When Angels Fall

Chapter 66

"Father, what is happening? Why are you here?" The young woman asked as the door flew open on leather hinges revealing the angel who had sired her.

"Pack lightly my daughter we must leave. Now before he gets here." Samael told his daughter Abbadon. "Quickly now!"

"Who is coming? I don't understand." Abaddon said confused but becoming more agitated with every passing moment.

"I will explain after we have made our escape from this place. Now obey me!" Samael said as he carefully scanned the horizon.

Abaddon quickly gathered together the basic necessities. Slinging the pack across her back she looked at her father. "I am ready."

Samael led his daughter toward the mountain range to the south of the village. Screams could already be heard from the north plumes of smoke reaching up toward the heavens. Abaddon felt the icy talons of fear finally begin to burrow their way into her soul.

"Father who attacks us?" Abaddon asked as the two made their way up a rocky trail. "Where are we going?"

"Patience daughter, we will stop soon to rest. I will tell you all then." Samael said.

The two continued climbing for another hour before they reached a small clearing. Samael looked around and then gestured at his daughter to sit. He settled himself on the ground and for the first time Abaddon noticed he held a blade in his hands.

"It is time that I tell you of your angelic family. I had hoped they would leave us be and in peace. They bicker among themselves constantly I had prayed that would keep them from every taking up arms against us, but I was wrong." Samael sighed. "But for you to understand, I must start at the beginning, with our our father, and our father's plans."

Sameal closed his eyes for a moment producing a skin of water and some oat cakes flavored with berries. "Here eat my child. The human part of you will require much sustenance in the coming days." Samael handed the food to Abaddon. "You have to understand the first thing God did was to create them. The Archangels, Chief among us; Michael the oldest, our father's commander, meant to lead the host in battle. Next was Lucifer our father's confidant, the brightest and most beautiful of all the host. Then came Raphael, Father's healer, meant to nurture and care for the health of all father created. And last came Gabriel, Father's messenger meant to deliver his words to all creation.

It was some time with just the four of them and our father then father created the first fledglings. Hundreds of us we were meant to work most closely with the Archangels. Azazel, Balthazar, Virgil, Zachariah, and then the rest of us. The four eldest were assigned to an Archangel to aide them in any way they deemed needed. Zachariah was assigned to Michael, Azazel was assigned to Lucifer, Virgil to Raphael and Balthazar to Gabriel. They separated us into groups. Taught us and in time Father created new fledglings and then he created his most cherished creation, humans like your mother."

"My mother was human?" Abaddon asked.

"Yes. But we get ahead of ourselves." Samael said. "The thing is, Father issued a decree. I remember the day well. We had all been gathered around our father's throne at the command of Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel announced the creation of humanity and read Father's decree to us. We were commanded to love the humans as we loved him. To honor them and protect them. We all acquiesced, except for one, Lucifer. He called humans flawed, not worthy of his love. He would retain his love for Father and his heavenly siblings. And so an argument broke out among them. A disagreement I fear will continue until the end of time itself. You see, at first the disagreement was about the humans but then when we came here to fill our father's command, many of us looked upon the human women. They were beautiful, like your mother and they stirred the love within our hearts to become desire. We took these women to us and sired children by them." Samael's face grew sad. "The women gave birth but did not recover. We should have realized that we had angered our father but we were ruled by lust. When we realized this we brought our children to the the base of the mountains and built the village you have called home for all of your life. Eventually the Archangels came and they bickered. Michael and Raphael wanted to destroy you all. Gabriel and Lucifer thought you should be ignored as long as you caused no problem. They could not decide and so they left us, we assumed in peace."

"Are they the ones who attacked us?" Abaddon asked.

"Michael and Raphael attack us. Gabriel attempts to avoid taking part but Lucifer has offered us asylum. We are going to join Azazel who will take us to Lucifer and you will be protected my child."

Abaddon sat in the kitchen of the house she had taken over in the breakfast nook looking out over the yard. She rarely let herself indulge in memories. It simply brought to mind to her all that she had lost over the years. Especially when Lucifer rebelled. Long after the village she had grown up in had been destroyed by Michael and Raphael. They had indeed found Azazel who had led them to shelter.

Abaddon remembered the first days when Lucifer had welcomed them. Samael was a warrior and had quickly risen in the ranks of Lucifer's army. But the fighting between Luficer and Michael grew more heated. Gabriel also often was seen in Lucifer's camp as a neutral party he often acted as a go between for Lucifer and Michael. Then came the fateful day when Gabriel arranged for Lucifer and Michael to try to talk to each other. Lucifer had chosen to take Samael with him and they had left with Gabriel. It was the last time that Abaddon had seen her father.

Lucifer had returned telling her how Michael and Raphael had attacked them while Gabriel simply stood by by not lifting a hand to help. Lucifer had barely escaped with the host following close behind. Lucifer had given her Sameal's sword and his place in the army. He had made her one of seven Hell Knights, Lucifer's elite. And Abaddon stood at his left in a place of honor as his champion. And they went to war.

"Michael, what troubles you brother?" Raphael asked.

Memories Raphael, memories." Michael said. "Balthazar pointed out a few things and that which I had worked so hard to forget was brought back to mind. Those brothers and sisters who perished at our hands."

"Michael, we cannot change the past." Raphael said. "Their loss haunts me also but it cannot be changed."

"Raphael do you even remember who Abaddon is?" Michael asked. "Do you remember Samael? I do. Samael like so many others went beyond what father ordered."

"And the mother of his child like all of the others perished in childbirth." Raphael said. "Do you now deny that is was a sign of Father's displeasure?"

"I don't know Raphael. Was it a sign or was it my own interpretation? I don't know." Michael said. "But I do know that this is his child we plan to destroy. Had we listened to Lucifer and Gabriel eons ago would Sameal yet live? Would Abaddon be our enemy or our ally?"

"Michael you must not doubt yourself." Raphael said.

"No? Both Lucifer and Gabriel cautioned me to be sure that I knew father's will before I acted." Michael said. "It has taken all these eons for me to admit that perhaps I was not as sure as I should have been."

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