When Angels Fall

Chapter 68

Metatron stood in the doorway his arms crossed over his chest. He glared in the direction of the younger hunter who was hunched over a pad making notes while glancing every so often toward the laptop screen.

"Come in and sit down." Sam said. "The Archangels ordered you to help me, so you can help by separating these sigils out into the different creatures they affect."

"You and your brother could do with a bit of humility." Metatron said. "You are simply a man, a human. I'm an angel you should respect that."Sam sort of halfway laughed. "So you're not just a scribe, you moonlight as a comedian too. Respect you? You cast down every last one of your sisters and brothers, attempted to lock them out of Heaven and you expect to be respected? By me? By Dean? Until recently the only one of the Archangels that came close to getting any respect from us was Gabriel and it was only because we figured the dead deserved respect when he died saving our asses."

Sam stood up and picked up the pad Metatron had listed the sigils on. He walked over to where Metatron was standing and slammed the pad into Metatron's chest as the angel caught the pad out of pure reflex.

"Work, earn your keep and prove you deserve the chance you've been given and maybe some day in the future you might earn a little respect." Sam said. "But I wouldn't hold my breath."

"You have a death wish." Metatron noted.

"Dean and I have stood up to Lucifer and Michael, Leviathans, The king of hell and Castiel with delusions of godhood." Sam snorted. "You aren't much more powerful than a cherub and that was before you got your wings clipped by the Trickster and the Devil. Now get to work before I give Spicy a shout out."

"Threatening defenseless angels with Drag queen demons Sam?" Gabriel smirked. "Now that's just downright evil. I'm beginning to think Luci rubbed off on you just a bit." Gabriel turned toward Metatron. "Lucifer and I told you to assist Sam, so assist him. Do what he tells you. If he tells you to stand on your head in the corner, you'd better stand on your head in the corner. Believe me, our resident style demon will be the last of your worries if you don't.

Now if I'm not mistaken Sam asked you to sort those sigils. That isn't going to happen with you standing in the doorway pouting." Gabriel gave the scribe a shove in the back pushing him into the room Sam had picked out to work on the journals and other items.

"Sam is working on a theory right now with Metatron's assistance." Raphael said. "It grew out of my theory but he is attempting to apply it to our current situation."

"Apply it how?" Michael asked.

"Well for one thing make it safe for you neighborhood vampire. While it does not affect Benjamin Lafitte to the extent it affects demons, it does affect him." Raphael said. "Sam is attempting to see if it is possible to remove the elements affecting vampires."

"So it would still work on demons without affecting the vampire." Lucifer nodded. "You have to appreciate Sam's intelligence and imagination.I really hate to give that uppity brat any credit at all but with what Colt did and Sam's suggestions now, Metatron had stumbled onto something when it comes to free will and imagination. Not a single one of us thought of it."

"This is true." Michael said. "Now how to apply what we are discovering to our advantage? Of course we can obviously use the sigils to protect the bunker and the Roadhouse."

" We should take a copy of it to Ash." Raphael suggested. "It would also allow us to check on our young Guardians and bring them up to date on where we are in our preparations for war with Abaddon."

"Someone has to stay and keep Metatron on his best behavior." Michael said. "I believe that Gabriel should remain here. For some reason Metatron seems to have developed a fear of 'Loki'."

"Gabriel has not hesitated to bitchslap him when he feels it's needed." Lucifer said. "Metatron is very careful around Gabriel, at least for the moment."

"I will notify Gabriel of our upcoming departure and see if Sam has learned anything new since we last spoke." Raphael said.

"So lets see how it works now." Sam said. "I took out all the vampire related stuff so it shouldn't bother you now." Sam handed a sheet of paper to Benny.

"Well?" Dean asked. "Anything?"

"Not a thing Brother."Benny said. "Looks like you've got a fully customizable monster repellant on your hands."

"Well there's one more test we have to do first." Sam said. "It doesn't affect you but we have to be sure it still affects demons. And we've got a couple in the basement."

"Jake and Ansem?" Dean said. "About time they contribute something around here."

"Um, Ansem is fair game but Jake is kind of under big Bro Luci's protection." Gabriel said as he appeared dragging Metatron by the collar. "But we might as well make sure Metatron isn't trying to pull any fast ones on us. And testing it on a demon I wouldn't mind smiting myself sounds good to me."

"It will work. I swear all I did was pull out the sigils pertaining to vampires." Metatron said.

"For your sake, it had better." Dean said.

The group made their way to the sublevel where Jake and Ansem were locked down. "So how do we test it?" Sam asked. "Just take it around them or what?"

"The best tests are always blind tests." Gabriel said. "I'm thinking we leave the door open and let the demonic dumbass stroll right out, at least until he runs into the sigil. Since he won't know it's there, we'll get an honest response."

"I think we should let the Seraphs handle this." Gabriel said. "We go down do rounds to check on our demons and Raphael's creatures then once we go back up stairs the younger angels can accidentally release Ansem."

"That sounds good except for one thing, what if Ansem decides to be a pal and let Jake out?" Benny asked. "Stranger things have happened. Just look around this place."

"How about we have Castiel bring Jake to us for 'questioning'." Dean suggested. "He can accidentally on purpose not secure the door."

"Sounds good to me." Gabriel said tightening his grip on Metatron. "Let's do this."

Jake was leaning back against the wall of his cell when the door flew open revealing an angel who grabbed him and dragged him out into the corridor. On the opposite side of the corridor Ansem was being dragged from his cell by another angel.

Benny stepped into the corridor. "They only need one of them." Benny pointed at Jake. "Him, stick the other one back in his cell."

Balthazar tightened his grip on Jake dragging him toward the door at the end of the corridor while Castiel tossed Ansem back into his cell. The two angels and the vampire manhandled jake to the end of the corridor and Benny dropped the customized sigil to the floor and then looked up and winked at a hidden camera only just installed by Gabriel to watch how Ansem would react to the sigil.

It took no time at all for Ansem to see that his door was unlocked. He pushed it open and then took the time to scour the corridor for anyone who might be on guard.

"What a bunch of dickheads." He mumbled before boldly stepping into the hallway. The demon walked to the end of the corridor and set his foot down without looking. The humans in the bunker slapped the hands over their ears as the demon's screams cut through the building.

Blathazar and Castiel hadn't gone far and popped up to find the demon on the floor clutching what was once his foot, obviously in pain.

"Looks like someone drew back a nub." Balthazar snarked. "Guess you shouldn't have stepped on that crack.

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