When Angels Fall

Chapter 86

Jody was looking at the vase of flowers in her room and wondering how exactly they had gotten there when Crowley spoke up behind her. "An apology, or a peace offering if you prefer to take it that way."

Jody studied the flowers which had no leaves or greenery, but appeared to be growing from a bit of soil and fungus in the bottom of the vase. "I've never seen anything like that. What is it?"

"The scientific name is Epipogium aphyllum but it is more commonly known as the Ghost Orchid." Crowley said. "Exceedingly rare little bloom; it never grows leaves, and will always depend on the fungus in the soil for its nourishment. People have hunted for a glimpse of one for decades and never seen it."

Jody turned to look at the demon. "A bribe. You're giving me a bribe. You're trying to get me to like you by buying me off aren't you."

"Damn that overgrown moose and his meddling. I can't even think of a lie right now that my conscience would let me live with, yes. I'm trying to buy your favor." Crowley said disgusted and then changed to an almost whining tone. "Is it working?"

"Out! Get out of my room right this instant before I exorcise you!" Jody ordered surprised when the demon obeyed looking almost whipped. Once Crowley had left she turned toward the flower with a smile. After all, if the Winchesters and the angels were letting the demon hang around he couldn't be all bad.

Jody came to a decision. She went in search of the Winchester brothers finding them in Sam's workshop reading through Samuel Colt's journals. It was Dean that noticed her first. "Hey Jody! What brings you to Poindexter's hidey hole?"

"Very funny Dean." Sam said before getting up to move a stack of books off of a chair for Jody to sit down.

"I wanted to ask you guys about Crowley." The sheriff said.

Sam and Dean shared a look between them before Dean asked. "Why do you want to know about Crowley?"

"Just curious." She answered.

"And why are you curious?" Sam asked. "Did he do something?"

"Besides giving me flowers? No not really, but he is a demon and you two haven't tried to kill him and the angels seem to trust him." She said. "I'm just wondering how a demon gets an in like that with angels and hunters."

"It's a long story and a lot of it is pretty ugly." Sam said.

"I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon." Jody said. "So which one of you wants to start this tale off?"

"It's been a long time since we've been in here." Gabriel said. "Good thing Heaven doesn't get dusty." Gabriel said as he took his seat at the table. "It would be an inch thick by now."

"At least we all now take our places." Raphael said "We meet with our brother among instead of meet to plot to defeat him."

"Just like old times." Lucifer said. "As it should be."

"Never again, brothers." Michael said. "We will remember our responsibilities. It is up to us to set the example for our brothers and sisters. I'm not saying that there will never again be conflict among us, but we will not allow that conflict to get out of hand. We will remember that we are a family. Agreed?"

The Archangels nodded their agreement. "Good." Michael continued. "It is time for us to make plans for the upcoming battle. I know it has been some time since we came together as the Generals of Father's Army but I'm sure that we will soon shake off the rust."

"So first things first, how do we integrate the army of heaven with its hellish counterpart?" Michael asked.

"I'm not sure. With all the centuries upon centuries of bad blood, we may have to simply keep to our own sides of the field with the hunters in between." Lucifer said. "The demons don't hate the hunters as much as angels."

"Alright we'll cross that bridge when we come to it but what we do need to figure out is how to integrate those human hunters into the battle plan. Gabriel you and Castiel have the strongest bonds with them. I'm thinking that you should be the one in charge of things on that end." Michael said.

"I'd also like to make sure we've got a demonic presence in place with them. That will send a clear message to Abaddon that it is a united front we've got going here." Lucifer said. "Spicy and Crowley seem to be getting along well with them and one of my bitches just whelped a litter. Having a Hellhound patrolling the bunker wouldn't be a bad idea, the hound would sense Abbadon sooner than any of them would. Belarus will be deploying his forces in the areas outside of town. So the town and the surrounding terrain will be covered. The hellhound could cover the bunker."

"Dean is not going to react well to that you know. He was dragged to hell by one of those infernal hounds of yours." Gabriel said.

"Which is why I'm going to give them a puppy, disguised of course." Lucifer said. "I'm thinking something big with a reputation. Like a German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher."

"I'd go with the Shepherd." Gabriel said. "They have a reputation but a lot of good press to go along with it."

"Okay and the rest of the hunters?" Michael said "What about them? Are they up to speed with what is going on."

"Sam and Dean both have been keeping in touch with this Garth and the angels we have on rotation with the hunters say they seem to be on some sort of alert status." Lucifer said. "So obviously they are ready for something big."

"Good then we stand in a position of strength." Michael said. "We can deploy our forces and launch an initial strike at any time."

"Looks that way." Gabriel said.

"What about the town of Lebanon itself?" Raphael asked.

"I'm thinking we give Uriel a detachment to cover the town." Michael said. "We put him in charge, make the defense of the town his top priority and Lucifer and I issue the order together."

"And our secret weapon?" Raphael asked. "I cannot say that I am comfortable with letting it run free."

"I believe the Gemini will prove invaluable." Michael said. "We will keep it under lock and Key until Abaddon rears her head, then we will unleash it."

"You know this could turn around and bite you in the ass right?" Gabriel asked. "It doesn't exactly seem prone to playing well with others."

"I believe the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk in this case." Michael said. "The promise of the hunt and Purgatory seems to appeal to it."

"Purgatory? I thought Luci was taking all of those demonic hybrids to hell?" Gabriel questioned.

"That was my original intention." Lucifer said. "But then I remembered why the old man created Purgatory. Their recent foray to Earth will have made them hungry for a return."

"We think the Gemini will keep the Leviathan too busy to think about finding a way back." Michael explained. "They are used to being the biggest dog on the block, but they have never faced anything like the Gemini."

"The Levi are eating machines." Gabriel said. "They will gobble up the Gemini without a thought."

"But if they don't gobble up both at the same time, they will be in for a surprise, The Gemini still has the ability to replicate itself. After tangling with you and Lucifer, I doubt it will allow itself to be caught unawares a second time. Killing one of them will only increase the Leviathans problem."

"And those things are nothing if not predictable." Lucifer said. "They're ruled by their hunger. By the time they realize the mess they are making, it will be too late."

Gabriel leaned back in his seat. "Holy shades of Fantasia Batman! It will be just like Mickey Mouse and those damned brooms!"

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