When Angels Fall

Chapter 90

Michael and Raphael appeared in the kitchen where Sam was just setting down a bowl of food for Ajax.

"I see Lucifer made good on his promise to get you a hell pup." Michael said looking at the creature. "If I didn't know it's origins, it would almost escape my detection."

"He told me he wanted to make sure Abaddon wouldn't know what it was from a distance." Sam said as he patted the almost grown hellhound's flank. Ajax's tail began happily wagging from the attention.

"You should gather everyone, Lucifer and Gabriel will be joining us momentarily." Michael said. "It's time to discuss our plans."

"Do we actually have one?" Balthazar asked from where he had appeared in the doorway to the kitchen.

"The beginnings of one." Michael answered. "Much of what we must do will be very basic. But we cannot do anything as long as she remains in hiding. We must draw her out and that is the purpose of this meeting."

"And what exactly does that mean?" Sam asked.

"It means that we're about to poke a tiger with a very sharp stick, Bullwinkle." Gabriel answered but not the Gabriel Sam was used to seeing in jeans and an old field jacket.

This Gabriel was attired in white silk pants and a white silk sleeveless tunic edged in gold. Wide leather bands adorned his forearms from wrist to elbow, emphasizing the well defined muscles the Archangel kept hidden under his long sleeves. A pale blue sigil representing his office as messenger was emblazoned on his chest.

Lucifer stood beside his brother similarly attired except the sigil on his outfit was of a bright silver and translated into the phrase 'Morningstar'.

"That's a new look for you guys." Kevin said as he entered the kitchen.

"It keeps the armor from chafing our delicate skin." Gabriel smirked. "You try fighting with Celestium rubbing against your bare skin and see how long you last."

"Celestium?" Sam was at a loss.

"The metal which all of heaven's weapons and armaments are forged from." Balthazar explained. "I'm guessing from your attire, I'll need to dig the armor out of the back of the closet?"

"Yes you will Balthazar. But not just you." Raphael said. "Castiel, Verchiel, Virgil, Inias and Uriel also. You will accompany Gabriel and Lucifer on a mission."

"A mission?" Balthazar gulped. "Exactly what kind of mission?"

Lucifer walked over and threw his arm around Balthazar's shoulders. "Remember that night in Egypt when we slaughtered the firstborn of the old man's enemies? Well we had so much fun we've decided to do it again."

"Only we're substituting 'Leader of a gang sworn to Abaddon' for 'Firstborn of Dad's enemies'." Gabriel said. "We figure that'll light a fire under her ass! So grab the others would you and meet us at the throne."

"And Balthazar, hurry up." Lucifer said. "I'm really in a smiting mood right now."

"Oh come on Luci! Spicy has done wonders with the place, you'll get used to it." Gabriel said as the two disappeared.

Michael turned to Sam. "Let's gather in the conference room. We can brief everyone at the same time."

Abaddon had not been idle in the time since she sent that moron Ansem to find the Winchesters. The fact that he had not returned simply proved that he was indeed, a moron. "Ava! You've returned. How have my little human stooges fared?"

"They have been recruiting as you ordered. Their numbers have grown significantly." The demon reported. "I simply do not understand why you place such importance on them."

"Because it is the angels duty to protect humans. Those insignificant stooges are a shield." Abaddon said. "They will go out of their way not to kill humans."

"Are you sure? When I was in hell I heard rumors." Ava said. "I heard it was angels who performed the final plague in Egypt."

"A rumor nothing more." Abaddon said. "My father was an angel. He kept to his duty, stayed his hand from killing humans and they repaid his integrity with death. So now they will pay for his life with the destruction of all they hold dear. I will tear down heaven and make them watch as I claim all of humanity I will bring hell on Earth."

"What about Lucifer? Hell belongs to him." Ava said.

"Lucifer is dead. I felt the remnants of his grace buried under the rubble of his prison. Michael made good on his destiny and killed him." Abaddon said.

"Are you sure? The grapevine says different." Ava said. "It says he has been reconciled with heaven."

"I have heard the mutterings from among those who have defected. Lucifer is a part of the host; he is no more the leader of hell, but the lackey of heaven." Abaddon said flatly "And is dead to us."

"Okie Dokie, you know why you are here." Gabriel said. "We are about to embark on a decimation of Abaddon's human forces."

"Human?" Inias questioned. "But we were commanded to protect them."

"These humans have been infected with Abaddon's evil, and now they spread it." Lucifer said. "They have earned divine retribution."

"And lucky us," Balthazar snarked. "We get to go play smite the firstborn with the Archangels. No offense to you guys, but you really need to make up your minds. Smite the humans, don't smite the humans. Could you just make up your minds and stick with it?"

"Abaddon's influence has corrupted them beyond human tolerance. They are no longer purely human." Castiel said. "They are…pre-demonic."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't smiting them just send them to Limbo where she'd have access to them anyway?" Verchiel asked.

"Au contraire mon frère." Gabirel said. "Michael will be taking a contingent to point them in the right direction. They show up at Limbo and they will have a special angelic escort to the subbasement."

"Uriel, Virgil, Verchial; we will start on the west coast." Lucifer said. "Castiel, Balthazar and Inias will go with Gabriel. The leader of each gang will die this night."

"Wait you're talking about murder!" Jody said. "You're just going to go out and kill them because they are connected to Abaddon?"

"Jody Mills, we understand that your calling is to uphold the law, but it is human law that you uphold. We are in no way bound by your laws." Michael said. "We answer to a higher authority."

"Jody, our job is to protect humanity." Raphael said. "Sometimes we must kill to do that. It is required at times to sacrifice a limb to preserve the body. It is required now that we remove those who serve Abaddon like a cancerous tumor. If we do not, their influence will spread like a cancer left unchecked."

"It will be accomplished this night." Michael said. "You must be prepared for Abaddon's retaliation. Gather your weapons, learn the exorcisms. She will strike fast and strike hard. Raphael will remain here with you to offer you the protection of an Archangel."

"Garth, you are able to use your telephone device to contact the other hunters? Warn them of what to expect." Raphael said. "Once Lucifer and Gabriel have finished their task they will return with the others. We will deploy to our stations of battle at that time."

"So basically this is the opening shots of the war." Dean said. "Just great."

"Better that we dictate when the battle starts Dean. This way we have some control over it." Michael said.

"Well not to be dense but the humans have a task and the angels have a task." Benny said. "What do you want me to do?"

"Someone will need to keep an eye on The Gemini until we bring him into the fight." Michael said.

"And we've still got Jake and Ansem in the basement too. " Sam reminded. "Do we know if those bullets will kill the Gemini?"

"There is no reason to believe that they won't ." Michael said. "The Gemini is a powerful entity yes, but it is not God or an Archangel. It's not even on a par with War or Famine. Your bullets will kill it."

"Well looks like we've got some phone calls to make." Garth said. "I'll get started."

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