When Angels Fall

Chapter 65

Balthazar had popped in just a few moments after Gabriel, Lucifer, Spicy Castiel and a small group of angels had popped out on their way to the cage. The Seraph had a look of pure disgust on his face. "Michael, please tell me that the group of you didn't have have the conversation I think you had. You are not releasing Metatron after what he did."

"We need his insight, Balthazar." Michael said with a sigh. "So yes Gabriel and Lucifer are going to release him. Castiel went with them to help."

"So Cassie is okay with this? After Metatron used him to practically destroy Heaven?" Balthazar asked then turned toward the Winchesters. "While you were teaching little Cas about being human you should have taught him how to properly hold a grudge."

"It is not something we wished to do Balthazar, it is a necessity." Raphael said. "And a large part of why Father bound our grace. We disagreed with him on releasing Metatron, all of us."

"And yet you're doing just that." Balthazar pointed out.

"But on their terms Balthazar. Gabriel and Lucifer aren't exactly powerless." Sam explained.

"And what pray tell does that mean?" Balthazar asked.

"It means that I am now the elder brother to Loki and Satan." Michael answered. "Well I have been the older brother of Satan for a while thanks to humans melding Lucifer and Satan into one, but Loki is new."

"Ahh, so Gabriel is admitting to his pagan identity?" Balthazar said. "I'm surprised that he did so considering."

Michael looked at Balthazar. "What do you mean considering?"

"Loki is a pagan god, and Lucifer has more tolerance for pagans than you do." Balthazar said. "I can imagine how you feel about Gabriel's life choices. And you've never been very good at hiding how you feel Michael. You may be good with this now because what Gabriel knows, we need. But when this is over, don't revert to your old ways. One almost Apocalypse in my time of existence is more than enough for me."

Metatron had been very quiet since Gabriel and Lucifer had released him from the cage. The glares that Castiel was sending his way didn't make him feel any safer. Never mind the fact that they were making their way through hell. And now a demon appeared in front of their procession with no fear. To make matters worse, not a single one of the angels was making a move to smite it.

"So this is Metatron?"Spicy said walking a circle around the nervous angel. "Can I have him? Please Daddy Lucifer. I promise to feed him once a century, clean his cage and take him for a walk."

Gabriel sniggered at the look of horror on the scribe's face. "You know Luci, I think that would be a perfect punishment if he screws up. I'm thinking Spicy could have all sorts of fun with him." Gabriel threw his arm around Metatron's shoulder. "I can see the two of you getting all dolled up together."

"Gabriel don't tease poor Spicy like that." Lucifer said. "Look at her, it will break her heart if he doesn't screw up."

"I would remind you that this is Metatron." Castiel said. "I believe screwing up is inevitable. I would wager he won't last a month if you include verbal transgressions."

"You know Cas, you're right." Lucifer said. "Metatron's mouth usually causes him the most trouble."

"You can't do that you can't just turn me over to a demon!" Metatron protested. "Michael won't allow it. Father won't allow it."

"Actually Spicy has kind of grown on Michael." Lucifer said. "He wouldn't raise a single complaint."

"As for Dad, well we're all pretty much in the doghouse already." Gabriel said. "Well all the Archangels that is. Which is why we used Pagan magic to get you out. And well Dad hasn't exactly yelled at us."

"So when he screws up I can have him?" Spicy winked at Metatron.

"I won't cause any trouble." Metatron said. "I promise."

"Of course you won't since you've been bound." Gabriel said. "Loki isn't just a pretty face. And you pretty much agreed to let me bind you already, I did it before we let you out of the cage."

"So Sam, giving up on the sigil?" Dean asked as he watched his brother drawing out something on the map.

"No but we're really not getting anywhere with it. Until Lucifer and Gabriel get back with Metatron, that's pretty much a dead end." Sam said. He picked up a ruler and measured between two points on the map. "So I started thinking about what else we could be doing while we wait."

"So you've decided to take up drawing Devil's traps on maps as your new hobby?" Dean asked.

"No Dean, I started thinking that maybe we can trap the demons that are already here and keep Abaddon from bringing in reinforcements." Sam grabbed an older map and unrolled it. "Samuel Colt's original railroad. So I started thinking If he could do it around a graveyard, why can't we do it around a town?"

"Are you kidding?" Dean asked. "Do you realize how much work this will take? Not to mention the amount of iron."

"I know is a huge undertaking for humans, but luckily we have access to a garrison of angels." Sam said with smug grin as Balthazar and Verchiel appeared.

"Sam, what is so dad-dammed important?" Balthazar asked. "And I thought we had cleared up that whole ringing for Balthazar like he's your butler thing a long time ago."

"Balthazar I needed your advice on something." Sam said. "Take a look at this."

Balthazar looked at the map turning it this way and that occasionally humming to himself. "Clever. So you want to surround this entire town with a devil's trap. Why?"

"Well for one thing it will keep any other demons from coming into the area." Sam said.

"And keep Abaddon from leaving." Dean added.

"What I need to know is if it will work?" Sam asked.

"Yes and no." Balthazar said. "Yes it will repel or contain Abaddon's followers; but it won't do a damned thing where she's is concerned."

"I don't get it." Dean said. "It's a devil's trap, it works on demons."

"Those that were born human yes, it will work like a charm." Balthazar said. "But Abaddon was not born human."

"What do you mean she wasn't born human?" Sam asked.

"I know you've heard of the Book of Enoch. Enoch wrote about the destruction of a certain race. You may have heard of them, the Nephilim?"

"The offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of man." Sam said. Didn't you guys like wipe them out?"

"Most of them yes but a few escaped into hell. They wanted revenge against heaven for the genocide Daddy ordered. They threw their lot in with hell." Balthazar explained. "Azazel was so glad to have them that he made them all Hell knights. Abaddon was one of those hell knights."

Abaddon is a nephilim?" Sam croaked.

"Abbadon is half angel. That's why your standard weapons don't work." Balthazar said.

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