When Angels Fall

Chapter 74

"You know Sheriff J, when this is all over and settled, you and I should have a girl's day out." Spicy said. "I know this little day spa tucked just off of Rodeo Drive that does complete head to toe makeovers. Champagne, mud bath, sauna, full body massage, the works; every now and then a girl deserves to pamper herself after a hard day. And defeating Abaddon will certainly qualify as a hard day."

"Rodeo Drive? Are you kidding me? I can just barely afford my weekly mani-pedi on a cop's salary." Jody said.

"Are you kidding me?" Spicy shot back. "My treat girlfriend, and I have a credit limit that makes Paris Hilton look like a pauper. Being the devil's companion does have it's perks." Spicy winked at the sheriff.

"I have to say things are strange as hell right now." Jody said. "Last month I would have been pulling out all the tricks the Winchesters and Bobby taught me to get rid of demons, and today I'm standing next to the devil's girlfriend guarding other demons and an angel. God must be rolling on the ground laughing somewhere because this must be some huge cosmic joke."

"It's more like self preservation." Metatron spoke up. "The archangels may be assholes but they are doing their job, even Lucifer. They are defending you. They are defending everything that our father created. There are two sides in this conflict, Abaddon's and everyone else. We're all going to have to work together if we want this side to be the winning side."

"What? Did anyone even ask you for your two cents?" Spicy asked.

"No but maybe you should. I was around the last time they butted heads with Abaddon after all." Metatron said. "And I know that our father is guiding how this story is unfolding now."

"God is involved? Where?" Jody said. "I haven't seen any evidence of his involvement."

"Actually they have been in contact with their daddy more than once." Spicy said. "Although they aren't exactly the Andersons because Father doesn't even come close to knowing best. But they just keep plodding along no matter what."

"He ordered them to release me. And here I am." Metatron said. "Father knows something."

"If I were you I'd be seen and not heard you know." Spicy said "Loki and Satan brought you back and it was by their rules. You'd be a lot better off on your knees puckering up to kiss a little Pagan ass. The fact that you're locked up down here with a Demon they aren't sure they trust and one they absolutely can't stand is what's called a clue. If they weren't still pissed at you, you would be upstairs right now in the big meeting."

"So this is the best we've got?" Michael asked. "It seems risky."

"Snatching people from under a demon's nose is always risky." Dean said.

"The only other option we have is a prisoner exchange." Sam said. "Try to trade Ansem back for your cherub. But if I was Abaddon I wouldn't go for that. Just the fact that you're trying to do the prisoner exchange makes Horton important."

"And if she thinks Horton is important he becomes even more valuable to her as a hostage." Gabriel said. "She snatched him. The last thing we need to do is to make her think he's even more important than he is."

"Brothers," Castiel began carefully, "I do not wish to increase the stress of the situation, but we must consider that Abaddon is at this moment torturing him for information. It is possible for her to tap into the knowledge center of our grace and learn our secrets. It is how Crowley learned about the Angel Tablet."

"What?" Raphael said. "Access to that knowledge is limited to only the Archangels, and I certainly didn't tell him!"

"No Raphael you did not. It was after the...Purgatory incident. A seraph of my old garrison, Samandriel revealed the knowledge to Crowley under torture." Castiel said. "He was rescued from Crowley but then Naomi ordered his grace extinguished."

"Samandriel? Revealed the existence of the tablet?" Lucifer questioned. "How did he even know about the damned thing. Like Raphael said the old man only revealed that knowledge to us."

"The seraph didn't have a conscious knowledge of it." Gabriel said. "But subconsciously they know almost everything that we know. It's a convenience thing for dad. He can reveal things to all of the seraphs at once if he wants to. But that information is buried deep. No Seraph should be able to access it without Dad doing the reveal."

"I think we need to ask Crowley how he got to it then." Lucifer said and set about summoning his regent.

Abaddon sat in a comfortable looking wingback chair positioned in front of the couch where the Cherub called Horton was now sitting. Ava made her way into the room carrying a tray bearing a teapot cups sugar and lemon wedges. She sat the tray on the coffee table and then poured out two cups of tea setting one in front of the angel and the other in front of Abaddon.

The demon daintily dropped a couple of lumps of sugar into her cup and the glanced over at the Angel warily watching her. "Would you like sugar?" Abaddon smiled at the angel. "You can relax. You're a cherub, not a warrior. I see no reason that we can't hold a civilized conversation over tea."

"You're a demon, an enemy of angels." Horton answered.

"Am I really? Or is that just what the Archangels tell you?" Abaddon asked. "Have you ever met a demon before me?"

"It does not change what you are because I have never faced one of you before." The cherub said.

"I thought that I would at least try to correct the impression you have of me. So let me start by saying that my name is Abaddon and the tea is perfectly safe to drink." She said lifting her cup and taking a sip. "I wasn't always a demon you know? No demon is born this way, we all start off as something else."

"Do you wish for me to pity you?" The angel asked.

"No I have no need not desire for your pity, but your understanding would be welcome. I simple would like for you to know me before you judge me." Abddon said. "Unlike the Archangels who wiped out a village of children for no other reason than they existed. Although I must give Lucifer credit, at that point in time he was willing to give us aid albeit with an ulterior motive in mind."

"They do not kill indiscriminately. If they destroyed a village of children it was with reason." Horton said.

"I was one of the children who called that village home. My father did not try to stand against them or reason with them, he fled with me to the dubious safety of Lucifer's protection." Abaddon said. "Others tried to reason, tried to beg for the lives of their children. All who did were struck down."

"You are a nephilim!" Horton hissed.

"I was born a nephilim and I was still a girl on the cusp of womanhood when the angels descended on us." Abaddon said. "There were a few who may have deserved punishment for their ways but they descended with the goal of killing us all, innocent and guilty alike. I had done nothing to deserve death and yet it was their intention to kill me. And they called it the will of God.

What had we done other than exist. The product of god's most favored creations, human and angel. Was it God's will or was it jealousy? Lucifer's jealousy of the humans continues to this very day he was cast into Perdition for his jealousy, he could not give it up. "Are the rest of the Archangels so much better than him?"

"The Archangels see you for what you are, a demon bent on the destruction of heaven. They will stop you I have complete faith in them." Horton said.

Abaddon hissed in anger. "Very well it is your choice. You wish to set yourself as my enemy, so be it. I will treat you as an enemy.

Ava place this pitiful excuse for an angel in the basement and surround it with holy fire."

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