When Angels Fall

Chapter 77

"Horton!" Gabriel said grabbing the Cherub in a hug. "You scared us. Why didn't you go back like you were supposed to? I'm putting my foot down right here and right now. You guys have a message you deliver it and then take your normally naked ass back upstairs where you belong. I don't care who asks you to do what. They give you any grief, you tell them to take it up with me. Got it?"

"Yes Gabriel." The cherub said.

"Good, now go home." Gabriel said.

Lucifer looked at the Winchesters. "Now that the cherub is out of our hair, want to tell us why you look like you've seen a ghost?"

"We just saw Gordon Walker. He used to be a hunter, then he got turned by a vampire." Sam said. "I took his head off with barbed wire. No way he should be here."

"Do I sense a bit of animosity?" Gabriel asked.

They guy was a real douche. I mean douchey to the point he made your family look like a bunch of sweet little harp playing angels." Dean said.

Dean it is reasonable that we look like angels. We would not look like anything else." Castiel said. "Although I cannot speak for my brothers, I have never played a harp."

"Castiel's obliviousness aside, who the hell is Gordon Walker?" Benny asked. "He why you suddenly started popping off rounds back there?"

"Gordon Walker?" Lucifer frowned. "That name sounds familiar."

"Yes Sugar? You called." Spicy said as she appeared perched on the arm of Lucifer's chair. "You need your to do list? No problem Sugar give me a sec."

The demon disappeared for a split second and returned holding a scroll which she was unrolling and scanning. "Aha! Here we go. Gordon Walker." Spicy grimaced "He was a real piece of work! Hunted down and slaughtered his own sister while she begged for her life. He was already on the express elevator downstairs, at least until he ran afoul of some vampires and got himself turned."

"You say you took his head off Sam?" Gabriel asked. "He should have gotten sent to Purgatory."

"He was earmarked for hell." Lucifer said. "He had guaranteed his damnation a long time ago. Sometimes a human soul starts turning while the body still lives. That is what was happening with him He was mostly a demon by the time you first met him. He wasn't a hunter, he was a psychopath who used hunting as a cover to engage in his antisocial behavior without fear of reprisal."

"He was hunting vamps when we met him. Only the vamps he was hunting were living off of animals and not touching the people of the town. He knew it all along." Sam said.

"He was getting his jollies. He made my to do list when he tried to kill my vessel." Lucifer said. "I just never had a chance to get around to him before somebody shoved my ass back in the cage. Somebody needs to take him out again."

"Wait won't he just go to Purgatory?" Dean asked.

"Not if I snatch him first." Lucifer said then turned to Spicy. "Go tell our new 'Inquisitor' to sharpen his knives. I'll have a candidate for his rack soon."

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