When Angels Fall

Chapter 7

"Gabriel, I forbid it!" Michael said. "It's Blasphemy!"

"Oh get that stick out of your ass Michael and deal with it." Gabriel said. "Like it or not I was created as an Archangel, but I'm still the Trickster. Balthazar is going to need a vessel. It will take you months to gather enough atoms to create a DNA Code. I can snap one up ready to go and in case you haven't noticed, the clock is ticking here. We don't have months to dick around with doing this the 'sanctioned' way."

"Michael, he has a point." Lucifer spoke up. "Time is not a luxury that we can afford. And this is something that only a Trickster can do."

"As much as I hate to admit it, Gabriel's time as a Trickster means that he can take advantage of loopholes that we dare not." Raphael said. "His time away from heaven gained him pagan powers. Let him use them."

Michael looked around at his brothers. "I don't like it. Heaven should not be mixing our divine powers with pagan magic."

"I've been doing it for centuries Michael. And in all that time I was never cut off from my grace." Gabriel said. "That should tell you something."

"What's all this?" Dean asked as he and Kevin joined Sam and Castiel where they standing by the doorway. "I thought the Brady Bunch were getting along."

"Dean, I do not understand." Castiel said. "They are discussing Balthazar's vessel."

"Balthazar is going to need a vessel." Sam explained. "Michael wants to do it the old fashioned way by finding all of Balthazar's atoms and rebuilding it and Gabriel wants to do it the Trickster way, just snap one up."

"Gabriel's method would be more efficient under the circumstances." Castiel added. "Michael's way would be time consuming."

"Is this what it was like, back in heaven?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, Father created them to be strong personalities, they are the Chief Angels. Conflict is inevitable among them. It was when the violence started that Gabriel left." Castiel said.

"Yo guys!" Dean called out. "Are you planning on standing there arguing until Abaddon figures out there's no angels in heaven or just do this. The way I see it you don't have time to dick around on a scavenger hunt for pieces of a Balthazar jigsaw puzzle."

"See." Lucifer pointed out with a smirk. "Even the hairless ape gets it Michael. Just give up and let midget do his thing will you?"

"Understand that I am on record nay-saying this." Michael said as he turned and walked out of the room.

"And now he's going to go off and pout." Lucifer said. "So what do you need from us?"

"Nada Bro. I got this." Gabriel said as he snapped up a perfect copy of Balthazar.

"So who pissed in Head Archangel's Corn flakes?" Crowley asked as he entered the room rubbing his shoulder. "He just stormed by and knocked me into the wall."

Maybe he did it because your name is Crowley?" Kevin suggested.

"I want to knock him into a wall every time I walk by him." Castiel mumbled under his breath.

"Cas! Are you holding a grudge against Crowley?" Dean asked with a proud smile.

Sam shook his head and walked over to where Gabriel was urging the newly made construct to a chair. Castiel followed Sam wanting to do what he could to assist Balthazar's resurrection. It was the least he could do considering.

"Anyone not currently a fully powered angel might want to close your eyes for this part." Gabriel suggested.

Castiel, Kevin, Sam, Dean and Crowley all screwed their eyes shut until the light show had died down.

Balthazar blinked a few times before looking around at his surroundings. Then he caught sight of Castiel standing next to him, balled up his fist, and punched the former seraph right in the nose.

"And score another one for Mister Congeniality." Crowley snarked.

Abaddon had gathered the most powerful demons she could find. Although there were admittedly not many. Lilith and Azazel were dead as were all of her fellow hell knights. But she was now the king of hell.

"Sit." She commanded. "We have much to discuss. I have just returned from the cage."

Many of the demons shifted warily. Following Crowley had been a case of self preservation, but their Lord Lucifer would not see it that way. He would see it as a betrayal.

"Where is our Lord?" One of the demons asked.

"I am your lord now. The cage was destroyed." Abaddon said. "There were traces of ash among the the rubble. In the shape of wings. Lucifer is dead. We can only assume the the angels are responsible."

"But why would they do this?" Another demon asked. "They have been content with his confinement for eons. And he was put back in the cage years ago by Sam Winchester. What could they think to gain by killing Lucifer."

"Michael was also confined. Perhaps it was not about killing Lucifer, but freeing Michael." Abaddon said. "However it leaves me in power as the last hell Knight and you know follow me."

"What of Crowley?" The first demon asked. "We have sworn our allegience to him as the king of hell."

"There's been a palace coup." Abaddon said. "And by now Crowley is well on his way to being human, cured by Sam Winchester to close the gates of hell. If we don't want to be locked in hell for eternity then we must make sure that Sam Winchester is dead before he can complete the ritual." She looked at the first demon who had spoken. "Take care of it. As for the rest of you gather as many demons as you can. We must have an army to answer this insult. If Heaven wants to come into our domain and kill our king then we will return the favor."

Dean had quickly stepped between Balthazar and Castiel. "Leave him alone Balthazar."

Sam was helping Castiel to his feet while Castiel held his hand cupped over his bleeding nose. Gabriel sighed and went to the fallen seraph. "Let me see Castiel." He said gently pulling the angels hand away from his face. "Definitely broken Kiddo." Gabriel glared at Raphael expectantly.

"I'm with the thieving traitor on this one. After all Castiel did stab him in the back. Not to mention scattering me across the cosmos." Raphael said unconcerned. "I'm all for letting the child heal as a human."

Gabriel huffed, annoyed before placing a hand on Castiel's forehead and healing the injury.

"Thank you." Castiel said.

"No problem kiddo." Gabriel said as he turned around. "Okay look. This fighting among ourselves is going to accomplish nothing. Not to mention make it easier for Abaddon to do whatever it is she's planning to do. We don't have time for this."

"Gabriel is right." Lucifer said. "You are heaven's healer Raphael and you swore an oath to Father to care for ALL of the angels and you will damned well do it." He then turned to Castiel "Castiel find Michael. Now that Balthazar is here we have plans to make. The rest of you sit down." Lucifer pointed at the long table until those in the room had taken a seat before sitting down himself.

"Wow! Shades of the old Morningstar slipping through the cracks, Luci?" Gabriel asked with a smile.

"No he's always been there. Even in the cage I was still concerned about the young ones." Lucifer sighed. "I may screw with them but that's my right. I am still the second oldest Archangel in existence."

"Oh come on Luci. You expect me to believe that when you didn't hesitate to kill me?" Gabriel scoffed.

"Weren't you the one that just said we don't have time for fighting?" Balthazar piped up.

"Yeah well do as I say, not as I do." Gabriel said.

"Have you forgotten who planned to kill whom first? And do you think I got any satisfaction from your death?" Lucifer asked. "I might as well have cut off my own wings, it would have hurt less."

"Kill you?" Gabriel gaped at Lucifer. "I tried to talk to you. I tried to get you to see reason but you wouldn't listen. And tell me, now that all the angels are human, do you hate them too? You might want to rethink your position on humanity Bro. You too Raph. Because they aren't just an infestation anymore. Every angel that's ever fallen became human. They learned what it was like. I may not have fallen, but I've been here long enough to see what it's like for them. Metatron was right about their potential, even if he has gone way off the reservation with what he's done."

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