When Angels Fall

Chapter 87

Dean and Sam had done research until late in the night, so the last thing Dean expected was to be awakened by the high pitched yapping of...a puppy? The hunter sat up in his bed trying to process why a puppy was barking in the bunker. He finally gave up on figuring it out and went in search of the source of noise finally locating Sam, Kevin and Jody in the kitchen all hunkered down on the floor around an extremely hyperactive ball of fur.

Sam was holding on to one end of a tug rope smiling like Dean hadn't seen since before his younger brother had hit puberty. At the other end of the tug rope all Dean could see was a wiggling back end and a wagging tail as the puppy playfully growled. Dean's hair stood on end at the sound.

"Aww, he's just adorable Sam." Jody said as Sam handed her his end of the rope.

"It's hard to believe he'll be fully grown in a couple of days." Sam said.

A couple of days? It finally clicked for Dean why the dog was making him uneasy. "Sam move! Get away from it!" Dean said as he grabbed a shaker of salt from the table.

"Dean put the salt down." Sam said as he scratched the puppy behind the ears.

"I'm not kidding Sam get away from it. It's…"

"A hell pup, yes I know." Sam said picking the German Shepherd looking pup up in his arms and being rewarded with sloppy puppy kisses. "He's a gift for us, from Lucifer. He'll be able to sense Abaddon before she gets close." Sam rubbed his cheek against the pup's face. "Isn't that right Ajax?"

The pup yapped in agreement.

"Lucifer gave us a hell puppy? Well he can take it right back!" Dean yelled.

"Afraid it's too late for that now." Lucifer said. "He's already imprinted on everyone in the bunker who isn't an angel." Lucifer said. "Even if I tried to take him back it wouldn't work, he'd just come back here."

"He still needs to imprint on you Dean." Gabriel said smirking as he sat down a 100 pound bag of food for the pup.

"I'm not getting near that thing." Dean said backing away from Sam and the dog that looked so deceptively innocent as Sam sat it on the floor.

"Dean really it's just a puppy." Jody said. "Grow a pair."

"Luci is telling the truth about him being able to sense Abaddon before you guys would." Gabriel said and snapped up something that looked suspiciously like an arm bone. "This little guy is a walking early warning system."

"Not to mention he'll attack anything that presents a threat to you after he's imprinted on you." Lucifer said. "You know how tenacious they are Dean."

"Yeah, which is why I don't want it anywhere near me!" Dean said as the pup looked up at him and whined.

"Dean you're being a jerk, it's just a baby." Sam said. "We can train him."

"You might want to start that training right now." Jody said at the same time everyone heard the sound of liquid splashing on leather.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean yelled and yanked his foot out of the stream of liquid.

"Well, that's one way of imprinting on someone." Lucifer said dryly while Gabriel broke out in gales of laughter.

"Ajax! No! Bad dog!" Sam scolded while the pup gave an appropriately guilty face.

"Sneaky, smart dog." Gabriel corrected. "Got any more of those hell pups, Luci? Any dog that pisses on Dean Winchester's Timberlands is a dog after my own heart!"

"I'm being promoted?" Uriel questioned.

"Lets call it a test." Michael said. "I want to see how you handle the responsibility. With everything that's happened since Lucifer and I ended up in the pit, I think there's a bit of reorganization needed. You prove yourself and I'll give you your own garrison."

Uriel thought for a moment. "What would you require of this detachment you wish for me to lead?"

"You would be responsible for the protection of the town. That would mean putting aside your bias to work with the humans." Michael said. "Could you do that?"

"So you will push his agenda even now?" Uriel said. "We are to bow down to them?"

"You are to work with them. They will fight beside you. I would expect you to coordinate the defense of the town and lead your detachment in battle." Michael said. "I ask no more of you than I ask of myself or any other officer under my command. Put your personal feelings aside and concentrate on the objective, defeating Abaddon and her army. Fight against our common enemy, that's all."

"And these humans are trained in the art of fighting demons?" Uriel asked.

"No, but remember Uriel, you were not trained when you fisrt cam e to me either. You had to learn." Michael said. "I can tell you that while they are not the trained soldier that you are, they have learned much through necessity. They are learning as they go. And they expect to fight for their home."

You expect me to lead undisciplined rabble!" Uriel protested.

"That undisciplined rabble has a motive urging them on that we could not have understood until now." Michael said. "Until the host was cast down and barred from heaven by Metatron, the idea of losing our home was alien to us. Metatron's spell banned even the Archangels from Heaven. If not for Gabriel's time spent hiding from us we would still be locked out."

"And you think this is enough of an incentive for them to fight?" Uriel asked.

"I know it is." Michael said.

Garth scratched his head and then pulled the beat up baseball cap back down into it's usual position on his head. He was sitting in a booth in a quiet diner outside of Tallahassee Florida. Garth like most of the other hunters he knew was laying low at the moment. Luckily demon signs had all but disappeared around the country.

He had spent the last two weeks fielding calls from hunters all across North America. The lack of demon signs was occurring not only in the U.S. but also in Canada and Garth has just hung up the phone speaking with a hunter operating in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico wondering what was going on. Luckily Garth had an in with the Winchesters and Sam and Dean had been keeping him in the loop.

What they had been saying was hard to swallow at first but the first time and angel popped up two inches from his face the swallowing got a lot easier. Not that Garth had doubted they existed he just figured they were all jerks. Not only were most of them pretty easygoing, Sam and Dean were now buddy-buddy with the jerkiest of all jerks, the Archangels. Back from the dead and out of the cage Archangels and instead of them causing an apocalypse of biblical proportions, they were trying to stop one.

Garth slurped up a sip of soda and the jumped startled by the appearance of the angel known as Inias in the seat across the booth from him. As soon as his heartbeat returned to something close to normal he spoke. "You guys need bells or something." Garth said letting his hand drop back down to the table.

"My apologies Garth Fitzgerald. I was instructed by Michael to make you aware of the current situation." Inias said. "Michael wishes you to know that we will soon be attacking Abaddon's forces. You have been our contact among the hunters, Michael will soon meet with the Winchesters and other set to do battle with Abaddon. He wishes your input at this meeting."

"That's going to be kind of hard to do." Garth said. "I'm in Florida and the Winchesters are in Kansas. It would take me a couple of days to get there."

"Michael is aware of this." Inias said. "It is why he sent me to you." Inias reached our a hand to touch Garth's arm and the world went black.

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