When Angels Fall

Chapter 89

Gabriel was still perched on the counter gnawing on the caramel treat when Lucifer arrived. "Who is that human, and why are his ears so big?" Lucifer asked as he watched Garth speaking to Sam.

"That is Garth Fitzgerald, I think he was probably meant to be a Cupid vessel. He's real touchy feely. Maybe he has those ears so he can better hear his next victim. He already tried to hug me." Gabriel shuddered. "Is Michael on his way?"

"He'll be here soon but I need to check in downstairs, make sure the demons are prepared to do their part." Lucifer said.

"I thought Spicy was handling that part?" Gabriel asked as he tossed the now empty paper stick into the air to disappear somewhere into another plane of existence.

"She ran into a bit of an issue with Asmodius. She had to call Jack to take him in hand." Lucifer said. "Looks like I'm going to have to go down and straighten those bastards out."

"Mind if I tag along? I'd rather be surrounded by demons than give Garth another chance at playing grabby arms." Gabriel asked. "Besides I'm curious to see what Spicy's done with the place."

"Why not?" Lucifer said. "And having you there might just impress on them that heaven and hell are allies in this fight."

Gabriel hopped down off the counter. "Yo! Winchesters! Me and the devil are going to hell." He said with a smirk at the look on Garth's face when the word 'devil' was spoken.

"Gabriel, that was just wrong, although I'm not sure if I was the butt of the joke or if he was." Lucifer said as they appeared in a very clean well kept hallway.

"Wow this place looks almost as nice as the green room. Are you sure this is hell?" Gabriel asked looking around at the polished furniture and sniffing the sulfur free air.

"Oh it's hell Sugar. But there's no rule that says the entire place has to smell like fire and brimstone." Spicy said. "Besides it seems to be a much more shocking introduction to the place than a fiery pit. It's especially amusing when one of those Christian Fundamentalist hypocrites shows up. You should see the look on their faces when their demon guide arrives to usher them to their punishment!"

"Spicy this place looks…nice." Lucifer said looking around. "Hell is not supposed to look nice."

"Actually I think it's a stroke of genius, the prank to end all pranks." Gabriel said. "And cruel too. Some poor damned soul shows up here and thinks they've dodged the bullet only to have their hopes dashed? Subtle Spicy, very subtle."

"Why thank you Gabriel now would you mind explaining that concept to you thickheaded brother when you get a free minute." Spicy said stepping up and linking her arm through Lucifer's. "Come on, I'll give you the grand tour so far on our way to the assembly hall."

Dean had made up his mind to ignore the hellhound puppy, but that was easier said than done. Ajax had taken to following him around and staring up at him with puppy eyes to rival Sam's. Dean had also noticed the little hellhound was getting really good with bitchfaces too, impossible as that might seem. The damned creature was like a Sammy clone on four legs instead of two.

The thing was currently sitting there next to Dean's chair looking pitiful as he watched Dean eating a bacon and mushroom cheeseburger. Dean was beginning to feel guiltier and guiltier with each bite. As if Ajax was somehow reading his mind the dog was now letting out little whines while Sam sat across the table trying to hide a smile behind one of Colt's journals.

Dean cast a look at Sam making sure his brother wasn't watching while he dropped a French fry on the ground for the pup. "I saw that." Sam said smugly.

"Yeah well, I figure I'd give your hell dog a french fry and he'd let me eat in peace." Dean attempted to cover up the fact that the damned thing was actually beginning to grow on him.

"Yeah, Right. Anything you say Dean." Sam snarked while Ajax huffed in agreement, no more fooled by Dean's argument than his master.

"He does get under your skin." Garth said as he scratched the much larger after a nap dog behind the ear. "It will only take a couple of days for him to be fully grown? That's kind of freaky."

"Time in hell runs differently than time up here." Dean said. "But that's pretty quick for hell time too."

"It's because Lucifer and Gabriel created some kind of pocket universe of accelerated time around him." Sam explained. "We'll have our own fully grown hell hound guard dog just in case. I won't complain, any added defense against Abaddon is a good thing in my book."

"So these bullets will work against her right?" Garth asked. "Garth asked as he held one up examining it.

"They won't kill her, you'd need the Colt for that but they should slow her the hell down." Dean said. "Maybe paralyze her."

"From what I've learned from Colt's journals they should just straight up kill her demon followers." Sam said.

"How many hunters have you got lined up?" Dean asked.

"Not counting the three of us; 52 in the states, 37 in Canada and 67 in Mexico." Garth said. "A lot of Mexicans still believe in the old ways. It was pretty easy getting them on board."

"You made sure the exorcisms got distributed right." Dean asked.

"That was the first thing I did." Garth said.

"Then I guess we're pretty much as ready as we're going to get." Sam said. "Now it's up to heaven and hell to get their game plans together."

Gabriel looked around and whistled. "I thought you said you were taking us to the assembly hall? This is the freaking Superdome!"

Spicy grinned "I have to admit the plans are from the Superdome but it's outfitted with 75 percent more seating than the Superdome in the same amount of space."

"I thought the seats looked small." Gabriel said. "And you just jam the demons in there anyway?"

"That's right Sugar and they are required to be present and in their seats a full hour before we start any assembly." Spicy said. "They all hate Assembly time and we have at least two a day."

"Luci, your girlfriend is one evil piece of work." Gabriel winked at her. "She's a keeper!"

"Well praise be to the old man that something around here finally turns out to be hellish." Lucifer grumbled. "So far every thing we've seen makes the Waldorf Astoria look like one of those roach motels the Winchesters used to hang out in."

"You can't blame me for seeing to your comfort Sugar. That is the administrative wing, all upper management offices." Spicy said. "Consider it Hell's version of the White House. We may exist in style and comfort but that is strictly us."

Spicy walked up to a door and pushed it open revealing a comfortable lounge currently occupied by Crowley who was yelling at so demon in maintenance coveralls. "Get the bloody cameras fixed and pretty damned quick! Like in 10 minutes or you'll be next on the rack when JR is done with Asmodius. Keeping Lord Lucifer waiting is hazardous to a demon's health you know!"

"Is there a problem Crowley?" Spicy asked.

"You mean besides the fact that I'm dealing with a bunch of Demons?" Crowley snarked. "Ah Lucifer you did show up. If you and that Trickster would follow me we can get started."

Crowley led the way onto a large stage then went over and fiddled with a microphone causing a blast of high pitched feedback. "You were told that your king was going to address and he is here now. So sit down and shut up!" Crowley stepped back from the podium with a bow.

Lucifer stepped out onto the stage and glared around at the large space. "It's like this. Hell is being threatened and you are going to get off your lazy asses and go to war. We are fighting alongside angels and hunters they are our allies in this battle. My own brother the Archangel Gabriel is here right now as proof of how seriously heaven takes this mutual threat." Lucifer beckoned his brother onto the stage. "So understand me when I say that there will be no aggression against the angels. If you don't like it, take it out on Abaddon's followers. Prepare yourselves, the battle commences in two days."

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