When Angels Fall

Chapter 69

Jake sat quietly in a chair next to Metatron. He had watched the camera feed along with everyone else and saw what happened to Ansem. "You set him up for that."

Sam turned and looked at Jake. "We didn't make him leave his cell that was his decision. But like our old frenemy Meg always used to say 'You have to love demons, so predictable'."

"Meg, the demon Meg? After all she did to you? Every one of your friends and loved ones she killed? And you didn't try to kill her every time you laid eyes on her?"

"Lets just say sometimes that enemy of my enemy thing works." Dean said. "Besides she had an angel who was quite taken with her. What was that you called her again Castiel? Your thorny beauty?"

"Looks like Ansem won't be going anywhere. Can I just say I'm very thankful Raphael never got it in his mind to touch us with that thing." Spicy said. "I get more than enough foot torture in these 5 inch heels."

"Castiel and Balthazar stay here. Take Jake back to his cell, I think he knows what will happen if he tries to escape." Gabriel said.

"Where are you going Gabriel?" Balthazar asked.

"Someone has to update the big bros on the results of our little experiment." Gabriel said. He turned to Sam and Dean "Anything you want me to tell the parental units while I'm up there? No? Later kiddos."

Sam watched as the Archangel disappeared and turned to Dean. "You let him watch Coneheads?"

"Not exactly I was watching it because I was bored and he just sort of got caught up in it." Dean said sheepishly.

"If he says anything about 'consuming mass quantites', I'll shoot you." Sam huffed before turning back to his note pad.

"I actually witnessed the inception and creation of every weapon humans ever developed. Familiarity with them was a requirement of being an armorer." Virgil said as he sat at a table surrounded by the former hunters. "However some of your weapons would only have been a danger if someone laughed themselves to death."

"Give us an example." Mary asked.

"The Bat Bomb immediately comes to mind." Virgil said. "The US was working on developing it to unleash on Japan during World War 2. The idea was sound in theory. Place small explosive devices on a group of bats and unleash them during the day over a city. The bats would seek shelter in the rafters of the buildings and could set an entire town on fire. The Researchers even proved the idea would work when they burned their own facilities to the ground. Unfortunately bats are not soldiers, you cannot order them where to go."

"The bat bomb story again Virgil?" Michael asked as he, Lucifer, and Raphael appeared in the Roadhouse. "That will never cease to amuse you will it?"

"I have to say I'm more impressed to see him sitting here drinking beer surrounded by hunters." Lucifer said. "Virgil always seemed to be all business to me."

"Is it not our business to educate those younger than we are?" Virgil asked.

"Yes it is our responsibility to educate them Virgil." Raphael said. "Pay no mind to Michael and Lucifer. We have come with an update. Sam has retrieved Samuel Colt's journals and within the pages we have discovered a sigil that seems to ward off all supernatural creatures. I have done some initial research into how we can take advantage of this."

"And Sam has taken it one step further." Gabriel said as he appeared sipping a glass of Chocovin. "Turns out it's one hell of a weapon if a demon touches it."

"Gabriel, I told you to stay and keep an eye on Metatron." Michael said.

"Castiel and Balthazar are watching him. Not to mention a vampire, a prophet, two chuckleheads named Winchester and his grace is still bound. Relax Mikey, this is more important than me babysitting Metatron." Gabriel said. "Sam had Metatron isolate the different sigils according to what each one affects. They removed all of the vampire sigils and we placed it on the floor and let Ansem 'escape'."

"You what?" Lucifer choked.

"Don't get your panties in a twist there Luci. He didn't get far." Gabriel smiled. "As soon as he made physical contact with the thing it flayed the flesh from his foot. Didn't look like the injury was doing much healing either."

"It caused an injury to the demon's flesh that the demon cannot heal?" Raphael asked.

"Looks that way Bro." Gabriel said snapping up a bottle and topping off his wine glass. "Of course I figured you would find the info drool worthy, Raph."

"Michael I will return to the bunker." Raphael said. "I need to speak with Sam and compare notes."

Michael nodded. "Go perhaps we can find a way to use this to our advantage with you and Sam working together."

"So now that we've taken care of that, how are the newborn baby bros and sisses doing?" Gabriel asked. "How are you guys coming with manifesting your blades?"

"Actually Balthazar and I thought that perhaps it would be better to supply them with blades created in Heaven's Armory from grace." Virgil said. "At least for now."

"Balthazar did not mention this to me." Michael complained.

"Mikey when it comes to dealing with you, it's better to just beg forgiveness than ask permission." Gabriel said. How much of what I have done would you actually have approved? You are fine with it seeing how it helps, but telling you anything out of the ordinary and expecting you to agree to it beforehand is a fool's errand. Everybody knows that."

"What? I have always encouraged others to come to me with their ideas." Michael protested.

"Yeah and you've shot them all down." Lucifer said. "It's been an open secret in heaven since before I got tossed in the pit that you don't ask Michael for permission."

Gabriel turned toward the closest hunter that just happened to be John Winchester. "So you don't have to worry about manifesting your blades, Have you been using that time to practice with them at least?"

"You do know must of us already know how to wield a blade." Mary said.

"You know how to wield a blade as a physical human being. You're a soul now Mary a lot less constraints on what you can do." Gabriel said. "For example you don't have to touch your blade to effectively wield it. You have control over it that you can't imagine."

Gabriel hopped down to the floor and manifested his Ulfbert sword with a thought. He held it in his hand for a second before releasing it to float in mid air. "Hey Luci, want to duel and show them how it's done?"

Immediately a Scimitar appeared and the two swords parried and thrust while the Archangels made themselves comfortable at a table. Lucifer pulled out a deck of Cards. And dealt a hand of cards to Gabriel. "A game of Go fish to pass the time?" The devil asked.

"Sure but no cheating." Gabriel said picking up his hand while the swords continued to dance over the Archangel's heads.

Michael snorted. "Showoffs!"

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