When Angels Fall

Chapter 81

"What was that you called them Castiel?" Michael asked.

"Jefferson Starships, it is what Dean named them when we first encountered them." Castiel explained.

"Well in that case I guess you'll have to call The Gemini here Jefferson Airplanes since they came first." Gabriel said. "And isn't that a kick in the teeth to Grace Slick."

"What is a grace slick?" Castiel asked.

"A who, not a what." Dean said "And only the greatest female singer in the history of Rock and Roll."

"As far as Dean is concerned Jefferson Starship was the biggest travesty in rock and roll." Sam said. "He swears that's not Grace Slick anymore and that it was a shifter that made that We Built This City song."

"I think I have to agree with Deano there." Gabriel said "From White Rabbit to that? Either a shifter or she's possessed by the demon crappy music comebacks."

"That's right." Dean said agreeing with the Archangel. "And these things are horrible like that song. And they're hard to kill and now I can add keep turning up like a bad penny to the list of reasons why I hate these Jefferson Starships."

"Lucifer, what in father's name are you doing?" Michael asked as Lucifer was pushing buttons on a box he was holding in his hand connected to a set of headphones that were over the devil's ears.

"I'm trying to get this damned device to work." Lucifer answered.

"Um, is that a Walkman?" Sam asked.

"Well yeah. I want to know what's so great about this Grace Slick so I snapped up the cassette and this walkman but it's not working." Lucifer said opening the case and taking out the cassette flipping it over.

"You know Bro you're kind of embarrassing us here." Gabriel said. "A walkman? Cassettes? At the very least you could have a conjured a portable CD walkman."

"Give me a break would you? It's not like it's possible to keep up with cutting edge technology in the cage." Lucifer said. "You're lucky I didn't snap up a Victrola."

"That really wouldn't have worked." Gabriel said. "Even the late great Bobby Singer would have laughed at you for that."

"Brothers. I tend to think that these Gemini creatures should be our priority." Raphael said.

"Creature, singular" Balthazar corrected. "They are the same being, only one of them is a clone. That is why it gained the nickname of The Gemini."

"This is one you might want to dissect Raph." Gabriel said. "It's like a United Nations of supernatural beings."

The ones we ran into were vampire and wraith." Dean added.

Raphael studied the Gemini closely. "Vampire and wraith? Such a thing is supposed to be impossible."

"I guess Eve never got the memo on that one." Sam said. "She infested an entire town with them."

"And this one comes with added Ghoul at no extra cost." Gabriel added.

"She found them." Jake suddenly said. "She was hunting for them, She said that all of Eve's children didn't go to Purgatory. She said that they might know a doorway she could open and bring them back."

"Them?" Michael questioned.

"Yeah the others like her. She figured if they were part human their souls had to go somewhere." Jake said. "She wanted to find them. All this is about revenge. I figured you guys would know that. After all nobody is a bigger supporter of revenge than God."

The first thing Raphael had done when he got the Gemini to the basement cells was to separate them. He looked at the two of them and realized that he would need a way to distinguish them. "Gabriel I have need of your assistance."

"Sure Bro what do you need? A sense of humor maybe?" Gabriel asked.

Raphael glared at him for a moment. "Will you never learn to be serious Gabriel? You act like a newly hatched fledgling most of the time. This is not a laughing matter we find ourselves involved in. Abaddon seeks to resurrect the nephilim."

"Raphael whining a brooding over it isn't going to change the fact that we're in it. It will simply stress you out." Gabriel said. "There aren't any nephilim knocking down the doors at this moment so borrowing trouble doesn't do us any good either. Soooo enjoy the moment bro! We'll be up to our nipples in trouble soon enough." Gabriel snapped up a chocolate Twizzler "Now what did you need or should I just snap you up that sense of humor?"

Raphael gave an exaggerated huff. "The Gemini, they're identical. I must devise a way to tell them apart."

"That is a pickle." Gabriel said then snapped his fingers. "How's that?" He asked as the two creatures were now distinguished by tattoos reading Thing 1 and Thing 2.

"Thank you, they are distinguishable now." Raphael said. After an uncomfortable silence during which Gabriel stared at him expectantly he added, "Thank you very much."

Gabriel shook his head. "You are just as much of a lost cause as Castiel. Was that female vessel of yours as anal retentive as this version? Geez Louise everybody gets the Thing 1 and Thing 2 joke!" Gabriel disappeared from the basement.

Raphael ignored his younger brothers departure instead touching two fingers to Thing 1's forehead. Instead of the creature in front of him dropping to the ground unconscious, Thing 2 collapsed to the ground. Thing 1 immediately bolted toward the door when Raphael glanced toward thing 2's cell. Raphael waved a hand pinning the creature to the ground. "Interesting." The archangel said.

Sam was currently trying to sneak out of the room without drawing the Morningstar's attention.

"Where are you going Sam?" Lucifer's voice caught up to him. "If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to avoid me."

Sam stop and turned around trying to decide which tack to take in dealing with a more than likely pissed off devil. Or at least that was what Crowley had led him to expect.

"Avoiding you?" Sam smiled weakly. "What possible reason could I have to avoid you?"

"Although your arrangement with Jake is highly desirable, the fact that you brokered a deal with him at all would be ample reason to avoid Lucifer at this time." Cas helpfully explained to the younger hunter.

"Whoa Cas!" Dean snorted. "Way to throw Sam under the bus!"

"I would not endanger your brother by placing him beneath the wheels of a mass transit vehicle." Castiel said in his own defense causing both Winchesters to guffaw.

"Castiel even I know what that means and I was locked in the cage for thousands of years." Lucifer chuckled. "And to go to my point, Thanks Cas for cutting through the red tape, what possessed you Sam? A deal with the jackass who killed you?"

"Actually Michael is the one who made the deal." Dean said. "Sam just offered up guidelines"

Lucifer gave the brothers a look before. Disappearing to find his own brother.

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