When Angels Fall

Chapter 8

Michael, Castiel, and Kevin joined the group taking seats around the table. Crowley shifted in his seat as Gabriel snapped his fingers and the Angel tablet appeared in front of him.

"Gabriel, on that list of 'thou shall nots' that father had you give to Moses," Michael said pinning Balthazar with a look, "What was number eight again?"

"Michael, lets not do this right now." Lucifer interrupted.

"Gabriel?" Michael prompted.

"Thou shall not steal." Gabriel said with a sigh.

"Michael correct me if I'm wrong but the weapons in the armory belong to the angels to use to protect God's creation. Or has that changed?" Lucifer questioned.

"Nothing has changed." Michael said still glaring at Balthazar.

"Balthazar were you still an angel at full grace when you 'borrowed' the weapons?" Lucifer asked.

"He had deserted Heaven." Raphael said.

"But I was still an angel, even if I had chosen to set up house at a different address." Balthazar said.

"Well then technically the weapons belonged as much to Balthazar as any other angel and it's impossible to steal what belongs to you." Lucifer sat back in his chair.

"You always were good with Loopholes." Crowley said.

Michael now turned to glare at Lucifer. "Once we have unsealed the gates and reestablished the grace link, I expect to walk into a fully stocked armory." Michael leaned back in his chair as smugly as Lucifer at having the last word.

"Alrighty then." Gabriel said. "Now that we've gotten that out of the way. We need to discuss a few plans. Namely Balthazar and I returning to heaven and getting the gates open, and returning the tablet to where it belongs."

"I think I've missed something." Balthazar said. "What's this about unsealing the gates?"

"You and I are going to sneak into heaven and open the gates." Gabriel said.

"Is there some reason why we are sneaking in?" Balthazar looked totally confused.

"You were like Gabriel and Raphael, 'dead' for the big meteor shower." Dean answered. "Only it wasn't a meteor shower, Metatron cast all of the angels out of heaven."

"Then locked the gates behind them and said 'Good riddance.'" Crowley added helpfully. Seeing the assembled angels glaring at him he asked, "What?"

"Uh Crowley, maybe the demon at the table should be seen and not heard." Sam suggested.

"Okay we sneak in and open the gates." Balthazar nodded. "And then what?"

"We get all the dead batteries recharged." Gabriel said. "Once we're in heaven we'll have access to enough souls to establish the link."

"Speaking of souls, you said they're all unprotected." Dean said. "A lot of good hunters died trying to prevent the Apocalypse. You should look up Ash. He figured out how to listen in on you guys."

"If this Ash can offer assistance, it would be wise to take it." Raphael said. The other Archangels looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Even Dean was gaping at him.

"There is something that you must remember. Metatron is one of only five, make that six angels capable of drawing grace at this moment." Raphael said and looked at Gabriel. "Tell me little Brother, how do you feel? Your grace, that is."

Gabriel thought about it. "Like I'm fully charged and carrying an extra battery pack."

"That is the case for all of us including Metatron. The grace that was torn from our brothers and sisters is seeking a home." Raphael said.

"So Metatron is no longer just an annoying twat. He's an annoying twat on steriods." Balthazar noted.

"That's one way to put it." Lucifer agreed.

"Okay so we will sneak into heaven, find Ash, distract Supertwat, and open the gates. No problem." Gabriel said. "Got any idea what his heaven will look like?" Gabriel asked.

"It's the roadhouse." Sam said. "We saw it the last time we ended up in Heaven."

"Impossible." Michael said. "Living humans never remember visiting heaven."

"Joshua told us that God wanted us to remember." Dean said.

"You spoke to Joshua?" Gabriel whistled. "That old recluse avoids everybody and just hangs out in the garden waiting for Dad to call. When was this?"

"Between you turning me into the Impala and uh..." Sam hesitated not wanting to mention Gabriel's death

"You getting your munchkin ass handed to you by Lucifer." Dean added cheerfully. "He told us that your absent Daddy wasn't going to do anything to stop the Apocalypse."

"Dean, That is our father you are speaking of." Castiel warned.

"I'm sorry he's your father but growing up with John Winchester, you kind of learn how to spot them." Dean said.

"Okay to get back on track." Gabriel said. "We get Heaven back under our control, then we need to put this back where it belongs, the demon tablet too."

"Well then what are we waiting for, lets get going Balthazar said.

"Are you pigeons done plotting then?" Crowley asked when all eyes turned to him he continued. "Getting heaven opened up and all the angels powered up? Not a bad start, but personally I'm concerned with the fact that there are fully powered demons running around down here. And those demons are now being led by Abaddon who by the way knows all about what the moose here was trying to do."

"What are you going on about Crowley?" Balthazar asked.

"It seems an unfortunate side effect of the sasquatch's meddling is that I seem to be developing a conscience. And although I may be 99.9% human I'm still 1% demon and I can still hear her. She thinks he cured me completely."

Understanding dawned on Lucifer. "Sam is the first item on her 'to do' list. Being a Hell Knight she knows the steps to closing the gates of hell and if she thinks Sam has completed the trials she knows there's only one thing left for him to do. Say the incantation. She has to take care of him first."

"And she is amassing an army to move on heaven. Something about payback for killing our Lord and Master while rescuing Michael from the cage. She doesn't know all of the pigeons have had their wings clipped yet." Crowley said.

"Balthazar, let's go." Gabriel said snapping his fingers.

"No angels at all?" Bobby asked.

"Nope not a one. And there's no way I should have been able to walk around that part of heaven. They keep it separated from the human part." Ash said as he gulped a beer. "The barrier they had up before it went quiet made the Berlin Wall look like a picket fence."

"So what does that mean? Why would they leave?" Ellen asked.

"I don't think they would." Bobby said. "That would be like leaving millions of atomic bombs laying around for just anyone to get at."

"What are you talking about Bobby?" Rufus Turner asked.

"Well human souls are a power source. Like a nuclear reactor." Bobby explained. "Castiel explained it to me before he touched my soul. Powered him up like it won't nothing."

"Dude, an angel groped your soul? TMI man." Ash said.

"Do demons know about that?" John asked.

"Yes they do. It's why Crowley brought me back when Castiel brought Sam back. To find the gate to purgatory. They wanted at all the souls." Samuel said.

"Nice going there Campbell." Bobby said. "That only led to the Leviathans being released and getting me killed."

The hunters all turned toward the door of the roadhouse which was opening. An army of guns were aimed at the opening and as soon as the door was opened completely an entire bar full of hunters expecting the worst pulled the trigger.

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