When Angels Fall

Chapter 67

"Well look what the Archangels dragged out of hell." Balthazar said as he stared at Metatron. "I personally think they should have left you there to rot but sometimes you have to do what you have to do."

"I think he will be on his best behavior. Where's Sam?" Gabriel asked as he pushed the scribe into a chair.

"Raphael told him to take a break or have one given to him. If I'm not mistaken, and I never am." Balthazar smirked. "He and the vampire are in the basement. They rigged up a basketball hoop. There have been a lot of one on one games around here. Although I did tell them to wait until Castiel got back if they wanted to see some real basketball."

"Balthazar, you did not betray my confidence in such a manner!" Castiel exclaimed.

"Are you kidding me? I've got $100 riding on the fact that we can beat the Winchesters." Balthazar said.

"We are angels Balthazar there is no contest Our angelic nature guarantees a win." Castiel said.

"No mojo Cassie dear. Just skill us against them." Balthazar said.

"You two against the yahoos? That ought to be good." Gabriel snarked.

"Do you even know what a basketball looks like Castiel?" Lucifer asked.

"Balthazar insisted I accompany him to the heaven of Wilt Chamberlain for several months after Chamberlain arrived. Balthazar begged him for 6 months until he agreed to teach us a few pointers of the game." Castiel explained. "He said that Balthazar was perfect Washington Generals material."

"Ouch. You actually suck that bad Balthazar?" Gabriel asked. "The Generals got their asses handed to them all the time by the Harlem Globetrotters."

"Our little Cassie however, is MVP material to hear Wilt talk." Balthazar said. "The angelic equivalent of Michael Jordan."

"And have the Winchesters taken the bet?" Lucifer asked.

Sam assured me that we will indeed play, after the Abaddon situation has been handled." Balthazar said.

"Well! Then we have something to fight for!" Gabriel said cheerfully. "But in the meantime we have work to do, or at least Metatron does. Where is that paper with the sigil?"

Balthazar popped out for a split second and returned handing Colt's journal to Gabriel who in turn handed it to Metatron.

"Okay you're dad's scribe, now do something 'scribey'" Gabriel said as he laid the book down in front of Metatron. Tell us what the hell this means."

Virgil was surprised to find the he enjoyed the time he spent at the roadhouse. He had been prepared to dislike these former humans just as much as he disliked the Cupids. Perhaps dislike was the wrong word by he had no use for them. The guardian angels however were an interesting lot. He found himself spending more time with them than strictly necessary, like now.

"Well sit down idjit." Bobby said. "Ya ain't getting no taller by just standing there."

Virgil slid onto the bar stool next to Bobby. He looked up in surprise when a glass of amber liquid was sat in front of him by Ellen. "If you're going to sit at the bar, you have to drink. It's a house rule."

"Thank you." Virgil said picking up the glass and downing it. As soon as it hit the bar top Ellen was refilling it.

"If it is your intention to inebriate me, you should know that grace makes our tolerance to alcohol unmeasurable." Virgil said.

"Bullshit!" Bobby interrupted. "I've seen Castiel three sheets to the wind."

"Yes he did actually become inebriated several times during the pre-apocalyptic period. But he was also in the process of falling. He was losing his grace. You do know he drank an entire liquor store to achieve his state of intoxication." Virgil said. "Back before all this strife, before our father left, a group of us attended one of Dionysus' bacchanals. Balthazar, Gabriel and Lucifer challenged the wine god himself to a drinking contect. He finally gave them all Laurel leaves since he had passed out more than once and they were still guzzling every intoxicating substance brought to them."

"You guys hung out with pagans? With what happened at the Elysian, I thought you couldn't stand them." Bobby said.

"Bad blood developed between Lucifer and the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. Gabriel as we all now know maintained a benevolent relationship with them." Virgil said. "He simply ran off to join the Norse pantheon who were unaware of who he was at the time."

"Not that the history lesson isn't interesting and all," the voice of John Winchester sounded behind Virgil. "But what are you doing here?"

"I am simply making the rounds of heaven to assure myself that all is secure." Virgil said. "I chose this as my last stop."

"So take care of business then have a drink to relax?" Ellen smiled. "That's awfully 'human' of you."

"You have all been ascended by our father, that makes you my younger brothers and sisters." Virgil explained. "And your company is much more pleasant than the cupids. They are extremely...handsy."

Metatron was sitting at the table engrossed in the sigil furiously writing notes on a pad. Sam had simply huffed in disgust before sitting at the other end of the table with his laptop. Dean on the other hand was glaring daggers at the disgraced scribe and occasionally tossing random insulting comments Metatron's way.

Kevin had finished writing out his experiences as a prophet so far and was now working with Benny to write down his experiences with the Winchesters in Purgatory. Benny's first attempt was very sad just two sentences.

"Dean and I killed monsters and looked for the angel. Went back to get Sam and show him the way out."

Gabriel had helpfully suggested he use a bunch of begats as filler like the guy who had written the book of Genesis. Gabriel had thought is was a very helpful suggestion until Dean pointed out they were too busy killing monsters and begetting was the farthest thing from the minds of the females they came across. Gabriel had mumbled something about 'ingrates' then snapped himself up a gallon of Ben & Jerry's' Chocolate Therapy and proceeded to ignore everyone. So it was very quiet when Metatron suddenly sat up straight and said "I'm done."

Lucifer suddenly disappeared then reappeared with Raphael and Michael. "We're all here now explain it. Why is it none of us recognize that sigil."

"Because it isn't a sigil, it is sigils, plural." Metatron said. "Each laid on top of the other."

"Huh?" Gabriel asked. "No wonder it always seemed to be shifting."

Metatron slid the pad he had been writing across the table toward the Archangels. "Each one is aligned and laid over the others to render it indistinguishable to the naked eye, but there's over 130 different sigils in there each one meant to repel a different creature. However more than half of them are meant to repel, bind or paralyze demons."

"Whoa! Samuel Colt is my new hero." Dean said.

"Samuel Colt?" Metatron asked. "I read his biography. I thought he was a gunsmith?"

"Gunsmith and hunter." Sam said. "And I'm thinking he's more than a hero, he's a saint."

"That can be arranged." Raphael said. "So this is just a guess but the demons do not remain long within the town limits. I would venture this sigil is to be found within the town limits."

"And the newest Captain Obvious award goes to the Archangel Raphael." Lucifer said.

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