When Angels Fall

Chapter 71

Castiel looked at the group of Archangels that had appeared in the conference room. "Have you capitulated to father's commands?" He asked looking at the group curiously. "Your graces no longer appear to be bound."

"Yeah, I guess the old man is making amends or something." Lucifer said. "You wouldn't happen to know where Spicy is would you?"

"It is her shift to guard our reluctant guests Metatron, Jake and Ansem." Castiel said. "You will find her in the subbasement."

"Thanks Cas." Lucifer said as he disappeared.

"Sam is resting at the moment. He has been working non stop since the test with Ansem." Castiel offered to Raphael who also disappeared.

Gabriel flopped down into a chair and placed his feet on the table leaning back in his chair. "Daddy gave us our powers back after Luci and I dumped our pagan powers. Said he was going to show his faith in us even if we don't have faith in him yet."

"So what else has been happening since we've been gone, Castiel?" Michael asked as he sat down.

"It has been quiet. Demon activity has held steady." Castiel said. "Although Benny has suggested we test how well the sigil works in an actual real world scenario as he put it."

"What kind of test?" Michael asked.

"The Batcave is in need of resupply. Food, paper goods and other necessities." Castiel explained. "Benny suggested that he and Kevin Tran go into town carrying the sigils to acquire the necessary items."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Gabriel said. "I'd rather not deal with a bunch of humans who've run out of toilet paper. Humans without their Charmin can be some miserable bastards."

"They are running out of food, and you're worried about them running out of toilet paper?" Michael asked incredulously.

"I've been down here a long time and believe me you don't know how important it is to humans to wipe their asses until they can't." Gabriel said. "But then again they may not have Sears catalogs laying around but Dean's got a hell of a Busty Asian Beauties collection. The September centerfold page would work in a pinch, but Dean will have a cow and the plumbing will be wrecked within a week causing a sewage backup and believe me that's something you don't want to smell."

Michael and Castiel were both staring at the Trickster strangely.

"Look, been down here way longer than either of you living among them." Gabriel explained. "Benefit of my long experience."

"So this test, when do they plan to do it?" Michael asked.

"Hopefully today, the problem is that Dean wants to go also." Castiel said. "He claims to be going crazy although I can sense no degeneration of his mental capacity, only an increased stress level."

"It could be a figure of speech or he could be going temporarily crazy." Gabriel said. "Force people to remain together for long periods of time in close quarters and they develop cabin fever. The stress levels continue to increase until they can't handle it anymore and they snap, becoming violent and often killing their companions. Like it or not, we are going to have to come up with a Recreation plan to get them out of here on a regular basis, at least for a little while."

"Are you suggesting Dean accompany the vampire and the prophet?" Michael asked.

"No, we know Dean and Sam are both on Abaddon's radar, but sending them off to a pocket dimension containing a relaxing distraction for a while couldn't hurt and the boys will be less stressed when they get back."

"Very well, Gabriel you handle it. Raphael and I will assist with the test." Michael said. "Castiel, tell Raphael that I require his assistance."

"Son of a bitch!" Dean yelled. And looked around at his surroundings.

Two pretty young women in scrubs walked past each one nodded and and let out a respectful "Doctor."

"Gabriel!" Dean started to yell before The trickster/Archangel appeared before him all done up in scrubs with a white lab coat and stethoscope slung around his neck. "Hey Deano, Castiel pointed out that you guys were getting stressed and needed a break so welcome back to TV Land. Pick a show kiddo, because this is your home for the next 24 hours."

"Where's Sam?" Dean asked.

"In his own choice of show, and I got to say the kid surprised me" Gabriel said. "I expected him to pick something really geeky liike MacGyver and instead he decides to join the A-Team."

"Yeah, I pity the fool." Dean said "Now bring him back."

"No can do Deano, his 24 hours are just getting started." Gabriel said. "It's your turn to pick, do it quick or it will be my choice." Gabriel looked at Dean who just glared at him for a couple of moments then sighed and snapped his fingers.

"Son of a bitch! When I get my hands on that feathered dick I'm going to kill him." Dean grumbled. Of all the TV shows Gabriel could have snapped him into, he choose to send Dean to Soul Train and Don Cornelius had just announced the start of the Soul Train line. Gabriel was so dead Dean promised as he started to boogie his way down the line to Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up.

"Wow! Who knew you had rhythm?" Gabriel said as he danced down the line next to Dean.

"You're dead. I just want you to know that." Dean said.

"Oh relax Deano, enjoy yourself. Work off some stress." Gabriel said. "24 hours then you can get back to obsessing over Sam and everything else. Later!" Gabriel said and vanished.

Benny and Kevin had the list of what they needed Lucifer had caught them on the way out the door and handed them a credit card issued by The Institute for the Works of Religion.

Kevin's eye's widened. "The Vatican bank?"

"The pope is supposed to be Dad's representative on Earth and everything in Vatican City belongs to God. I figure Dad owes us some back child support." Lucifer said. "No limit on the card get everything you need.""You've got the sigil?" Michael asked.

"We're both carrying one and there's a couple in the truck." Benny said. "We'll see how it works out."

"Carrying it is well and good but if you drop it you will be open to demonic attack." Raphael said. "Be very careful."

"We will be." Benny said. "Anything else needs to go on this list?"

"Toilet paper." Gabriel said as he appeared in the entrance to the bunker. "Plenty of toilet paper. And Strawberry Yoohoo."

Benny nodded and walked out to get in the driver's side of the truck while Keven got in the passenger side. The engine started and Benny put the truck in gear heading off toward downtown Lebanon, Kansas.

"Well we'll know soon enough how well that sigil works." Michael said. "What about the Winchesters?"

"Sam is somewhere hanging out with the A-Team and Dean is the newest spotlight dancer on Soul Train." Gabriel said. "I figure 24 hours will be enough to de-stress them."

"Okay then lets get to work planning our attack on Abaddon since we are all powered up and ready to go." Michael said.

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