When Angels Fall

Chapter 91

"Gabriel, why have we come here?" Inias asked looking around at the rundown depressing neighborhood. "This is a place of despair and want."

"Yes, it is." Gabriel agreed. "But underneath it all is an undercurrent of fear. These people live in terror. They fear Jessie Barry. They fear those who follow Jessie Barry. Jessie owns this neighborhood and those who live here for the most part are stuck. Parents would love nothing more than to move away to a neighborhood that is safe. A neighborhood where they could lay their children down at night without fear of a stray bullet piercing walls no more substantial than a sheet of vellum."

Balthazar suddenly appeared. "I have located him, two blocks from here. He is living up to his reputation, or should I say living down to it. Every breath he takes is a waste of good oxygen."

"How many are with him?" Gabriel asked.

"Three of his lieutenants." Balthazar said with disgust. "It takes four of them to face one man, a woman and an infant."

"Well then it's time we answer a mother's prayer." Gabriel said. "The family is not to be harmed, but Jessie and his cohorts are the first on our smite list."

Balthazar closed his eyes for a moment sharing through his grace with the others. Each angel now knew exactly which of the individuals were working for Jessie and who Jessie was.

"I have plans for Jessie, the rest of them die from of smiting. I want Abaddon to know exactly what happened to them." Gabriel said as he disappeared only to reappear in a small cramped room in a small cramped apartment.

Castiel appeared next to a young man who was in the process of trying to take the infant from its mother's arms. He wasted no time in greeting the young man with a "Hey Assbutt!" and a palm on the forehead burning the man's eyes out of their sockets and continuing to let his grace burn through the man until he fell to the carpet dead. He looked to the woman who was clutching her child tightly to her. He placed himself at her side just in case the others would present a threat to her.

Balthazar didn't bother with a greeting. He immediately and quickly smote the thug he had appeared next to and then dropped to his knees next to the baby's father placing a hand over the hole in his chest. Balthazar let his grace flow into the wound removing the bullet that had nicked the heart and healing the damage.

Inias had also immediately smote the thug he appeared next to when that young man had turned toward Balthazar pulling the trigger and shooting the angel in the back. Balthazar had paid about as much attention to it as he would have paid to a butterfly landing on his back but it did spur Inias to overcome his uneasiness at smiting a human.

Gabriel had appeared right next to Jessie touching him gently on the back of the neck. The leader of the gang fell to the floor paralyzed. Gabriel looked around to see that the others were dead and the small family was now huddled together; the father once again putting himself between his child and its mother and a perceived threat.

Gabriel walked over to stand in front of him. "Terrell Williams, relax. We aren't here to hurt you or your family. We came here for that piece of crap on the floor over there but saving you and your family is an added bonus. Your actions have not gone unnoticed, we do pay attention to what goes on down here."

"What?" The man looked at him confused.

"I keep track of those who acknowledge me. Sarita keeps a candle burning in the kitchen." Gabriel grins. "Considering how long it's been since I did anything even remotely angelic, I have to admit I'm touched." Gabriel stepped around the man and gently brushed his palm over the short fuzz on the baby's head. "Raise him right Sarita. Inias he's yours. Take care of him."

Inias made his way over and touched the infant's check. "I will protect and guide my charge with the devotion our father commanded."

"Good now, the three of you need to take out your trash. And I have one more thing to do." Gabriel walked over to Jessie still lying on the floor. Reaching down he grabbed the thug's shirt and pulled him up from the floor. "You will give a message to Abaddon. Tell that hell bitch that we are throwing down the gauntlet. We have sealed Limbo and better yet we have Ansem and Jake. The Princes of Heaven have set aside their differences, we are as one in this. Heaven and hell are also allied against her. This night the humans who join with her will be cleansed from the Earth. Lucifer has marked the demons who follow her for destruction. Let her know that we do not wage war against her; we are bringing total annihilation to her and to all who follow her. She is an abomination and insult to Samael's memory." Gabriel touched his palm to Jessie's forehead watching as the gang leader fell to the ground.

"Terrell, clean up your neighborhood. You no longer have to worry about this waste of humanity." Gabriel said as the angels disappeared taking the corpses with them.

Uriel held the mud monkey off the ground by his collar. "Brothers does he not remind you of the small canine they call a Chihuahua?"

Lucifer burst out laughing. "Uriel I had forgotten how amusing you are! That's exactly what he reminds me of loud, obnoxious, full of attitude and no bite to back it all up."

"Just wait Esse. When the rest of the crew gets here they are going to jack you up." The local MS-13 leader said.

Virgil looked around at the bodies littering the playground. "You mean like they jacked us up?"

"I must admit now that I'm warmed up I look forward to smiting as many of these 'gang members as possible." Verchiel said. "I had no idea how enjoyable the experience could be."

"You will have your chance Verchiel." Lucifer smirked. "It's why we kept 'Hey-Zeus' here alive. That and the fact that he deserves to suffer for spelling his name the same way the carpenter's son spelled his name. I believe I sense more of them heading our way."

Uriel looked at the human then tossed him in the air so he landed with his butt wedged tightly in the basketball hoop. "Don't go anywhere Chihuahua, we'll get back to you in a moment.

A series of loud reports from the multitude of guns the gang members were firing in their direction caused Lucifer to let out a sigh. "They do like their guns, for all of the good it does."

Virgil walked through a hail of bullets to grab a gun out of a startled gang member's hand. The seraph smiled as he turned the gun on the gang member that had just been shooting him with it. "I still say a Glock is better than a Browning. But I think Balthazar will enjoy having one. Heaven's Armorers should have an extensive collection after all."

"These mud monkeys claim to be so fearsome and the other mud monkeys fear them." Uriel said. "I have to admit that I expected more of a challenge. We could be a flock of cupids and still not strain ourselves to smite them."

"With the reputation they have cultivated, it is a let down." Lucifer said as he peeled the skin from one of the gang members back where there was a tattoo reading 'El Diablo'. "I take this as a personal insult." Lucifer said waving the strip of flesh in front of the young man's face. "I'm the only 'Devil' in Compton tonight."

Verchiel was looking over at the parking lot where more cars had arrived and more members of this particular chapter of MS13 were piling out. "Um Lucifer, what about them?" The seraph gestured to the parking lot where several young women were now piling out of the cars.

Lucifer shrugged. "A female Chihuahua is still just a dog. They are members of the gang, we treat them no differently."

Raphael entered the conference room where the humans had gathered to make their phone calls. "It has begun. Gabriel and Lucifer have undertaken the cleansing."

Michael stood up. "Double check your protections. Abaddon will soon discover what is happening. Gabriel did send her a message, did he not?"

"Oh yes brother, and if she doesn't understand from that, the 30 women lying dead at Lucifer's feet right now will convince her that there is no mercy to be had from us." Raphael confirmed.

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