When Angels Fall

Chapter 63

"Is all this really necessary?" Michael was getting to be almost as good at bitchfaces as Sam was, but Sam was still the master.

Sam now proved that by sending an even more bitchy bitchface at the Archangel. "Gabriel was pretty clear. For this to work, we need an altar for Satan. So yeah I'm thinking it's necessary."

"Well I don't like it." Dean offered his two cents. "A fully powered up Satan in our midst? We might as well put out the welcome mat for Abaddon."

"Dean you don't like anything that is not your idea or that you can't control." Gabriel said as he placed an ornately decorated silver bowl on the altar. "It's about time you get it through your head, the world is not your oyster and it doesn't revolve around you." Gabriel laid out some herbs and bones on the altar. "Okay Sam, this is the way it needs to be set up, exactly like this. Once you get all the ingredients together we can light this candle."

Dean had opened his mouth to respond, but the Trickster was completely ignoring him. Instead Gabriel was deep in a conversation with Michael. Dean growled to himself.

"You might want to calm down there Winchester, I can see the veins in your forehead pulsating." A voice said at his left said. Dean turned to find Lucifer himself standing there. The devil smirked at him. "You don't trust me." Lucifer said amused.

"Hell no I don't trust you! You're freaking Satan!" Dean responded. "You killed Ellen and Jo and you tortured Sam!"

"Actually," Michael said from across the room "That was me. Sam is Lucifer's vessel, why would Lucifer cause him damage when he expected he would need Sam again if he managed to get out of the cage?"

Sam was now glaring at the other Archangel. "You? Why and why was it Lucifer in my hallucinations and not you?"

"First of all Sam it was nothing personal against you. It was a means to an end. Get rid of Lucifer's vessel and he would be stuck for centuries until the same specific set of variables resulted in the birth of another true vessel." Michael said. "As for your hallucinations taking the form of Lucifer as your tormentor? You had spent the previous year of your life before jumping into the cage trying to find a way to stop Lucifer. Gabriel finally gave you a way to stop him with no bloodshed. Unfortunately Lucifer and I were both committed to the path before us."

"Speak for yourself Michael. I told you it was one of Dad's games but you wouldn't listen." Lucifer said. "You were too hung up trying to score a few brownie points."

"Hey! Right now I'm the only one with any juice around here and I will stick you both in time out." Gabriel said. "Luci, Dad welcomed you home and gave you back your place among the host." Gabriel turned to glare at Michael. "And you got your sanctimonious ass caged too. There's no way in hell Sam could have pulled you in without dad wanting it that way and if He wanted that way he wasn't too happy with you."

Gabriel was glaring at his two big brothers. "Personally I think he just got tired of you two proving what dumbasses you are. Even I managed to figure it out. Dad has my horn, he didn't give it back and tell me to get blowing. Those two Yahoos didn't throw that big monkey wrench into your plans by themselves they obviously had help and I don't mean that copy of Casa Erotica I gave them. How many times did he bring Castiel back again? Dad's fingerprints were all over that. The whole lot of you were too damned stubborn to see it."

"Castiel hunted for God." Dean said. "Your deadbeat dad didn't want to be found. Joshua even told us that God wanted us to stop looking, that he didn't care what was happening."

"Tell me something Dean, do you really think I showed up at the Elysian to save your asses for my health?" Gabriel asked. "I ended up on the wrong side of dead you moron. The only way that happened was with Daddy calling the shots."

"What do you want? A medal?" Dean asked.

"What I want is for you to stop acting like a dumbass all the time." Gabriel said. "But like the Stones said, 'You can't always get what you want'. However it would be nice if you tried sometime."

"Um this really isn't getting us anywhere guys." Sam said. "Can we not fight each at least until after we've finished fighting Abaddon?"

Gabriel stopped and took a deep breath. "You're right Sam we shouldn't be fighting. It's the power building up in this room. Michael, we need to get started on that summoning ritual for Loki right now."

Raphael stood outside of a cell where Crowley and Spicy were securing a wendigo. The two demons finished shackling the creature and appeared outside of the barred cage.

"Ugly looking critters aren't they?" Crowley said. "So what exactly is it you plan on doing with it. I have to admit I pretty good at digging into these supernatural creatures and seeing what makes them tick."

"There will be no vivisections performed on these creatures." Raphael said "It is not required for what I need to test."

"Well what is it that you're testing here Sugar?" Spicy asked.

Raphael stared at the demon for a moment. "Wait here, I will show you."

Spicy looked at Crowley and shrugged her shoulders. In just a moment the Archangel was back and both Spicy and Crowley flinched and backed away from the Archangel.

Spicy hissed. "Why are you harming us? We've followed Lucifer's orders and we're helping you."

Raphael quickly disappeared than reappeared . Both demons were now sighing in relief. "It seems that whatever Colt has done, it affects you whenever you are within it's vicinity. It also made the Vampire Benny uncomfortable but to a much lesser degree than you." Raphael nodded. "Bring me more creatures. I need to discover how it affects them and at what distances. I believe I can safely say that it is an effective repellent against demons."

"What do you offer as tribute for summoning me." Gabriel asked seriously as he stood with his arms crossed on top of the altar.

Dean, Sam and Michael began piling a variety of candy bars and Hostess snack cakes at his feet while Lucifer looked on noting the nuances of the ritual.

Gabriel knelt down and picked up a Twinkie. "Your tribute is acceptable. I offer a boon in return."

"We beg your blessing in battling the hell Knight Abaddon." Sam said. "She would usurp your power and bring down Ragnorak. It is Loki's privilege to release his children to destroy the Aesir."

Gabriel grinned at Sam. "Your boon is granted. And nice knowledge of Aesir Mythology too!"

Lucifer shifted nervously as he felt a change in the atmosphere of the room. "What is that?"

"Loki's power." Gabriel said. "Sam asked my blessing on the fight against Abaddon and I granted it. What you're feeling is all that power floating around the room. Kind of like humans can sense electricity when close by a powerful electrical source."

Gabriel began taking stuff of of the makeshift altar and replacing them with different items including a skeletal goat's head.

"Really Gabriel?" Michael asked.

"Stow it Michael, we're going with the Baphomet image here as a representation of Satan." Gabriel said. "Mainly because like Loki, Baphomet has never existed as an entity. Luci can step right into the image. I mean he's half way there already."

"What do you mean he's halfway there already?" Dean asked.

"If it wasn't for the fact that so many people have looked at Baphomet over the years and identified it as Satan, Baphomet would exist." Gabriel said.

"You mean Baphomet would have become a tulpa." Sam nodded. "Instead people just kept reinforcing the idea of it being Satan, and Satan is Lucifer. Considering the lore states Baphomet represents Heaven and Hell it's also pretty appropriate."

"So the same ritual?" Michael asked.

"Yep the exact same ritual, only the name of the summoned is changed from Loki to Satan." Gabriel said and snapped his fingers producing a small goat. "Got to have an offering. Since Lucifer hasn't spent centuries building up a sweet tooth; a pile of candy bars and Hostess Twinkies won't cut it. It's going to have to be a blood sacrifice."

"Well let's get this show on the road." Lucifer said. "Then we can find out why Raphael is so engrossed by Samuel Colt's little scribble."

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