When Angels Fall

Chapter 75

"Well I have to ask. What am I being called on the carpet for boss?" Crowley asked. "The devil's Trap wasn't exactly part of our negotiations you know." Crowley said as he glanced up at the ceiling.

"True but we negotiated before I knew that your extracurricular activities included torturing angels." Lucifer said. "Can you blame me for seeing to the safety of my younger siblings?"

"Ahh let me guess. You just found out about Samandriel." Crowley said. "We weren't exactly on speaking terms at the time. Dick was barely back in Purgatory and The Prophet and the Winchesters were seeking to close the gates of hell. Call it self preservation."

"How about we skip all the attempts to weasel your way back into Luci's good graces and you tell us how you managed to do it." Gabriel said.

"And more importantly, can you do it again and with other creatures like demons?" Michael added.

"Actually the first time I managed to do it, my subject was Eve." Crowley said. "I had no idea what I was doing would work with Samandriel. But I'm sure now that I could do the same with a demon, at the very least find out what he subconsciously knows."

"Good." Michael said. "You can have Ansem. I want to know where to find Abaddon and what she may have planned. The number of her followers, every little thing you can drag out of him."

Crowley turned to look questioningly at Lucifer. "You will do whatever Michael asks of you." Lucifer said.

"Your wish is my command." Crowley bowed. "Now where is the victim? I'll have to take him to my workshop it requires specialized equipment after all."

"You will bring your equipment here." Raphael said. "The demon does not leave the bunker."

"There's a lot of equipment to transport." Crowley protested.

"I'll give you a hand." Gabriel said. "We don't have time for all this discussion." Gabriel was suddenly standing next to the demon. He reached out touching two fingers to Crowley's forehead "There, all you need is downstairs." Gabriel said now go grill Ansem!"

Ava walked into the kitchen to find a dark-skinned man standing by the counter. He was holding a large knife. Almost a machete and testing the edge on the blade by running his thumb along it.

"Who are you?" Ava demanded.

He carefully sat the knife down and then turned to smile at the demon revealing a second row of sharpened teeth. "You must be Ava. Abaddon warned me you would be a demanding little bitch."

"Who are you?" Ava demanded again putting more force behind her demand and letting her eyes bleed black."The man lunged forward grabbing Ava and shoving her hard against the refrigerator. He let his own eyes bleed black. "Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash little girl. You are a low level demon you can't back up a single threat you make. They only authority you have around here is the fact that Abaddon told her followers to take their orders from you. I can back up my threats without running to Abaddon."

The other demon gave Ava a good shake and then released her. "Now let me tell you how things are going to be around here from now on. I will be Abaddon's second in command and you will take your orders from me. I have a bit of unfinished business with the Winchesters and it's long past time we settle it."

Abaddon took that moment to walk into the kitchen. She took in the sight of Ava on the ground in front of the refrigerator. "Well Ava I see you've met my new second in command, Gordon Walker."

"Preparing to question our guest Gordon?" Abaddon looked at the blades laying around. "Remember he won't be any good to us if he is dead. But barring that, whatever means necessary to get him to talk."

Jody had come to a complete halt and was staring at Crowley. Spicy glanced between the two and took a step back pulling Lucifer and Gabriel with her. "I know that look. Girlfriend is dealing with some demons over there. No pun intended."

"Ballocks!" Crowley said. Then turned the most charming smile he could come up with on the Sheriff. "Jody, how lovely to see you again."

"Roderick? Obviously that's not your name." Jody said quietly. "So just who the hell are you?"

Jake had stood up from his seat and was now leaning on the bars of his cell watching intently. "Man, looks like you are in some deep shit. Don't you know never to lie to a woman?"

"Well to be fair we had a couple of drinks and talked. That was it." Crowley said as he attempted to back up but coming up short when he realized there was a moose and a squirrel in his way. Deciding the discretion was the better part of valor he attempted to leave the area by supernatural means and quickly realized that wasn't happening. He turned to look at the Archangels.

"Now it would have been downright rude for you to run off and leave such a lovely young woman hanging...Roderick." Gabriel sniggered. "Especially when it seems she really wants to talk to you."

"Roderick? The guy you met on E Harmony Roderick?" Sam asked.

Jody nodded. "Yes that's him."

"Actually his name is Crowley and he's a demon." Dean said.

"Oh bugger all! Okay I pretended to be this Roderick character. It was the only way I could get close to you." Crowley said. "And at the time it was important but now it's not."

"We were supposed to go back to your place for a nightcap." Jody said.

"Well darling they did rush you off to the hospital and even you have to admit a nightcap after a trip to the emergency room on the first date is just a bit dodgy." Crowley said.

"What's even dodgier is not calling!" Jody yelled. "You had my number and you led me to believe that there was something between us. Even if it was just to see if I was okay. Instead you fell off the face of the Earth."

"Uh, Jody." Dean interrupted her tirade. "He's a demon and not just any demon."

"Yeah, he was the king of hell at the time." Sam said.

"So! That doesn't give him a pass. Being a demon is no excuse for bad manners." Jody turned back toward Crowley and glared at him.

"Uh right, so when this is all over I'll take you to dinner as an apology." Crowley ventured.

Jody shook her head disgusted and stomped off towards the stairs.

"Crowley," Lucifer said to the demon who was looking just a bit contrite. "You look a bit rattled. That conscience plaguing you again?"

"Well she is lovely and I actually had a good time talking to her. I felt a bit bad using her as a means to an end even before the moose forced his cure on me." Crowley said. "You have to admit, she is one hell of a woman."

"Oh no, just no." Sam shuddered. "You and Sheriff Mills? That's just...no."

"Look at the bright side Sam." Dean said "At least he's in the doghouse."

"You should be on your guard." Virgil said as he sat at the table with Bobby, John, Samuel and Rufus. "Abaddon has managed to capture an angel."

"So we have to worry about demons attacking heaven?" John asked.

"It is a possibility," Virgil said. "Not a guarantee. But is it not better to know of and prepare for the possibility?"

"Well damn Feathers, You got a point there." Bobby said. "So what should we do?"

"Remain armed at all times. Patrolling this area of heaven would not be a waste of your time either." Virgil said. "We have already started patrols on our side."

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