When Angels Fall

Chapter 83

"Gabriel, may I ask you a question?" Castiel asked.

"Let me guess, you're confused about the whole Archangel vessel thing, right?" Gabriel asked. "You were taught that Michael and Lucifer have specific vessels and you're lost by the fact that I didn't point that out." Gabriel guessed.

"Zachariah was very clear about the Winchesters being the vessels." Castiel pointed out.

"And so they are, not so much because they were born with some magic stamp on their souls, but by default. Dean is Michael's vessel simply because he is the only vessel sturdy enough to contain Michael's grace. So he could contain any angel less powerful than Michael. Sam by the same token could contain any angel less powerful than Lucifer, but he couldn't contain Michael."

"So you're saying that I wasn't born specifically to be Michael's vessel?" Dean cut in.

"Nope anyone born with the same specific qualities as you would work just as well but vessels like you come along maybe once every thousand years or so. Two vessels born in the same period of time as brothers? Never happened before. It maybe another 5000 years or more before it happens again.

But hey, we're angels. We have a tendency to shall we say 'bend the truth'." Gabriel smirked. "This gorgeous hunk of human male I'm wearing could have actually been Raphael under different circumstances; but since Raph didn't snatch him up, I did."

"But what about the whole bloodline thing?" Sam asked. "We thought it was because we were from the bloodline of Cain and Abel?"

"Kiddo, if you're human, you are from the bloodline of Cain and Abel. It's not at all rare, in fact it's all of you. Vessels for Archangels have to be human, so that was the complete truth." Gabriel said. "Some of the lesser angels can take animals for vessels. The Cupids do it all the time to accomplish their missions. Do you know how many marriages have happened because people met walking their dogs?"

"So basically you're saying all that true vessel crap was crap." Dean surmised.

"Not all of it Deano, just a fair amount of it." Gabriel said.

Sam was frowning at the Archangel. "You jacked Raphael's vessel?"

"Well he wasn't using it. Besides I convinced the guy of what a dick Raphael was." Gabriel said. "He was happy to have me instead."

"Wait a minute. Does Raphael know about this?" Dean asked.

"Yep I have to admit he wasn't too happy about it at first." Gabriel said. "But Mikey backed me up on it. I had kind of an important mission to take care of and it took a bit of finesse. Besides brothers share right, Deano? Kind of like that Judas Priest T-shirt Sam couldn't find when he packed for Stanford." Gabriel disappeared on a flutter of wings.

"Dude you stole my shirt?" Sam yelled. "I liked that shirt!"

"Come on Sam, it's not like you liked Judas Priest." Dean said.

"Lucifer, I asked you to meet me here for another reason. We would always come here when we discussed our siblings." Michael said. "I remember the first time I laid eyes on these falls. I always thought they were the only thing that comes close to matching you in beauty. This is the place the human's should have called Angel Falls. Victoria Falls just doesn't fit it.""Well at least they named a part of the falls after me." Lucifer joked. "And oddly enough they like The Devil's Pool well enough, they spend enough time in it."

The two watched the roaring water for a moment.

"So Michael, you're stalling. I'm guessing that I won't like what you have to say." Lucifer prompted.

Michael took a deep breath. "Father wants the four of us to meet him in the Garden. He has decided to bring back two more of our brothers. And there's a very good chance they will want to put the Apocalypse back on track. It's going to be up to us to take them in hand."

"So he's bringing back Zachariah obviously. Who else?" Lucifer asked.

"Uriel." Michael said. "While you were in the pit, Uriel became one of your biggest supporters. He spent a lot of time turning his brothers to your side. We can't afford that division among us right now. Uriel will also probably 'blow a gasket' as the humans say over the Guardian fledglings. He had a previous confrontation with the Winchester family thanks to Anael attempting to change history."

"Is that why you smote her?" Lucifer asked.

"At the time I was all for the Apocalypse too." Michael said. "Sitting up in heaven while you were down in the pit? It was easy to allow myself to be convinced that you had to die because of something Father had written so long ago in a fit of wrath. Anael attempted to interfere in what I had convinced myself was Father's will. I couldn't let such blatant disobedience go unpunished. Especially not when Castiel had all out rebelled against us. I probably would have smote him too had he not gone to our vessels and appointed himself as their sentinel. We decided to allow him to keep them safe until it was time."

"So The old man is bringing back the biggest asskisser in all of creation and the biggest sourpuss he ever created with a bug up his butt?" Lucifer snorted then added a sarcastic "Awesome."

"It is not what I would want either but you have to admit that Zachariah gets things done and Uriel is one of our best hand to hand fighters."

"I know but it doesn't mean I have to like the idea of them coming back." Lucifer said.

"Come on Luci." Gabriel interrupted causing his older brothers to turn and find Gabriel and Raphael standing there. "You got a second chance, I got a second chance. Lets give Kneepads and Wannabe Richard Pryor the benefit of the doubt...for now."

"Gabriel I told you to wait until I summoned you." Michael said.

"Yep but daddy dearest told me and Raph to get our asses to the garden and grab you two on the way." Gabriel said. "And he outranks you."


"Whoa Old Man! Calm down." Lucifer said. "You'll give yourself an aneurism."

"Besides Zachariah is a couple of years behind schedule on his brown-nosing. He won't have time to do any retailiating." Gabriel said. "Zach, you want to start the ass kissing right now or wait till later?"

"Gabriel be silent." Michael commanded. "Your attempt to be amusing is out of place!"

"That's right Gabriel. You are our Father's messenger, it is a position of prestige and great honor." Zachariah jumped in. "Your flippant attitude dishonors your office."

"The ass kissing starts immediately." Gabriel nodded while Lucifer laughed.

Uriel on the other hand was staring at Lucifer. "Brother? Morningstar? Have you truly been restored to Heaven?"

"That's right Uriel The old man has forgiven me and welcomed me back as Michael's second. We have a battle to prepare for and we fight this battle alongside the Winchesters." Lucifer said.

"Wait, we are joining forces with those hairless apes?!" Uriel asked with disgust.

"Uriel, many things have changed in the time you were gone." Raphael said. "Michael and Lucifer were locked in the cage and Gabriel and I were both killed. Heaven was left vulnerable to the madness of the scribe. He cast down the entire host and sealed heaven against us. Those two mud monkeys were able to put aside their dislike for most of us and were instrumental in reopening the gates of heaven. I would be careful of your tone when you call them hairless apes. They may be hairless apes for the moment but their are also to become Angels in their own right upon their deaths."

"What madness is our healer talking about." Zachariah demanded.

"Dad just did something he hasn't done since he created humanity." Gabriel explained. "He created a new class of angels, Guardian angels."

"They are garrisoned out of the Roadhouse. Every hunter has the potential to become a guardian, it all depends on whether they hunt for the good of humanity or to satisfy some twisted desire in their psyche. Those who are worthy ascend."

"Sam and Dean Winchester have proven themselves worthy several times over so they will be accorded respect from every member of the host." Michael said. "That is an official order."

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