When Angels Fall

Chapter 70

"Okay as much fun as this has been, we need to get moving." Lucifer said as he stood up and stretched. "Virgil keep working with the guardian fledglings, they're coming along better than I thought they would."

"Ash check your computer, I took the liberty of downloading the sigil and all the information we have on it for you." Gabriel said. "Everything we know about it, you know. Use it wisely grasshopper." He turned to Michael and Lucifer. "We need to take a detour on the way back to the bunker. We need to have another talk with Dad."

"Wait." Mary laid a hand on Lucifer's arm. "You never said, how are the boys?"

"A mother's love, one of the most beautiful and annoying things in the universe." Lucifer said. "Sam and Dean are fine Sam has been working on Colt's journals and trying to find everything he can to help us out in this fight."

"Yep, Sam definitely got all the brains." Gabriel said. "Dean is being a royal pain in the ass because he wants to smash something or someone right now. John you were a marine and I know you gave those to an almost military upbringing but your oldest son reminds me of cannon fodder most of the time. Honestly sometimes I'm surprised he's lasted this long."

"He didn't," Michael interrupted. "A lot of 'divine' intervention is the reason he's still breathing. That and the fact that Death finds him amusing. He doesn't give his ring to just anyone much less let them wear it for a day."

"Oh Balls. Death pretty much told us he's incinerate us the next time we summoned him." Bobby said.

"He would probably incinerate you and Sam but Dean he likes." Gabriel said. "I find the absolute cheekiness of Dean Winchester a refreshing change from the normal fearful reactions I get.It's quite amusing." Gabriel did a perfect imitation of Death.

"Gabriel, that was just plain scary." Bobby said. "Nobody should sound that much like Death other than Death himself."

"Anyhoo like Luci said we do need to get moving and Pretty damn quick too." Gabriel said looking pointedly at the two other Archangels.

Joshua was kneeling in front of a shrub with a pair of pruning shears shaping the greenery when he heard the arrival of his brothers behind him. "You kept him waiting long enough." Joshua said without turning around. "And I'm sure he's not going to be happy with you two bringing your pagan powers to the garden."

"Probably not Joshua, but he's the one who stripped everything from us except our ability to fly and come home." Gabriel said. "Here we are trying to deal with a nephilim turned demon and Dad left us all helpless. So we did what we had to do to have some protection from her."

"I'm not the one that you have to convince Gabriel." Joshua said. "But if it helps we had a talk before you got here. I think he understands that Metatron cannot and will not be easily forgiven by the host."

"If you were able to get him to understand that, we owe you little brother." Lucifer said. "The old man did good to bring you to the garden Joshua, Metatron he should have left where he found him."

"We probably shouldn't keep him waiting any longer." Michael said. "Raphael is already with him. Lets go."

The trio flew to the base of the Throne and knelt.

"Lucifer, Gabriel you dare appear before me cloaked in pagan idolatry?" as voice asked. "My own sons whom I created first among my many creations now show me such disrespect?"

"Father no disrespect is intended." Michael spoke up. "With Abaddon running loose, Loki and Satan were needed to protect us against her should she attack."

"Hmmph." God said. "Do you have no faith in me?"

"Faith?" Gabriel asked. "What basis do we have to believe that you would come through for us. How long ago did you disappear without a word to anyone?"

Michael reached over and smacked Gabriel hard in the back of his head. "Gabriel is the youngest of us, your messenger;so often in your company that your absence upset him. Forgive his rash words Father."

"Michael, Gabriel is not a fledgling that needs to hide behind your wings." God said.

"And he has a point." Lucifer spoke up. "You ran off and left us all floundering without direction. We all called out for you but our calls went unanswered. You precious humans prayed for you constantly and you ignored them, the most treasured of all you created. Those are not the actions of a father who wishes his children to have faith in him. If you wanted us to have faith you should have given us some sign that faith was warranted."

"Tell me do you all feel this way? That I have failed you?" God asked.

"It was easier to believe that you were dead" Raphael said. "Why would you allow all to unfold as it did.

"Because the path had to be changed." God said. "Michael and Lucifer were constantly fighting over humanity. I had hoped you would get it out of your system. Instead everything went downhill. Things had to play out this way for them to change."

Gabriel snorted. "What, this is some weird form of tough love? What did all the innocents that have suffered over the eons do to deserve your tough love. They were innocents."

"Would any of you have learned anything without the suffering that accompanied my lessons?" God asked.

It was Michael's turn to snort. "Collateral damage means nothing to you. And I was fully prepared to kill billions to carry out your little Armageddon plan. I saw nothing wrong with it. Until the vessels came along."

"It was my hope that you would look at them and see my purpose. I kept taking them out of harm's way and they resisted you for so long, even as they fought with each other they refused to allow you to destroy this world. Out of all of you only Gabriel came close to understanding although it was more a case of him having lived long enough on Earth to see the potential of humanity." God said. "In the end, it took the two of you ending up in the pit together and you still fought. And with Raphael's death the seraphs became directionless. They fought among themselves separated into factions each seeking to control heaven while humanity was ignored. I allowed Metatron to cast them all down. In the time it took for you to reopen heaven the Seraphs gained understanding, empathy for the humans."

"Dad would you get to the point." Gabriel said. "At this rate I'll be snoring before you get there."

"The point yes. While the Seraphs understood, you did not. You all ranted at me and acted like fledglings barely created so I decided to treat you as such. I bound your grace." God said. "I wanted you all, especially you Lucifer, to understand what it means to be human."

"Yeah well your timing sucks." Lucifer said. "You couldn't wait until after we had dealt with Abaddon?"

"Humans must face hardships when they occur with only themselves and their nature to depend on. Look at the example of your vessels. They had no special powers to enable them to fight against heaven and hell and yet they did. Successfully I might add."

"They had help." Michael argued. "Castiel fell for them. He turned his back on heaven to assist them."

"And Gabriel died for them so they weren't alone." Raphael said. "They fought with help. We now have help Loki and Satan."

"Gabriel, Lucifer renounce your pagan identities and I will restore you all." God said. "I will have faith that you have learned your lesson."

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