When Angels Fall

Chapter 6

The group of currently human angels had all happily rushed off to find a quiet spot in the bunker to pray to Balthazar leaving the 'adults' to talk as Gabriel had put it. That actually translated to calming down an irate Dean Winchester.

As soon as the other angels had left Michael took a good look at Sam. "You're lucky you didn't fully complete that last trial. We wouldn't have been able to save you."

"I guess I owe you guys a thank you." Sam said as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Actually, you owe Luci a thank you. He had to use his grace to fix you, since you're his vessel." Gabriel piped up.

"What the hell!" Dean interrupted. "What the actual hell? Angels falling from the sky? Kevin says demons are pouring out of hell. Four Archangels I never wanted to see again in this lifetime suddenly show up on our door step and the friggen Devil saves my brother's life? Somebody better start talking quick or I swear I'm going to dig out the holy oil and roast every single one of you."

"You can try big boy." Gabriel smirked. "You won't like what happens after. In case it hasn't penetrated into your little pea brain, all holy oil does to Archangels is banish us temporarily."

"And piss us off." Lucifer added.

"Dean," Castiel placed a hand on the hunter's shoulder and pulled him aside. "You would do well not to anger them. I may have lost my grace, but I can still feel the wrath in this room. Heaven has been dealt a serious blow and they are angry at what has been done to the Seraphs."

Dean took a deep breath and went to the table to sit down. "Okay, I'll try to be on my best behavior. Now will someone please explain what is going on?"

The four Archangels glanced at each other, and then Michael began to speak. "It all started eons ago when humans first began manifesting signs of their intelligence and Metatron was chosen as our father's scribe. Father gave him a place at the base of his throne."

Heaven 3400 BC

"Metatron what has you so excited?" Raphael questioned noticing the eagerness of the only Seraph allowed in the presence of God.

"Look my brothers!" Metatron was practically bouncing on his feet. Or at least as much as a wavelength of celestial thought was capable of bouncing. "It is from the land that they call Sumer." Metatron held out a small clay square.

"So," Gabriel commented. "It's a piece of clay with some scratches on it. Nothing earth shattering there."

"No it's more than that! Each of these scratches have meaning." Metatron argued. "They have learned how to scribe!"

"Blasphemy!" Michael argued. "Writing is beyond them. It is reserved for heaven, Father would not give such an ability to humans. They would have the power of creation."

"Yes! They could use it to create entire worlds!" Metatron agreed.

"Metatron, You give them more credit than they are due." Raphael said. "Certainly the mud monkeys can scratch on clay but that does not mean that these scratchings have meaning."

"I will show Father. He will see the potential even if you do not." Metatron said petulantly.

"Father gets excited over nothing where they are concerned." Lucifer said with a yawn. "The first time one of them found flatulence amusing Father wandered around heaven chuckling to himself for a year. Because they had discovered humor."

"You are all just being stubborn." Metatron said. "I see the potential even if you don't." Metatron returned to his place at the base of the throne cradling the little small tablet.

The Present

"So Metatron has been geeking over humans being able to write since the beginning?" Sam asked.

"Yes, and he was right you did discover the power of creation." Michael said.

"When we first met him he said something about us beings gods." Dean said getting caught up in the history. "I don't get it, how are we supposed to be gods?"

"Think about it Deano." Gabriel said. "Stephen King sits down at his typewriter and puts a blank sheet of paper in the thing. Then he takes the images in his mind and translates them to the paper. He creates people, places and situations. He sends those papers to a publisher and they mass produce the thing. You pick up the book and read it. You validate the world that he has created."

"Then say Steven Speilberg reads the book," Lucifer added. "He decides to make a movie out of it and he hires actors who make these characters even more real as people watch the movie. In a way, you are creating whole worlds out of your imaginations and those world's exist in your collective subconscious."

"But Metatron, who has been conditioned from the moment he was chosen to assist God by recording all of creation cannot handle Dad taking a vacation and looks for a new God to serve." Gabriel finished.

"And we all watched his allegiance change." Raphael said. "It was a blow against the very throne of our father. Father would never allow such if he were alive."

"Father is gone Raphael, not dead." Michael said. "But that is neither here nor there. What is of the utmost importance is that Metatron's actions could destroy Heaven. And if Heaven is destroyed, creation is destroyed. All of it, undone."

"Well I guess I have to admit I was wrong about you Winchester." Samuel Campbell said as he sat his bottle of beer down on the table. "Sam is one hell of a hunter. We worked together for a while. Dean too."

"It's not what Mary wanted for them." John said.

"She may not have wanted it but it was the way it had to be." Samuel said. "You're born into this life and it follows you. You can try to get out all you want, it'll drag you right back in. Being a Campbell? We've been hunting for generations, John. We were hunting before the Mayflower crossed the Atlantic."

"So it was always going to be their destiny, that's what you're to tell me? Bullshit!" John said as he took a swig of his beer.

"Dad, stop." Mary said. "We could have been out of it. It was my fault."

"Laying blame isn't going to change anything." Deanna said. "What happened, happened. And that's water under the bridge anyway. Lets deal with what is in front of us. Why did that hippie bring us here?"

"Ash? He has been eavesdropping on the angels since he got here." John said. "He says the chatter suddenly stopped. I'm no expert but if this is Heaven, there's supposed to be angels."

"And they aren't shy." Mary said. "They don't hesitate to do what they think they need to do. The only thing that can stop them is another more powerful angel. When John and I had our encounter with Anna, the only thing that stopped her was an Archangel."

"So what? The Archangels suddenly decide to tell them to shut up?" Samuel asked.

"It ain't the Archangels." Bobby said as he joined them. "Gabriel died saving the boys; and Castiel splattered Raphael seven ways to Sunday. Sam jumped in the cage with Lucifer in him and dragged Michael down with him. There ain't no Archangels left to do this."

"How do you know; and who the hell are you?" Samuel asked.

"Bobby Singer, and I know because I've been working with those boys since they went out on their own." Bobby replied. "But more importantly I know Castiel pretty well. The idjit knocked me out first time I met him. And Gabriel won't a bad sort underneath it all even if he was a Trickster. He stepped up for those boys in the end.

Knowing them both, I can say whatever is happening now? It ain't natural."

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