of the serpent in the garden was Satan. The lore has become so mixed up and tied together that Christian canonical belief is that Lucifer was the Serpent, Satan. So theoretically Lucifer can tap into anything Satanic or dealing with the devil. All he needs is someone to show him how to do it. And since Loki is sometimes referred to as a devil he can tap into the Satanic power base also."

"And once I show Luci how to tap in, he'll have access to all that pagan magic that has just been sitting there untouched." Gabriel said. "There is another benefit to this. Abaddon is expecting to face a bunch of Angels. I doubt she is prepared to face the Bane of Asgard and the Father of All Devils and Black Magic. She's preparing to face celestial magic, not pagan magic."

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