When Angels Fall

Chapter 80

"What the hell Sam?" Dean jumped up from his seat and got right in his larger little brother's face. "That son of a bitch killed you! He jammed a knife in your back and severed your spine and you want to save him from Crowley?!"

"And you sold your soul to bring me back." Sam countered. "Then I emptied a clip in his body so I'm thinking we're even on that score."

"Dammit Sam! This isn't even close to being an option." Dean said. "We can't trust him as far as we can throw him."

"Dean, I agree that trusting him will be a great risk, but if Sam's agreement with him can draw pertinent information from Jake Talley faster, it will be worth the risk." Castiel interrupted. "Jake Talley is our best source for information concerning Abaddon. It will take time for Crowley to dig it out through torture."

"See Cas gets it." Sam said.

"No offense Cas, but you haven't exactly made the best decisions either." Dean said.

"And that's my cue to jump in and interrupt." Michael's voice said. "You haven't exactly been an Einstein yourself when it comes to decision making Dean."

"Michael you have returned." Castiel said.

"Gabriel and Lucifer stayed along with Balthazar. Raphael and I figured we could best be of use here and it seems that we were correct." Michael said. "What is the cause for this strife?"

"Sam wants to make a deal with Jake." Dean said glaring smugly at his brother when Michael pinned Sam with a glare of his own.

"Sam! You are a Winchester. You know from experience nothing good comes of making deals with demons." Michael said.

"We didn't make a deal!" Sam protested. "We came to an agreement."

"And that means you made a deal." Dean said.

Michael frowned at Sam for a moment. "I don't know what he did but he did not make any deals. His soul is clear, or at least as clear as his soul can be. No offense Sam but your soul is tainted by demon blood through no fault of your own."

"None taken." Sam said. "Here's the agreement Jake tells us what he knows freely and I keep him out of Crowley's Chamber of Horrors. It's that simple."

"Okay that seems straightforward enough." Michael said "If he will give us intel that is of value."

"One of my conditions was that the information had to be worth something." Sam added. "And no there was no kiss, just a handshake."

"That should be safe enough." Michael said. "Not to mention that even if you did make a deal there's not a hellhound in existence that would drag you down at this point."

"Wait are you saying he's safe from hellhounds?" Dean asked.

"Pretty much. Lucifer is out of the cage and the hell hounds are his pets after all." Michael said. " Wait I take it back, they would actually swarm all over him and smother him in sulfurous slobbery puppy kisses. He did say yes at one point. As far as the hellhounds are concerned now, he is Lucifer."

"I think we all know that the Moose had stepped into his role as the boy King of hell." Crowley interrupted. "What I need to know is the general consensus about Jake. On the rack or off?"

"Off. I'll explain it to Lucifer." Sam said.

Crowley shrugged. "Your funeral. Lucifer was pretty clear that Jake was at the top of the shit list but hey time for a coffee break!" the demon disappeared.

Balthazar stood a little to the side staying out of Gabriel's way as he struggled with the angry creature in his grip. Lucifer looked around carefully waiting for the second one to show up. Eventually the creature in Gabriel's grasp quieted.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Gabriel said.

Lucifer suddenly spun around catching a creature identical to the one Gabriel was sitting on and holding down. "And now the Gemini is complete. Sam and Dean are really going to love this."

Gabriel and Balthazar were quickly and carefully binding the one that Gabriel had wrestled to the ground while Lucifer struggled to bring the second one down. Sooner than it seemed, Gabriel grabbed one of the creature's arms helping to drag it to the ground while Balthazar wrapped the blessed ropes around it's limbs.

"Really Balthazar?" Gabriel was looking at the first Gemini the lower half of it's face covered by a leather restraining mask "He looks like Hannibal Lector's stand in."

"Would you rather deal with the teeth?" Balthazar countered. "And it's not like you have room to talk. What is with the leather fetish glove thingy?"

"The damned thing managed to spike me in the thigh." Gabriel explained.

Lucifer finished getting his half of the Gemini restrained. "Gemini, twins." Lucifer nodded.

"Actually clones. This son of a bitch helped the dragons release Eve from Purgatory and this was his reward. She turned him into one of her monsters." Balthazar explained. "Only there was a side effect. He kept splitting like a cancer cell. Eve sent her other children to hunt him down and kill him. Finally she had to do it herself but not before he had perfected the the art of acting as one single creature."

"So I still don't know why you think they're so dangerous I mean we got them under control." Lucfier said.

"Lets get back to the bunker. I can't wait to see the look on the Chucklehead one and Chucklehead two's faces when they see what we brought home." Gabriel laughed.

Jake sat at the table surrounded by Crowley, Spicy, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Raphael and Michael. Michael looked at the demon and spoke. "Okay Jake we are going to clarify this arrangement. There won't be any loopholes here. Understand?"

"Good I like no loopholes." Jake said "Last time a loophole came back from the dead on me."

"Just stick to the topic!" Dean snarled.

Michael glared at Dean for a second then turned back to Jake. "Your side of this bargain is simple. You will give us information on Azazel, Abaddon and anything you know about their plans. However it has to be good information. If we find out that you're lying and or giving us misleading or garbage information you will immediately be given to Crowley who will extract whatever you know through torture."

"I'll tell you what I know it not my fault if it's not what you want to hear." Jake said.

"Be that as it may, we're holding you responsible. We have ways to test your sincerity and they will be applied before we turn you over to Crowley." Michael said. "As for our part we will not give you to Crowley. Sam and I will both speak to Lucifer on your behalf. You help us take down Abaddon now and we'll do our best to keep Lucifer from putting you on the rack later. That is the agreement and anything that was not specifically listed during this discussion is barred from later inclusion."

Michael grabbed Jake's hand and a bright glow filled the room for a moment.

"The deal is struck Jake's deal is with me." Michael said then turned his head as the door opened.

"Honey I'm home!" Gabriel called out cheerfully while he struggled with someone or something that was covered to it's hips by a burlap bag. Lucifer soon followed dragging an identical covered half burlap sack. Balthazar was bringing up the rear holding onto the arm of a wendigo.

"Spicy, Crowley Need the two of you to escort Jedediah here downstairs." Lucifer nodded toward the wendigo. "Spicy dear, I'll leave it up to you where to place hell's first wendigo. Just make sure he's comfortable and as content as it's possible to be in hell."

"Oh well now! Sorry Benny you just got replaced as my idea of the ultimate man's man. You just can't get any more manly than Grizzly Adams." Spicy said. "Come on hon, you like fresh meat right? I'm thinking you might like cleaning up around the rack. There's always a freshly amputated limb or two just laying there." Spicy spoke as she Crowley and the wendigo disappeared.

"Considering you just sent a wendigo to hell," Sam said. "I'm almost afraid to ask."

"Yeah what's up with the walking burritos?" Dean asked.

Gabriel and Lucifer both snatched the Burlap sacks of of the two identical snarling creatures. Gabriel of course had to add an extra flourish and an enthusiastic "Ta da!"

"Brothers." Castiel studied the creatures head tilted and a frown on his face. "Where did you find Jefferson Starships?"

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