When Angels Fall

Chapter 88

"Whoa!" Garth said as he stumbled. Inias' grip on his arm was the only thing that kept him upright. "How did we get here? I was in Florida! My car is in Florida!"

"I will retrieve your vehicle for you Garth Fitzgerald." Inias said taking a moment to be sure the young hunter was steady on his feet before disappearing.

"I should warn you," Dean said with a grin. "Flying angel airways tends to make you constipated. Especially the first time."

"Dean stop, before I send Ajax over they to play with you. He still wants to give Uncle Dean puppy kisses don't you boy?" Sam said nuzzling the pup. "It just makes Dean constipated. How are things? Everybody ready to go?"

"Sam! What a cute puppy." Garth said as he approached the younger Winchester arms outstretched to give him a hug. Ajax began growling menacingly.

"That might not be a good idea." Sam said. "Ajax is pretty protective of us. Well me, Kevin, and Jody at least. Uncle Dean doesn't want to play with Ajax, so you might be able to get away with hugging him."

"Come on Sam, he's just a puppy." Garth said carefully holding his out for the wary pup to sniff.

"Actually he's a hell pup. Lucifer just disguised him as a German shepherd so everyone would be comfortable around him." Sam explained.

"It's okay, he'll warm up to me." Garth said before turning in Dean's direction and grabbing the hunter up into a hug. "Dean!"

Dean awkwardly returned the hug, "Garth." And shot Sam a look that promised retribution later. After a few uncomfortable moments he managed to extricate himself from the embrace. "So Garth, you remember Kevin, and this is Sheriff Jody Mills." Dean introduced.

"I've heard a lot about you from Bobby." Garth said before he grabbed Jody and gave her a big hug he then turned to Kevin who also got a big hug while Ajax looked on deciding this new human meant no harm. "So that angel just showed up and dragged me here. He said something about Michael wanting me to sit in on a meeting?"

"Yep! You are going to be privileged to meet all four archangels in a few minutes kiddo!" Gabriel said as he suddenly appeared sitting on the counter with a sucking on a Sugar Daddy. "Don't even think about it. I'll snap you into a time loop." Gabriel warned as the hunter started to approach him with arms out stretched to hug him. Archangels are exempt from hunter hugs, we get enough unwanted hugs from the dad forsaken Cupids!"

Spicy enjoyed the position she held. She was well aware that she was in no way on the level of a Crowley, so being Lucifer's new bestie was a major power jump. That didn't mean that it was smooth sailing when dealing with other demons. She was once again dealing with the annoying asinine nature of demons.

"Look, this isn't me telling you that the Winchesters are off limits, this comes directly from Lucifer." Spicy told the demons who had stormed into the throne room full of complaints about the fact that the Winchesters were directly involved with the battle against Abaddon.

"You would dangle the Winchesters in front of us on the battlefield and expect us to accept the insult?" the most vocal demon snarled. "The Winchesters are the enemies of every demon that exists. They exist only to kill us and they have succeeded with many of our most powerful. You expect us to stand there and wait for them to turn on us when Abaddon has been destroyed?"

"Look," Spicy started reasonably. "Sam Winchester is and always has been the rightful boy king of hell. He has even lived up to his obligation by accepting our dark lord, that Lucifer chooses to spare him is understandable."

"Sam Winchester freed our lord yes, then turned around and confined him right back in it!" The demon argued.

Spicy sighed as she pushed a button under the desk. It was one of the improvements she had put in place when Lucifer gave her the go ahead to begin her renovations of hell. This was the first step in dragging the infernal realm into the 21st century, a panic button.

"I am trying to be reasonable here, Lucifer has issued an order." Spicy said. "He is the Dark Lord, The King, The Leader of the Celestial Rebellion. It is not necessary that agree with his choice, only that we obey."

"Is he our king? Or does his concern now lay with heaven. We have heard the rumors that the Morningstar has been forgiven and placed once again among the Archangels." The demon turned to the others who were with him. "What guarantee do we have of his loyalty to us."

"He has not removed you from existence." Said another voice from behind the group. "Yet you are here repaying his generosity with what sounds suspiciously like treason."

"Who are you?" The demon who had now been clearly revealed as the ringleader.

"Me? No one important. I'm just Alistair's replacement. You can call me…Jack." Jack the Ripper introduced himself then indicated the wendigo at his side, "And this is my associate Jedediah. Miss Tabasco is Lucifer's representative and it would appear to me that your actions here are far from those of a gentleman. A gentleman always treats a lady with respect. You have failed to do so."

"Lady? Lady?!" the demon spat. "That is a man in a dress!"

"She is a demon. Whatever shell she occupied during life means nothing here. She presents herself as a lady and dresses as a female. That makes her a lady." Jack said. "and as a gentleman it is my duty to come to the aid of any lady treated in a less than genteel manner. But more importantly it is my duty to defend my King in his absence."

Jed must have been waiting for some signal because he attacked the demon burying an axe between its shoulder blades. Several other demons now entered the room taking hold of the downed ringleader.

"Strap the traitor to the rack." Jack said. "Jed, feel free to help yourself to an extremity. He won't be needing them when I'm done after all."

The wendigo grinned. "I was considering what to have for lunch. I'm thinking roast of thigh with fava beans and a nice Chianti."

"Jed, why do I have a feeling you have been enjoying those modern conveniences you were so put out over just a few days ago?" Spicy smiled.

"Jed has spent the last day watching Silence of the Lambs repeatedly." Jack said.

"I can tell." Spicy laughed. "I believe that must be the most well known quote from the movie next to 'It puts the lotion on its skin.' Thank you so much for your assistance gentlemen."

"You are quite welcome." Jack said tipping his hat, then turned to the remaining demons. "I trust that the rest of you lot will be on your most gentlemanly behavior when dealing with Miss Tabasco in the future?"

"Of course," One of the remaining demons said. "Please accept our apologies."

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