When Angels Fall

Chapter 79

"You know Balthazar, there's sparsely populated and then there's totally devoid of life." Lucifer complained as they continued searching Limbo for lost souls with no success.

"They are here Lucifer." Gabriel said. "They just tend to take antisocial to the extreme."

"Then how did Abaddon find Gordon?" Michael asked.

"Gordon was a fairly new inhabitant." Balthazar said as he stopped turned around to verify his location and then starting walking in the direction of a large rock formation in the distance. "He probably hadn't been here long enough to learn caution. That hairless ape probably figured he was still the biggest badass on the block. The Gemini would have cured that soon enough."

"The Gemini? What is the Gemini?" Raphael asked. "And how do you know the names of these creatures."

"Some of the inhabitants here are worse than others." Gabriel explained. "If I'm not mistaken Balthazar is leading us to the lair of Jed. He was technically America's first serial killer He killed a few in the Blue Ridge mountains and then decided to head west to avoid being caught. He's probably the only one you want to risk approaching out of the blue around here."

"Balthazar are you taking us to this creature?" Michael demanded.

"Yes I am. He has a habit of being helpful, or rather less than hostile most of the time. He was a part of the Donner Party and was part of a rescue group that went out to try to find help." Balthazar said. "They didn't get far. Jed killed the others and holed up in a cave high in the mountains. Just him and his larder."

"He ended up becoming a Wendigo but he was demonic first."Gabriel added. "He terrorized the mountains around Donner Lake until the early 20th century when a Hunter tracked him down and killed him. That hunter was a doctor and had gotten it into his mind that the Spanish Flu wasn't really a medical disease but a result of a supernatural infestation when his wife and daughter both died from it."

"Those hunters can grab onto some strange ideas." Lucifer chuckled.

"Shhh!" Balthazar ordered "We are almost close enough for him to know we are here. And the last thing we want to do is either scare him or let him think that we are lunch."

Jake looked up to find Sam standing by the door to his cell. "Sam you here for a reason or just to gloat at the fact that I'm locked up."

"Actually I want to talk. Dean thinks I'm crazy, and maybe I am but you spent more time with Azazel than I did." Sam said. "You probably know more about him and his plans, he was working with Abaddon and you've spent time with her. You're a resource Jake, it's time we started taking advantage of that. I'm not the only one who thinks so. I think Crowley is almost done with Ansem. He doesn't seem to be able to scream as loud or as long anymore. Who do you think he'll turn to next?"

"So Sam Winchester is going to save me out of the goodness of his demon blood infected heart?" Jake said. "You're going to have to do better than that."

"In Cold Oak, before Azazel showed up, we were working together to try to get out of the mess. And you were helping to protect all those children that got sent to hell." Sam said. "There's some thing about you that is still human Jake. You haven't gone full on demon yet."

"I might as well. Lucifer already claimed me for killing you." Jake snorted. "You're Lucifer's pet human. Killing the devil's pet is not something you get out of by saying 'oops sorry, my bad'."

"And I killed you. I figure we're even I can tell Lucifer I don't hold it against you anymore." Sam said.

"That doesn't matter because he believes atonement is required." Jake said. "Do you think I don't know he's planning on putting me on the rack."

"I'm offering to help you avoid the rack." Sam said. "We need information, you fill in the blanks. I'll go to bat for you. I'll tell him you already atoned by helping us. The information you have is your atonement but it has got to be worth it."

"Alright." Jake nodded and held his hand out through the bars. Sam carefully shook it. Jake tightened his grip. "Don't screw me over Winchester."

Sam yanked his hand from Jake's grip. "I'm not the one who stabs people in the back. I'll go talk to Crowley tell him that you are not to be touched."

Michael fell to the ground with a great weight on his back. He easily shrugged it off and flipped his attacker over to pin him beneath him. He had already manifested his angel blade when a hand grabbed his wrist.

"Don't, it's Jedediah." Balthazar said. "Jed. That's my brother you tried to eat."

"Balthazar. I thought you had gathered the last of your weapons." The creature said.

"I did but I am here for a different reason now." Balthazar said calmly squatting down so he was face to face with the wendigo. "Gordon Walker has escaped Limbo. A nephilim came for him, yes?"

"Yes the bitch came through here. She reminded me of The Gemini, I hid from her." Jedediah said.

"Are the Gemini still here?" Gabriel asked.

"Since when do Pagans travel in the company of celestials, Loki?" Jedediah asked.

"I was first created as Jibra'il." Gabriel explained. "My origins are celestial."

"Gabriel or Loki as you have known him is the last Archangel created by our father." Balthazar said. "The only one who ever calls him Jibra'il these days is our father."

"The Archangel Gabriel." Jed nodded. "And the others are also your brothers?"

"They are. Archangels all." Balthazar gestured to each of his brothers as he introduced them. "Raphael; Lucifer, yes that Lucifer and Michael."

"Now that the introductions are over can we get back to my question?" Gabriel asked. "Are the Gemini still here?"

"Yes, when she came, we all hid except for Gordon." Jed pointed off into the distance. "You must pass between the black cliffs then cross the desert of thorns. You will find them along the banks of the river of bile. They hunt for a victim."

"Thank you Jed." Balthazar said and laid a package on the ground.

The wendigo wasted no time in unwrapping it to reveal the arm of some unfortunate. "It has been some time since I had fresh meat." The creature turned his back on the angels and disappeared in to the brush.

"Balthazar where did you get that arm?" Michael demanded.

"Oh don't worry, I didn't kill anyone for it." Balthazar said. It came form a moron on a motorcycle who decided to ride down the dividing line between lanes because the bike fit between the cars at a stop light. An old lady had a heart attack behind the wheel of her Suburban and well, lets just say he learned the hard way that the few minutes he would have gained wasn't worth getting his arm amputated."

"What about the old woman?" Lucifer asked.

"She was dead before the accident happened." Balthazar said. "Already reaped and on her way upstairs."

"So the brain dead guy on the motorcycle got hit by the dead dead woman in an SUV?" Gabriel chuckled. "Damn that's a good one. I'll have to remember that one and send the fates a thank you note for coming up with it."

"You're still on speaking terms with those harridans?" Balthazar exclaimed. "How on Earth are you still on good terms with them?"

"Well for one thing I didn't unsink the Titanic. I just made Celene Dion's career fade away like a tan in winter." Gabriel shuddered. "And now I'm going to have that annoying song stuck in my head for the next hour."

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