When Angels Fall

Chapter 84

"Is it me or does the conference table look bigger?" Spicy asked as she sat down.

"I think it definitely looks bigger." Kevin said.

"It is indeed larger than before." Castiel said. "Gabriel conjured a larger one earlier."

"Why?" Sam asked "It was big enough before."

"We've got a couple more beings sitting in on this meeting" Lucifer said as he dropped into a seat. "And if it's any consolation, I've been playing devil's advocate. If I wasn't so annoyed right now, I'd be laughing at the irony."

"The devil playing devil's advocate?" Benny said. "That's definitely ironic."

"I do not understand your annoyance." Castiel said to Lucifer. "Have circumstances changed?"

"Yep, and not for the better either." Gabriel said as he popped into a seat. "As far as I can see Dad made a bonehead move this time."

"God made a bonehead move? From where I sit God makes a habit of bonehead moves." Dean said.

"Dean." Castiel scolded the hunter. "Our father does nothing without reason, even if we can't understand it."

"Really?" Lucifer spat. "Then you'll be happy to know he has resurrected Zachariah and Uriel."

"He did what?" Dean jumped up from his chair just as Michael appeared with the two angels in tow. "Oh hell no!" Dean yelled and started to leave the room. "Time to barbecue some angel wings."

Balthazar grabbed the hunter "Let's not be rash Winchester. Like it or not Daddy dearest obviously though they would be able to help or he would have left them where they were."

"That's right." Uriel said. "So sit down little mud monkey."

"Uriel!" Michael shouted and the angel collapsed into a seat clearly in pain. "I made myself clear. Don't make me undo what Father has chosen to do. You will treat those sitting at this table with respect."

"And does that respect extend to that abomination of hell?" Zachariah asked indicating Spicy.

"Spicy is my companion. You will treat her with the respect due my chosen consort or Michael won't have to undo the old man's work." Lucifer said. "I will."

"Devil's advocate and knight in shining armor." Spicy said. "Aren't I just the lucky one!"

"Spicy, hush." Lucifer ordered.

"Michael must I sit here surrounded by humans" Zachariah did wonders making the word 'human' sound filthy. "Vampires and demons? This is unacceptable."

"You will accept what you are ordered to accept." Michael said. "Everyone sitting at this table is united in a common cause, the defeat of Abaddon. We are all allies here. Father resurrected you to assist in that defeat. You would do well to remember that."

"You know Michael, you aren't going to get the two of them to pull their heads out of their asses so can we just get on with this meeting?" Gabriel asked. "The less time I have to spend around Zach, the better."

"Of course you would find working with these abominations pleasant, Gabriel. You have no concept of what you are, no more than can be expected from one who runs away to become a pagan." Zachariah said. "Father should have thrown you into the cage eons ago."

"Michael teach your little ass kisser his place, or I will." Gabriel said. "I may be extremely patient with the younger ones, but even my patience has it's limits. I am not one of his underlings to be lectured at."

"Zachariah, Gabriel is correct." Michael said. "It is not your place to scold Gabriel or any other Archangel. Should you manage to trigger his wrath, I will not protect you. Being the assistant of an Archangel does not make you an Archangel."

"Looks like that misconception is common among those who work closest with us." Lucifer said. "That is the attitude Metatron displayed before Father caged him. The cage is still there Zachariah you and Uriel both would do well to remember that. Believe me I know the agony of being caged, but if it is what it takes to teach you two a little respect; I'm not above sticking you in it for a little time out, and neither is the old man. Just ask Metatron. It seems to have done wonders in adjusting his attitude."

"Uh could we get on with this meeting?" Kevin asked timidly. "Benny and I are supposed to go into town today to check on people in the shelters."

"The prophet is right we are wasting time here." Raphael said. "And I have the Gemini to get back to."

"Yes, Raphael we would hear what you have learned of this Gemini first and then you can return to it." Michael prompted.

"It is truly one creature split into two parts. One can process stimuli while the other reacts to it." Raphael said. "It explains why it was so feared in Limbo. Even if you were to attack one half of the creature one half is just a aware of the stimuli as the other."

"So they can hunt like one monster?" Dean said. "Awesome."

"Correct," Raphael agreed. "But the truly interesting thing is that stimuli applied to one half can be processed and reacted to by the other. To give an example, I attempted to force the Thing 1 into unconsciousness and nothing happened but the Thing 2 did indeed fall unconscious. Had Abaddon gotten her hands on this creature it would have been a serious blow to our battle plans."

"Spicy, when we're done here I want you to ask Jed what else might be in Limbo." Lucifer ordered. "We definitely need to know what else the hell bitch might have access to."

"You got it sugar." The demon agreed.

"Return to you examinations Raphael." Michael said and Heaven's healer disappeared with a flutter of wings.

"Sam have you turned up anything new about nephilim in Colt's journals?" Lucifer asked.

"No, nothing about the Nephilim. There's very little information to be found even through our traditional hunting lore." Sam said. "Only that they were teh offspring of angels and humans and God ordered the angels to destroy them."

"Our own library made hold more resources." Castiel suggested.

"Michael! You cannot entertain such a blasphemous suggestion!" Zachariah interrupted. "Our knowledge was not meant for human eyes!"

"Bullshit!" Lucifer said and pointed at Kevin. "There's a prophet sitting right there that has already decoded several tablets. I'm thinking there's quite a bit of knowledge in our library that the old man intended for their eyes."

"Zachariah you will return to heaven with Castiel and Gabriel and help them gather all the tablets referring to the nephilim." Michael said then held up a hand when Gabriel started to speak. "Gabriel you are the most skilled at conjuring, you can create translated versions made into books for Kevin and Sam to work with. If Zachariah gives you any trouble, set him straight. Simply take care that the punishment is not so severe that he cannot accomplish his duties."

"Then make sure that he understands that I'm already one pubic hair away from laying a smiting on his ass." Gabriel warned.

"I'm sure that Zachariah understands his position and will be on his best behavior, isn't that right Zachariah?" Michael asked.

"I will contain myself." Zachariah forced the words out.

"Good." Michael turned to Sam and Dean. "I still don't think having the two of you out and about is anything but a temptation to Abaddon. Raphael will remain here with you being as he is involved his his experiments. See if you can find anything at all on our enemy, remember that now includes this Gordon Walker."

Dean nodded. "Got it Sam? Research time." Sam simply bitchfaced at his brother.

"Lucifer, Balthazar, Uriel and I will accompany Benny and Kevin to check those in the shelters." Michael said. "Uriel remember that you will treat these people with respect. They also fight against Abaddon's forces. We all have our missions, lets get them done."

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