When Angels Fall

Chapter 92

Abaddon looked at the shadow in front of her. It had been some time since she had witnessed a shade, but this was obviously a shade.

"Most people have no understanding of what a shade is, thinking them ghosts, but that is not correct." Abddon said to Ava after she had called it a ghost. "A ghost is a soul that for whatever reason has failed to move on; a shade on the other hand is simply a shadow of the soul. It is no more a ghost than a photograph of a person is a person."

Abaddon stepped closer to the shadow recognizing it as Jessie Barry one of her most successful recruiters from Baltimore. "Speak shade, who sent you?"

"I was commanded by the messenger of the host." The shade whispered.

"Gabriel sent you?" Abaddon asked. "What message does that heavenly milksop send to me?"

Tell that hell bitch that we are throwing down the gauntlet. We have sealed Limbo and better yet we have Ansem and Jake. The Princes of Heaven have set aside their differences, we are as one in this. Heaven and hell are also allied against her. This night the humans who join with her will be cleansed from the Earth. Lucifer has marked the demons who follow her for destruction. Let her know that we do not wage war against her; we are bringing total annihilation to her and to all who follow her. She is an abomination and insult to Samael's memory.

"He has grown bold since he refused to bear arms in the defense of his brother." Abaddon waved a hand through the shadow causing it to dissipate. "Now he sends empty threats."

"I don't think so." Ava said. "There was a story on the news about a slaughter last night in California. Over 100 of our affiliates are dead. One was found stuffed in a basketball hoop eight feet off of the ground. The bodies of your soldiers are being found all across the states with their eyes burned from the sockets."

"And you foolishly fall for their posturing with your fear. They use terror as a weapon against you." Abaddon turned to glare at the demon. "I had credited you with more of a backbone than this."

"You are talking about taking on the Archangels, Heaven, Hell and who knows how many hunters!" Ava said.

"No! I seek to avenge my father. I will destroy them all in his memory!" Abaddon said. "Gather my army. This will not go unanswered. I have less of a problem slaughtering humans than they do. I will make them regret their actions this night."

Kevin sat up straight as an alarm sounded throughout the bunker. The last time he had heard that sound, the angels had fallen and Abaddon had thrown open the gates of hell.

"What the hell!" Dean said as he rushed in to conference room with Sam close on his heels.

"It's that monitoring thing down in the utility room. Something bad is happening." Kevin said as the three ran into the utility room to find Castiel and the Archangels looking at the machine.

"That bitch is going to suffer for this." Michael said.

"Remember Michael this is her nature." Lucifer said. "It's a move meant to cause you to lose your temper." Lucifer had a hand fisted in Gabriel's collar. "Little brother isn't holding his temper very well either. You both need to remember who your adversary is. She's counting on your outrage right now."

"Lucifer let me go!" Gabriel struggled in his brother's grip. "I'll show her outrage the likes of which even Dad has never seen!"

Raphael let out a sigh before touching Gabriel between the shoulder blades. The messenger slumped bonelessly in Lucifer's grip. "Must I treat our Commander in the same manner?" Raphael asked looking at Michael.

"No, I think I can control myself." Michael answered taking a deep breath while Gabriel groaned.

"Oww! Dammit! That hurt!" The archangel said as his limbs twitched.

"But it did assist you in bringing your emotions under control didn't it." Raphael smugly commented.

"I'm scared to ask what happened." Sam said glancing between the angels.

"Abaddon has chosen her method of retaliation." Castiel said his body also tense with anger.

"She destroyed The Magic Kingdom at your Disneyworld when the park was at capacity." Lucifer answered. "Over 75,000 people died, and a significant portion of those dead are children."

Kevin slid down the wall to the floor. "Oh my God!"

"It doesn't seem to be bothering you too much." Dean glared at Lucifer his arms crossed belligerently.

"Of course it doesn't. I may be tolerating you for the sake of my brothers, and the fact that you Winchesters aren't completely worthless; but I have never hidden my feelings where humanity is concerned." Lucifer answered blandly. "In this case be thankful, unlike Michael and Gabriel I can view the situation dispassionately. I'm capable of rational thought right now and less likely to send our forces rushing in unprepared only to be defeated."

Spicy stood in front of a large group of new souls; Crowley, Jack and Jed by her side. "Looks like someone was having a smite party last night. Over 500 brand new souls."

"Quite a lot to in-process at one time." Crowley noted.

"Which is why I'm taking a page from your book, Crowley dear." She said as she studied the clipboard in her hand. "I figure I'll drag this out as long as I can for them. First things first, the welcome speech."

"All right listen up! You have arrived in hell. This is your final destination, so get comfortable with the idea of eternity." Spicy glared at the souls. "You are here because you chose to follow a hell bitch named Abaddon. She has repaid your loyalty by sending 75,000 souls to an eternity of paradise. While you have been consigned to the fiery pit, they are enjoying an eternal sunny day at Disneyworld.

You on the other hand will experience pain and torture until the creator himself chooses to end it all and since he's the creator, ending things is not on his agenda."

Crowley was now making his way down the line handing out numbered tickets.

"And this is the start of your torture. You are each being assigned a number." Spicy said. "Remember your number it is how we will address you in each step of this in-processing procedure. We will begin with the cavity search and when I say cavity search I mean ALL cavities of your body will be searched. And while your bodies are not physical, it will certainly feel like it is when the assigned demons are done with you. Numbers one through five, through the door to your left."

Jack and Jed now ushered the first five demons through the door and closed it. The sounds of agonized screams could soon be heard.

Spicy grinned evilly and cheerfully added. "Oh by the way, I should warn you. Hell ran out of KY-Jelly years ago!"

Raphael and Michael made their way to the subbasement where Benny was keeping an eye on the 'guests'. The vampire looked up. "How bad was it?" he asked.

"75,000 slaughtered, half of them are turning out to be children." Raphael said to Michael's accompanying growl.

"Brother, I'm with you on that." Benny said to Michael. "She is going to pay right?"

"Dearly." Michael answered. "It's why we're here." He turned to the identical creatures known as The Gemini. "We came to an agreement, it's time to fill your half of the agreement."

"This Abaddon is responsible for the deaths of children?" they asked.

"Yes thousands of children." Michael said.

"I will bring you her head on a platter." The creature said. "Children are innocent. The innocent should not be hunted."

Raphael looked to Michael and opened the cage. "You should start at Disneyworld."

"Then she has doubly earned her fate. I like Mickey Mouse." The creatures said as they made their way up the stairs followed by two Archangels.

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