When Angels Fall

Chapter 93

"Son of a bitch!" Dean got up from his chair and moved closer to the doorway. "What is that damned Jefferson Starship doing loose?"

The Gemini turned it's attention toward Dean a second before the older Winchester brother found himself slammed into the wall his feet dangling an inch off of the floor. The Gemini designated as Thing one had the tip of his wraith spike pressed lightly against Dean's temple.

Sam started forward only to feel someone grip his arm and turned to find Gabriel quietly shaking his head and pointing to the Gemini labeled Thing two who was pressed against another wall with Michael's blade against its throat.

"You do know that I will simply replicate myself should you kill my other half." Thing one said then turned to Dean. "You are one of those people who make a habit of letting your mouth write checks that your ass is incapable of cashing. I am on the loose because I am about to undertake the hunt for Abaddon. I will allow you this one instance of disrespect. You are obviously a poor hunter or a very lucky one. You should learn to respect those things that can easily kill you."

"Release him." Raphael ordered quietly now standing with his own blade pressed against Thing one's back.

The wraith spike retracted, stowed away once again. "You should teach him some manners, it would greatly extend his life expectancy." The creature released Dean then turned to the angels. "So you said that I should begin my hunt in Disneyworld, how do you propose that I get there?"

"Angel Airways. Lucifer said grabbing Thing One while Gabriel grabbed Thing two.

Make sure your seatbacks and trays are in the upright position." Gabriel said as the two Archangels disappeared with the Gemini in tow.

Ava was worried. She couldn't imagine what the retaliation from the Archangels would be for Abaddon's actions, but she was sure that retaliation was in the works, and it would not be pretty. For the first time she was rethinking her decision to follow Abaddon.

Making her way to the front door she grabbed her coat and slipped out deciding to do something that she hadn't done since she was human, go for a walk to clear her head. She looked around at the neighborhood this safe house was located in. Abaddon had a thing for lower middle class areas one step above slums and ghettos. Not the most pleasant places but they did allow the demons leeway to give in to their nature.

What was a little crime here and there and if a body or two turned up, well that was par for the course. So she didn't think much of it when she sensed a demonic presence nearby.

"Well, well; what have we here?" A cultured voice asked from the shadows causing Ava to look around her alarmed. Ava took a step back when a man dressed in a tailored suit stepped out of the shadows causing her eyes to turn black in warning.

"No need for all the posturing Darling, I simply want to talk for a moment." The man bowed slightly from the hip and produced a business card holding it out to her. "The name's Crowley, and you are quite put out of sorts. Following a Hell Knight turning out to be more dangerous than you thought?"

"Crowley? The pretender to the throne?" Ava said disgusted.

"Far from it, love. Simply the only demon that had the ballocks to take it." Crowley corrected. "Even your precious Abaddon simply slunk in the shadows when Lucifer's imprisonment created a void in leadership. And before I took the position of King of Hell I took the position of King of the Crossroads." Crowley brushed at an imaginary speck of dust on his lapel. "Are you noticing the pattern love? I'm known for taking what I want. And right now I have a want that I believe you can provide."

"And what is it that you want?" She asked.

"Well isn't it obvious? I want to make a deal." Crowley said.

"Spicy, it is a dangerous game you and Crowley are playing." Jack said. "If word gets out."

"I am aware of the risks Jackie, but the potential gain outweighs the risk." Spicy said. "We will be able to prevent a lot of bloodshed. I know that shouldn't matter to a demon but Those Archangels and hunters are like dandelions. Yes they are weeds but when you look closer you can find all sorts of uses for the plants even if they do turn your lawn into an eyesore."

"Of course the expected praise from our Lord Lucifer has nothing to do with it." Jack said sarcastically.

"It has everything to do with it." Spicy said "The more of Abaddon's army we can siphon off, the easier the victory. The easier the victory the more leverage Hell gains. And Lucifer will be grateful that more of his precious siblings were saved. It's a new era Jack. With Lucifer's reinstatement in heaven, we either move with the times or roll over and play dead for the heavenly cleansing which will eventually come."

"You are so sure that Michael will turn against us and lead the host here?" Jack asked.

"It is not Michael we have to worry about. Michael is perfectly content leaving the management of hell to Lucifer." Spicy said. "It is Lucifer who will cleanse this place the moment demons become unnecessary; those of us who are smart, will make ourselves indispensable to him. It's a matter of survival."

"I wonder what he would think if he knew your affection for him is fueled by your self interest?" Jack asked.

"Believe me sugar, he knows." Spicy said.

Virgil pushed open the door to the roadhouse. With him being the ranking angel in heaven for the moment he had spent enough time at the roadhouse with the fledgling guardians to become a regular.

"Hey Virgil! The usual?" Jo asked as the angel took his normal seat at the bar.

"That would be welcome Jo." Virgil answered as Ash came up and patted him on the back.

"Dude nice job in Compton!" Ash said. "Whose idea was it to stuff that guy into the basketball hoop?"

"That was Uriel. Have I ever told you that he is the funniest angel in his garrison?" Virgil said as he accepted his beer from Jo.

"I would have thought Castiel was the funny one." Bobby said. "There's nothing funnier than seeing him drunk."

"Castiel Drunk?" Ellen scoffed. "He drank me and Jo under the table."

"Well it did take an entire liquor store." Bobby said. "He's funny though. Every other word he uses air quotes." Bobby raised his hands and demonstrated.

"I have yet to see Castiel inebriated." Virgil said. "But Balthazar, if he ever becomes inebriated in your presence, hide the women. He likes to grab anatomical parts. For that matter hide the men too, he doesn't really differentiate. He goes full on genderless angel and attempts to seduce anything with a pulse."

The hunters were laughing gleefully when the door to the roadhouse opened again this time admitting the one angel none of them wanted to see, Zachariah.

"Virgil I believe Michael placed you in charge of their training, he did not tell you to carouse with them." Zachariah said looking down his nose at the group of new guardians.

"He has been training us you walking enema bag!" Mary said a second before she balled her fist up and punched Zachariah in the nose. "That's for Dean!" Mary grabbed the seraph by the ears and brought his head downward at the same time she brought her knee up this time smashing her kneecap into the angel's nose. "That one is for Sam!" She picked up a bottle from the bar took a sip and then smashed it over Zachariah's head "And that is for the Winchester family in general!"

Zachariah slowly collapsed to the floor as Virgil watched. He looked up at Mary. "Jo get this woman a drink!"

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