When Angels Fall

Chapter 64

"All this blasphemy." Michael muttered as Lucifer snapped his fingers summoning Spicy and Crowley.

"Forget the blasphemy." Dean said. "You do realize Lucifer is fully powered up and the only other Archangel with any power around here is almost as big a dick as Lucifer himself?"

"Gabriel died for you and Sam. I think that would cause you to feel some measure of gratitude Dean." Castiel said.

"I do, it's why I said almost as big a dick as Lucifer." Dean answered. "He only killed me like a gazillion times first."

"You don't even remember any of it Dean." Gabriel said. "So you've got nothing to complain about. Sam on the other hand lived through all those Tuesdays and has earned the right to call me a dick."

"I should, but I understand what it was you were trying to teach me, now." Sam said. "So I suppose you're not really a dick, just the universe's crappiest teacher."

"Far be it from me to interrupt, but did you want something from us sugar?" Spicy asked Lucifer.

"Just a little test Spicy, and it worked." Lucifer said. "So Gabe and I have got some juice, now what do we do with it?"

"We go talk to Metatron." Gabriel said. "Dad and I sort of got into it because he wants us to let Metatron out now. Dad thinks he has learned his lesson and also that we need his input."

"I can agree on the input part." Michael said. "He is a scribe so he may be able to figure out that sigil that has us all flummoxed."

"Exactly why I think Luci and I should talk to him, but on our terms." Gabriel said.

Raphael took that moment to appear. "Brothers, it seems that I have missed something?"

"Well we just got Luci all Pagan powered is all." Gabriel said. "What about you, any progress on your theory?"

"I have determined that it is an effective weapon against demons with the help of Lucifer's demon companions." Raphael said. "But I am no closer to understanding why or even what makes it a weapon."

"So it seems we still need Metatron." Michael said. "I really don't know if the risk is worth it. He has access to his grace and we don't. In other words he is more powerful than we are."

Gabriel let out a deep breath. "So Mikey about me keeping information to myself..."

"What now Gabriel?" Michael asked. "Something else you have been keeping form us?"

"Look if I was to try to reveal everything to you, we'd be here until the next millennium." Gabriel said. "I know how to well, limit his power using pagan magic. He's a freaking secretary, he's not very high on the power ladder to begin with. He's actually on a par with the cupids when it comes to his power level so Luci and I together can do it."

Michael was glaring at the younger Archangel. Lucifer chuckled. "You're just full of surprises aren't you little brother?"

"Oh relax, Mikey. It wouldn't work on you or any of the soldiers. It only works on the weakest of the host." Gabriel said. "And I would never have figured out how to do it if you didn't keep sending cherubs out looking for me."

"Michael, perhaps you should accept the fact that our little brother has grown beyond your control?" Raphael suggested. "I understand completely why father created Dean Winchester as your vessel. You both have a problem letting your brothers go to become the beings that they are meant to become. You attempt to prevent their growth and all it accomplishes is to cause them to rebel against you."

"Wait how did I get dragged into this?" Dean asked.

The Archangels ignored him. "You know Mikey maybe you should be grateful that I skipped out of heaven. Because it seems my little 'blasphemous pagan tricks' are turning out to be damned helpful right about now." Gabriel said.

"He is right Michael." Raphael said. "Perhaps this is why Father never directed his wrath at Gabriel. Gabriel was never cut off from the host and has even escaped punishment for becoming an idol god."

"I understand the necessity Raphael." Michael said. "But understanding it, does not mean that I will ever accept it as 'right'. Go retrieve Metatron, but I don't want to be involved in any more of your paganism. I've had my fill of it."

"Raphael do you still need Crowley and Spicy?" Lucifer asked.

"No they have served their purpose for now." Raphael answered. "Perhaps I will have need of them after Metatron returns."

"Okay Crowley get back to your spying. Spicy you will accompany Gabriel and I to the cage." Lucifer said.

"You may require assistance in returning from Perdition with him. Abaddon is still on the loose." Castiel said. "I will accompany you along with a small handpicked group who have experience in fighting their way out of hell."

"We don't plan on fighting our way out, Castiel we plan on sneaking in and out." Gabriel said.

"Be that as it may, I believe that the condom principle applies in this situation." Castiel said.

"Better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have one?" Gabriel laughed.

"I believe that is the logic of the principle." Castiel said.

Metatron had been stuck in the cage for what felt like years. He had been able to here the voices of his brothers and sisters but at a distance. Perhaps that was a blessing because by now the word was out that he was to blame for the mass fall. But today was different. Never before had he felt grace.

"Is someone there?" Metatron called out.

"Yep more than one someone."

"Gabriel? Is that you?" Metatron asked.

"Yep, and Lucifer and Castiel and a few more of your siblings." Gabriel explained. "We've decided to give you a chance to rejoin the host."

"Thank you father!" Metatron said. "I've been praying to him, for forgiveness."

"That's all well and good but," Lucifer said. "This is not Father releasing you from the cage. This is Gabriel and I releasing you from the cage and that means that you will be beholden to us, not Daddy."

"But if Father didn't send you?" Metatron asked, "How, why are you here?"

"The Archangels are offering you a chance to earn your way back into the family's good graces." Castiel said. "But you must still earn the forgiveness of the host."

"What do I have to do?" Metatron asked.

"Well number one you'll be bound." Gabriel said. "Number two you remain on earth until the majority of the host chooses to allow you to return home. Number three you will follow all orders from the Archangels without question or complaint."

"What happens if I don't agree." Metatron asked.

"Well we turn around and leave you here to rot." Lucifer said. "If you do agree and break any agreement once you are topside, Gabriel and I toss your ass right back in here and lose the key. So what's it going to be Metatron?"

"What about those who will wish me harm? If you bind my powers I can't defend myself." Metatron pointed out.

"Now who would want to harm you Metatron? It's not like you've done anything that you bros and sisses would feel the need to retaliate for now have you?" Gabriel asked sarcasm dripping from his every word. "The Archangels will issue an order that you are not to be harmed. Now this is not a negotiation do you accept the terms or do we just make our way back to Earth one angel short of what our number could be?"

"I accept your terms." Metatron said meekly.

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