When Angels Fall

Chapter 94

Ava groaned her head feeling like she had the world's worst migraine. She cracked her eyelids thankful the room she was in was pretty dim.

"Well, look who decided to join us. Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey!" Crowley said cheerfully. "You really should have taken the deal love, it would have been in your best interests after all."

"Yes it would have." Ava sat up shocked to recognize the voice of Spicy Tabasco, the traitor who had sold them out to the angels. "Now I'm afraid you're stuck with the zonk behind door number two."

"You!" Ava hissed at the demon who sat in an easy chair idly filing her nails with an emery board.

Spicy grinned. "Yes me, and if I were you, I'd check the attitude little girl. After all I'm the one who decides just how much you will suffer from this moment on."

"Abaddon is going to shred your soul piece by piece." Ava said.

Spicy laughed. "I'm not worried about Abaddon, Ava. Neither is Crowley. We've got friends in high places and I mean we literally have friends in high places. They are called Archangels and one of them is Lucifer himself. If anyone here is a traitor it's you."

"I am loyal to Abbadon!" Ava said.

"And that duckie is why you are a traitor." Crowley said. "Azazel gave you power when you were just a tiny little thing; that power was meant to be used to free Lucifer and serve Hell's Boy King. I believe that you are acquainted with him, Sam Winchester."

"Sam Winchester is a hunter. He's a soft-hearted weakling that falls for any sob story you sell him. He was so concerned with telling me that my fiancé was dead, breaking the news to me gently like I didn't already know." Ava spat. "I'm the one who killed him. I killed Andy and Lily. I would have killed Sam too if Jake hadn't gotten involved."

You are a dense little thing, I'll give you that." Crowley said. "Who was stuck in hell until recently while the moose is walking around alive and well? Everyone except Sam Winchester. That should tell you something. And those Archangel friends of ours are Sam and Dean Winchester's friends also."

"We were willing to put in a good word for you if you had been willing to deal but you weren't." Spicy said. "After all Sam is going to bat for Jake and Lord Lucifer is willing to listen to what Sam says. Jake stabbed him in the back but Jake will never spend a second on the rack, you however are about to meet hell's torturer."

The door opened two men entered. One was dressed like a Victorian era gentleman and the other looked like he should be out trapping furs somewhere.

"And what do we have here Miss Tabasco?" Jack asked his eyes lighting up as they fell on Ava.

"A gift for you, Jackie dear. Just don't incapacitate her too badly, she one of Abaddon's lieutenants." Spicy said as she stood up from her chair. "I'm sure that Lucifer will want to speak to her while she can still speak."

Crowley gave Ava a look of sympathy then offered his arm to Spicy. "Toodles, love. Try not to scream too loud, you'll wake your neighbors."

"Sam Winchester, Michael advised me to speak with you about the plans for closing of the town." Uriel said. "Are they finished?"

Sam stood up and went over to a table strewn with papers. After shuffling them around for a bit he pulled out several sheets. "I finished them but I don't know why Michael was so insistent. It's not like we have the manpower to build it." Sam said gesturing to a map he unrolled onto the table.

"Michael insisted because manpower is not an issue when you have the entirety of the host at your beck and call." Uriel said as he looked over the plans that Sam had idly started drawing up when he first started going through Colts belongings.

"See, it just can't be done in the time we have. It took Colt five years to build the one around Stull cemetery." Sam said.

"Samuel Colt was limited by human laborers and antiquated metal refining techniques." Uriel said as he studied the second page of the plans. "Tell me why have you chosen to make this out of hollow iron?" Uriel asked curiously.

"Well I figured if we used iron pipes, we could fill them with Holy water or salt." Sam answered. "Then I realized it wouldn't do any good contained in the pipe. That's why there's a big X through that diagram."

"Actually your idea is sound if it were to be a half-pipe." Uriel said. "Iron cradling salt or holy water would indeed strengthen the protections." Uriel rolled up the plans. "I will require these while we construct your Devil's trap Sam Winchester. It will be completed by sunrise. You should relay this information to Michael."

Michael was sitting at the conference table a map of Lebanon Kansas laid out on the table. He was arranging little flags on it in different places when the sound of feathers alerted him that he was not alone. He placed a red flag on the map then sighed. "What is it Zachariah?"

"You should know that Virgil is derelict in his duties." Zachariah said as Gabriel and Lucifer entered the room.

Michael lifted his head as he heard the two archangels trying to stifle their laughter. "Did you get on Mike Tyson's bad side?" Gabriel asked. "You've got two black eyes!"

"And your nose is at least twice its normal size." Lucifer added.

"As I said Virgil is derelict in his duty, he has failed to instill discipline into those 'Guardians'. They have no respect for authority." Zachariah said.

"Aha! So who punched you in the nose; Bobby Singer or John Winchester?" Lucifer asked.

Zachariah mumbled something.

"I must have misheard you." Michael said as he stood up and crossed his arms over his chest. "I would swear that I just heard you say Mary Winchester."

"He did!" Gabriel laughed. "Zach you got owned by a girl!"

Lucifer disappeared and then reappeared with the Winchesters in tow. "Look what your sweet little mommy did." The devil was laughing so hard he was gasping for breath.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Take a good look at Zachariah with his raccoon eyes and Jimmy Durante nose." Gabriel laughed. "Mama Winchester did that!"

"Are you saying our mother beat up Zachariah?" Sam asked with a frown.

"It appears so." Michael said.

Dean only had one word to sum up the situation. "Awesome!"

"Michael will these two vessels be allowed to mock me also?" Zachariah asked. "You will allow such disrespect to be paid to the host?"

"Actually bucko, it's not the host they are disrespecting, it's you." Gabriel said. "And considering what you've put them through, I can't say that I blame them. Yeah I put them through crap but never with the malice that has always been your trademark."

"I tend to agree with Gabriel." Michael said "You do have a tendency to lack compassion, but your accusation against Virgil is a serious one. Gabriel you will return to heaven and assess things."

"I'm on it." Gabriel said. "I'll see how well Virgil has been training our little fledglings."

Michael watched as the younger Archangel disappeared. "Zachariah, find Raphael. Tell him I said to give you an icepack." Michael said and turned back to his map.

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