When Angels Fall

Chapter 76

"So Ansem," Crowley said as he tightened another strap. "I can call you Ansem. After all I'm about to become your closest confidant." Crowley tilted the table back so Ansem was stretched out at a comfortable working level. "Darling you are going to tell me things you wouldn't tell your own mother."

Crowley walked over to the door and grabbed a covered table on wheels pushing it over next to the operating table Ansem had been strapped onto. The former king of hell removed the covering with a flourish revealing blades, probes and other instruments whose purposes were not readily apparent.

Crowley picked up a metal band that had screws set into at intervals. He slipped the band over Ansem's head, arranging it so the first screw settled exactly between the other demon's eyebrows. "You know it's entirely too quiet in here. Gabriel would you be a dear and snap me up a decent stereo? I could do with a little Moondance in the background or maybe The Girl from Ipanema."

"What, you want me to pipe in the greatest hits of elevator music?" Gabriel asked. "No wonder you're a demon. That qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment all by itself. It's downright unconstitutional."

Crowley busied himself adjusting the fit of the metal band around Ansem's forehead. "So just the two of us or is the oh so dashing Raphael joining us?" Satisfied with the adjustments, Crowley began separating out probes and laying them in order. "I mean I'd rather not get started and then have to stop."

"He's coming." Gabriel said. "He's waiting to get a list of questions from Michael that he wanted answered."

"Well then we have a bit of time to waste." Crowley snapped his fingers producing a tumbler of Craig. "Are there any questions that you specifically want to know the answer to?"

"Yep! I'm nosy but I doubt he'll have the answers I'm wanting." Gabriel snapped his fingers and sat down on a comfortable looking couch, a laptop in his lap. "But I know where to find those answers." he said. Typing something into the computer he then turned it to show that it was now loading the E-Harmony website. "I'm thinking if you can get a date online, Mikey should be easy!"

"So you're an angel." Gordon said as he stared across the flames at the cherub. "I have to admit I was expecting more. You don't seem to be anything to fear."

"I'm a cupid." Horton said. "I'm specialized for my specific job. We all are except the eldest. They are something different."

"Eldest? What exactly are these eldest." Gordon asked.

"The Archangels. There's four of them and they have gazed upon the face of God and survived to tell of it." Horton said. "They are walking talking weapons of mass destruction."

"Really? You know you intrigue me." Gordon said. "Here I was all ready to have to break you and you're chattering like a magpie. Why?"

"Why not? I know what they are capable of." Horton said. "I know what happens when when Michael and Lucifer put their arguing aside. I understand the destructive power they can unleash when they put their heads together with Raphael and Gabriel." Horton shrugged. "I've witnessed what was left after they have spent their wrath. It's biblical."

"Biblical huh?" Gordon asked. "How so?"

"You were a hunter at one point in your life Gordon Walker, certainly you know the history?" Horton said. "Sodom and Gomorrah, the Great Flood, the plagues of Egypt. That was them working together but they are just as devastating individually."

"Do tell? I haven't heard any bible stories about anything they have done by themselves unless you call terrorizing a young girl by telling her that she's pregnant out of wedlock devastating."

"Is that all you think Gabriel is, the bearer of 'bad' news?" Horton now smiled. "I assume that like all hunters, somewhere along the line you've hunted a Trickster." Horton's smile grew a bit wider as a flash of hatred crossed Gordon's features. "Or perhaps you've fallen victim to one or rather to him.

And then there was Pompeii. A whore in one of the brothels angered Michael with her licentious behavior. Then he realized that the town was riddled with corruption and lust, he caused the nearby volcano to erupt and buried the town. He wanted the entire world to understand the wrath of the Archangels. The bodies were preserved where they fell, faces frozen in horror for all time."

"Michael caused the eruption of Mt Vesuvius?" Gordon said skeptically.

"Yes, but it was nowhere near the devastation Raphael caused with the Black Death. Almost 200 million people dead by his hand. The horror of it remains with you humans to this very day." Horton said. "Even Lucifer locked in the cage could cause widespread death and destruction, do you think Earthquakes just happen by themselves?"

"That is what Abaddon faces four separate forces that are each Earth shattering on their own but now united in a common goal." Horton said. "To finally accomplish something our father decreed be done eons ago. You see God decreed the nephilim all be destroyed. And she is the last."

"Sam are you sure about this?" Dean asked as he put the truck in park. It wasn't baby but it was John Winchester's truck and one thing you could be sure of where John Winchester was concerned he took care of his vehicles.

"You have the bullets right? We all have the sigil." Sam said from his spot against the passenger door. "We just stick to the plan go in grab the Cherub and get out."

"And we just ignore Abaddon?" Dean snorted "Come on Sam we get a shot we take it."

"Dean, you need to focus." Sam said "Abaddon is not important right now, getting Horton out in one piece is."

"I hate to say it Brother, but Sam has a point." Benny said. "We stick to the plan in and out. We try to go head to head with Abaddon right now and the only thing we'll be doing is giving her more hostages. And the ones she wants. The surprise of you two busting down her door ain't going to last too long."

"Exactly. We need to stick to the plan." Sam said.

"Okay stop bitching about it. We get the angel and we get out. Got it." Dean said as he climbed out and went to the rear of the truck pulling out the weapons cache.

The three armed themselves with Salt rounds, holy water and the special bullets then left the vehicle, making their way through a wooded area that backed up to the rear of the house. They stopped at the edge of the woods while Sam scanned the home through a set of binoculars.

"We've got basement access." Sam said. "And I'm thinking that's as far as we need to go." Sam said as he handed the binoculars to Dean.

"Open flames in the basement and the house is not burning to the ground?" Dean said. "What's that sound like to you you Sammy?"

"Holy fire." Sam said. "And the only reason you would need holy fire is if you trapped yourself an angel."

"I have to say that seems pretty damned stupid to me." Benny added in his opinion. "It's definitely going to call attention."

"That's true, but she's a demon, a big time demon. One thing you can count on with Demons is the farther up the food chain they are, the more arrogant they become." Dean said. "She probably figures no one is going to come after her."

Sam rubbed a bit of dirt between his fingers. "She did plan for angels. The ground here is soaked with holy oil."

The trio quickly made their way over to a window that was propped open. A quick scan showed the the room was empty. Sam slipped in first followed by Dean while Benny found a spot to hide and keep watch outside.

Dean carefully tried to twist the doorknob easing it open to reveal an empty corridor. The two slipped into the hallway following the sound of voices. A couple of doors down a glow let them know that they had found the source of the holy fire. They also found someone they hoped they would never see again, Gordon Walker.

Sam reacted without thinking, aiming his shotgun and pulling the trigger. Gordon was flung backwards by the blast his body falling across the holy fire. Horton wasted no time in using the makeshift bridge to escape the flames and place a hand on both of the Winchesters transporting them out of the basement and to the vehicle mere moments before Benny burst out of the woods.

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