When Angels Fall

Chapter 78

"I still can't wrap my head around how Gordon can be a vampire and a demon." Sam said.

"He was already a demon when the vamps got him." Gabriel said. "They just went all trickster on his ass." Gabriel chuckled.

"What the hell does that mean?" Dean demanded.

"You said he was hunting vamps when you met him. And that these vamps weren't killing people or even feeding on them and Gordon knew this." Gabriel said. "I went upstairs and snuck a look at the book. Luci is right, that sick bastard got a stiffy every time he killed a supernatural creature and he did a lot of killing." Gabriel hesitated. "A lot of kids in his body count too. Special kids like you Sam. He had located most of your generation before they hit puberty. And he enjoyed it."

"Wait Gordon knew about the psychic kids all along?" Dean asked.

"Yep, made sure he always had a victim on tap. Then that sweet little vampiress, what was her name again?" Gabriel frowned as he thought about it. "Leah? Lana? Whatever. Anyhoo she spread the word about Gordon and the vamps set a trap for him. When they got their hands on him they figured out pretty quick that for Gordon, being turned into what he hated most was a fate worse then death. Only this was Gordon he just learned that he was a better killer with the fangs than without."

"Right and how do we freaking kill him?" Dean asked.

"Maybe you should have taken the Colt with you?" Gabriel said. "Maybe Gordon could have been a historical footnote right now."

"Yeah Sammy, why didn't we take the Colt again?" Dean asked pinning his younger brother with a glare.

"We didn't take the Colt because you would have gotten sidetracked." Sam shot back. "You were getting sidetracked bad enough without it."

Abaddon watched the demons cleaning up the mess. "Gordon, Gordon I didn't pull you out of limbo for this. You were supposed to interrogate the angel and instead you lost him, to the Winchesters!"

"It would have been a help to know those two were running around." Gordon said as he picked rock salt out of his side. "The Winchesters have a lot to answer for. Sam is Satan's little bitch. The devil is riding his ass like a five dollar whore. And Dean is willing to turn a blind eye as long as it's his brother. Dean is worse than Sam. I tried to help Dean. To free him from the hold his brother has over him but Dean, Dean is blind when it comes to Sam. This time those two are going to get what they deserve."

"Spoken like a true demon." Abaddon said. "Nothing gets us going like a good old fashioned hankering for revenge. Some of us even deserve revenge. But you Gordon, are not among the deserving."

"I'm not a demon. I kill demons." Gordon said "And other monsters, supernatural things."

"Such denial. Gordon the day you hunted down and killed your sister for being a victim, you stained your soul beyond redemption." Abaddon said. "You walked the razor's edge for a while before that but on that day you went from being a hunter to being a murderer. The Winchesters, on the other hand, are Heaven's golden boys. They are surrounded by not just angels, but all of the Archangels including Lucifer or 'Satan' as you called him. "

"They are going to die!" Gordon hissed.

"Are you telling me that you are going to take on all four Archangels just to get to the Winchesters? And all for some twisted desire for revenge?" Abaddon laughed. "Pulling you out of that limbo between Purgatory and Hell is going to end up being one of my better moves. You're just entirely too stupid to live."

"Sam, when are you going to learn, my name is Balthazar, not Lurch. I'm not your butler so for father's sake, stop ringing for me!"

"You are Heaven's armorer again right?" Sam asked as he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You know that I am." Balthazar said as he poured more wine into his glass and took a sip. He gestured at Sam with the bottle. "So you are calling me about a weapons related question then? Fire away Gojira."

"What?" Sam frowned at the angel.

"Moose, Bullwinkle and Sasquatch are all taken. I needed a term of my own to reference your ridiculously massive size and I happen to like the 1950's monster movies. I just prefer Godzilla in the original Japanese." Balthazar explained. "Now back to business what do you want?"

"Does heaven have a weapon that will kill a demonic vampire?" Sam asked.

"Ah, I take it Gordon Walker has finally resurfaced." Balthazar said. "I was wondering when he would pop out of whatever hole he was hiding in."

"Wait a minute how did you know about Gordon?" Sam asked.

"There is one realm left that you and your brother have thus far avoided, Limbo. A very sparsely populated realm that you humans for some reason have confused with Purgatory." Balthazar said. "It's reserved for what you would call 'supernatural hybrids', like your Gordon Walker."

"Wait, how often do things like Gordon happen?" Sam asked.

"It is rare, but not non existent." Balthazar said. "Demons mixed with something else. When that happens there's a conflict, does the soul go to Hell or Purgatory? The suspiciously hands off Pater familias never got around to making that decision so the cosmos doesn't know what to do with them they end up stuck in this area called Limbo."

"How come it seems you know about this but your big brothers don't?" Sam asked.

"I actually didn't know either until I started looking for a place to stash the weapons I stole." Balthazar said. "That is when I stumbled upon Limbo."

"So Gordon wasn't there alone was he?" Sam asked. "There were more of these Supernatural hybrids?"

"Of course there were." Balthazar said. "If it was just Walker we wouldn't need Limbo. It wouldn't have existed when you oh so messily decapitated him."

"What about the others?" Sam asked. "If Walker got out, couldn't they get out too?"

"Theoretically yes they could, with help." Balthazar said. "One of the key ingredients to the spell that opens the door is Blood of Celestial Origin."

"So the blood of an angel." Sam said.

"Or a nephilim. They are half angel after all." Balthazar said.

"Limbo? What do you mean Limbo" Dean asked.

"How in the hell did you find out about Limbo?" Gabriel demanded.

"Will someone please explain what the hell Limbo is." Lucifer demanded.

"Gabriel, you knew of this Limbo?" Raphael asked.

"Gabriel what did I tell you about keeping secrets?" Michael said.

"Balthazar is the one who told me about it." Sam interjected. "Gabriel was not the one keeping secrets this time. But he says that is where Gordon Walker was from the time I took his head. He also told me the only way to open the door to Limbo is with Blood of Celestial origin."

"So that is how she got her hands on him." Gabriel said. "Luci if I were you, I'd go snatch the rest of the souls stuck in Limbo before she does."

"Wait what is all this souls in Limbo stuff?" Dean asked.

"They're like Gordon. Part demon and part something else." Sam explained. "Balthazar said that there were enough to make the place necessary but it's really sparsely populated."

"It is." Gabriel agreed. "Last time I passed through; 1,214 souls."

"And that's not a lot?" Dean asked.

"When you consider the fact that we're talking about since Lucifer first twisted Lilith?" Gabriel said. "That's nothing."

"Still too much to leave laying around for Abaddon to pick up." Michael said. "Gabriel do you know how to open the door?"

"Yep." The Archangel answered.

"Well what are we waiting for? Sam, Dean keep working on a way to kill a demonic vampire." Lucifer said. "We'll be back."

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