When Angels Fall

Chapter 72

Benny parked the truck in front of the local Safeway. He looked at the group of people just standing around the parking lot. There was almost a sort of invisible line they refused to cross. They simply stood quietly making no move to get closer although they were eying the truck.

"Well that's not creepy at all." Kevin said.

"Yeah brother, I feel you." Benny said cautiously opening the door and stepping out of the truck. Every eye was watching the vampire although no one moved.

Kevin came around the truck to stand next to Benny "Christo" the prophet said.

"Well hell." Benny said. "Looks like we found ourselves a mess of demons." The vampire said as every person in the crown reacted.

"You should get in here before they work up the nerve to move." A voice called out from behind them. They turned to find a middle aged slightly balding man holding open the door to the store. "Get a move on."

Benny and Kevin turned toward the store when there was a loud screech behind them. As soon as they entered the store they turned back to find a woman laying on the ground screaming and smoking as her body burned where it was touching the ground.

"One of them will always do that when they see someone coming into the store. It's been a few days since anyone has come here though. They don't seem to be able to get through them." The man said. "And nobody that has come in here has been able to leave. Those people never leave. A few other businesses downtown have the same problem. We've been able to keep in touch using our cellphones."

"Hey Benny." Kevin pointed toward the door. "Check it out."

"Well this town is full of surprises." Benny said. There in the window of the store was a Chamber of Commerce decal and the logo for the local Chamber was a familiar sigil. "That's why they aren't coming any closer. I think maybe our feathered friends might want to know about this."

"I guess supplies can wait, we should get back and tell them." Kevin said.

"You forget you have an Archangel on you shoulder Kevin?" Benny smiled. "Prophet remember, I think maybe you could just pray to him."

"Oh right, I did forget." Kevin said. "How do you pray to an Archangel? I never had to do this before. Uh Raphael Not sure how I'm supposed to..."

"What do you need Kevin Tran." Raphael asked as he appeared before the prophet.

"Looks like our little sigil is the logo for the Greater Lebanon Chamber of Commerce." Benny pointed out keeping a bit of distance between himself and the decal. "Looks like this store and some other businesses are protected but we got a good siege going on out there." Benny pointed out the front window at the demons.

Abaddon glared at Ava. "I don't care what you have to do or how many have to be sacrificed. He is a prophet. Bring him to me!"

"We are trying Abaddon." Ava said from her spot on the floor. "He's protected by that mark, it is too powerful for us to overcome. We have tried and we still continue to try. Kevin Tran is beyond our reach."

Abaddon waved her hand lashing out with her power to slam Ava into the wall across the room hard enough to cause the drywall to crack and plaster dust to rain down. "Worthless demon! You are all worthless. "Well they do say if you want something done right, do it yourself." Abaddon stalked toward the door stepping on Ava as she passed. Turning around to see the damage she had done she snarled at Ava. "Get up and clean this mess!"

Ava painfully pushed herself up to her knees. "Yes Abaddon."

Gabriel appeared in the Safeway his arms loaded with a bunch of iron bars. "They had plenty of salt at the Hardware store but they are running low on drinking water. They sent some iron bars to you. Iron comes in just as handy as salt when you're dealing with demons."

"Okay the Sporting Goods shop sent over a handful of shotguns." Lucifer said then snapped his fingers. "With this and all that salt you have stacked up by the service counter for water purifiers you should be able to pack your own salt rounds."

"So where do we stand?" Michael asked as he joined his brothers at the front of the Grocery store.

"Castiel and Balthazar are assigning seraphs to each location. There's over 100 businesses that were members of the Chamber." Gabriel said. "So someone has to personally visit each address and make sure they have their chamber decal up."

"They are also making sure that who ever they find have what they need to dig in and stay a while." Lucifer said.

"But why don't you get these people out of here?" Kevin asked. "Take them to the bunker or something?"

"Strategy and logistics, Prophet." Michael said. "This way we have control of territory that is behind enemy lines so to speak. And this territory contains resources that we can use. Logistics will always be the key to winning any war."

"I don't understand." Kevin said.

"Of course you don't." Gabriel said ruffling the prophets hair. "You're an academic, not a strategist."

Kevin frowned "I think I can understand if you explain it."

Lucifer grinned, "Aww isn't he cute? Believe me Kevin understanding on paper and understanding the practical real world application is two different things."

"So Mikey I'm guessing you want the entire town surrounded by these sigils?" Gabriel said.

Castiel and Balthazar appeared each carrying a stack of decals liberated from the Chamber of Commerce offices.

"Well we figured out why Demons seem to be avoiding the downtown area." Balthazar said. "Not only are these decals plastered all over the place, there's a 7 foot bronze version of this embedded in the lawn in front of City Hall. We figure that is covering about a 5 square block area. Then each store that has it creates another pocket of power. It's why they just gather in the parking lots."

"There are other Seraphs out going door to door with the the sigils sweeping the area and then putting the sigils in place." Castiel said. "We will have the entire town secured in a few hours."

Abaddon glared at the town. It was full of angels and they were putting up more of those marks. And if that wasn't enough to piss her off, she could sense all four of the Arch-assholes nearby. While she was looking forward to facing them eventually it would be done on her terms at the time of her choosing.

Abaddon was no fool. She knew that Michael was no idiot and would not attack without gathering as much information as he could on Abaddon and her plans. Abaddon needed to know how much Michael had discovered. The best way to so that was to ask an angel. She summoned two demons to her.

"Bring me one of those angels. The chubby one." Abaddon said and pointed. "He will be no match for you."

Abaddon grinned watching as the two isolated the angel she had pointed out from his brethren and dragged him over to where she stood.

"I always wondered why God made you weak little cherubs. You should know that you are out of your league. We are going to have a little talk about Michael and the rest of the archangels. Bring him!" She ordered.

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