When Angels Fall

Chapter 95

"Gabriel, I assume that Zachariah has run to the Archangels with his complaints." Virgil stood up from his barstool and knelt before the Archangel. "I only ask that you allow me to bear the blame. I was remiss in not impressing on the fledglings the respect due to a higher ranking angel."

"Oh Virgil get up and stop groveling. Now where is Mary Winchester?" Gabriel asked.

"Please I beg of you, do not blame her for my shortcomings." Virgil asked again.

"Blame her?! I'm going to give her a medal!" Gabriel said grinning. "It's way past time someone bitchslapped that uppity Seraph. Me and Luci got a good laugh out of it too. And you should see how proud the boys are of their mama. They think she's awesome."

"You are not here to mete out punishment?" Virgil asked confused.

"Naw. But Zachariah showed up whining to Michael about you being derelict in your duties so someone has to go through the motions." Gabriel explained. "And the fact that he sent me should tell you just how little concern he has about Zach's bellyaching. If he was really concerned he would have sent Raphael."

Ellen came over and poured a glass of Chocovin and slid it in front of Gabriel. "So Michael is letting this slide?"

"Michael has figured out that Zachariah is an asshole. He's more of a necessary evil at this point. Zach is arrogant and has an inflated sense of self, but he's also very good at his job." Gabriel sipped his wine. "Once the battle starts Zach will be indispensable in keeping the host to the battle plan. He has a dad given gift for reading the field of battle and letting Michael know where plans need to be adjusted.

We may not like him but we know his worth. So I come up here hang around for a bit and then go back and let Michael know you guys were nothing but respectful to me, and that I gave you a stern talking to; Zach is happy and everything is copacetic."

"Nathaniel, thank you for coming brother. There is much to be done by sunrise on the morrow." Uriel said as he held out the plans that Sam had drawn up.

Nathaniel was for all intents an engineer for all that his vessel appeared to be all of twelve years old. There were literally hundreds of engineers among the host responsible for building the divine edifices of heaven. God's throne didn't build itself after all. The angel traced lines and nodded quietly to himself for a bit and then raised his head.

"How did you come up with this plan brother?" Nathaniel asked. "It is quite simple but powerful nonetheless."

"The plans come from a mud monk…human named Samuel Winchester. He expounded upon the ideas of Samuel Colt." Uriel explained.

"Samuel Winchester must be a remarkable human. I've never heard you refer to them as anything but mud monkeys or hairless apes before." Nathaniel said as he shifted the pages.

"He and his brother Dean are the vessels of Lucifer and Michael, but more recently revealed as Legacies of the Men of Letters." Uriel said.

"Ah that would explain why his mind works in such a fascinating way." Nathaniel said. "But I believe his plan could be improved upon. Will you give me leave to adapt these?"

"I called you because you are among our most experienced builders." Uriel said. "Having called you here it would be foolish indeed to ignore the benefit of your experience and wisdom. However I believe that you should speak with Sam Winchester. I'm sure that he would find an explanation of your adaptations enlightening."

Nathaniel nodded at the seraph. "And I will bow to your wisdom in this as you are better acquainted with Lucifer's vessel."

Lucifer and Michael were discussing battle plans when Spicy appeared sitting on the edge of the desk wearing a short red leather skirt and matching leather corset top. "Hello Sugar, Michael. I have a bit of news for you."

Michael sat up. "I'll leave you to speak privately."

"Oh no sweetie. I think you should hear this news also." Spicy said. "It concerns a bit of a side project that Crowley and I have undertaken."

"A side project?" Michael asked. "I'm not exactly sure how a side project that involves you and Crowley concerns me."

"Well, we figured the less key figures Abaddon has on the field, the better for everyone on our side. We managed to capture one of Abaddon's confidantes. I believe you are both well aware of who Ava is?" Spicy said.

"Ava as in Azazel's special child Ava?" Lucifer asked. "The malleable and easily manipulated Ava? The Ava who amused herself slaughtering others like herself Ava?"

"That's the one. Well she is currently enjoying the hospitality of your Grand Inquisitor." Spicy said. "I did ask him to control himself somewhat as you would probably like to speak to her while she still had the power of speech."

"So your side project is snatching Abaddon's lieutenants?" Michael asked. "I must say that you and Crowley are showing a lot of initiative for a couple of demons."

"Uriel, I thought you were going to work on the devil's trap." Sam jumped as the seraph appeared next to him accompanied by another angel.

"We will begin soon. But I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to Nathaniel. He will be overseeing the actual build." Uriel explained.

Dean interrupted the seraph. "No offense but is he even old enough to shave? He makes Kevin look like a middle aged man in comparison."

"Dean." Sam scolded throwing a bitchface at his brother.

"I am not offended. I am well aware of my vessel's youthful appearance." The angel smiled gently at the brothers. "But I can assure you that I am well qualified for the task. I was among those who erected our father's throne.

I simply wish to confer with you Samuel Winchester before we commence construction. There are is a major modification that I would like to make and Uriel suggested I speak with you before undertaking such a drastic change."

"You helped build God's throne? You're more qualified than I am." Sam said. "I simply copied someone else's design."

"I have viewed the remains of the original design. Your ideas are far ahead of what you were inspired by. It is an improvement that would never have occurred to me or any other builder." Nathaniel said. "But having my eyes opened to the possibility, I have simply taken your ideas further. If you would simply glance at them and tell me if they are acceptable."

"Sam, Nathaniel honors you." Raphael said from the spot he and Castiel had appeared in.

The builder seeing who was now in the room dropped to his knees. "Archangel Raphael."

"There is no need for that." Raphael said quickly looking almost embarrassed. "Please rise Nathaniel."

Nathaniel followed Raphael's order immediately although he seemed uncomfortable doing so. Uriel had taken the time to unroll the map on the table. "Sam if you would."

"What am I looking at?" Sam asked.

"Uriel explained your idea of using the iron pipe to hold salt or holy water. Basically what I did was to take your idea and convert it into a moat. Only a couple of feet deep but 6 feet across. A cement culvert cradled in a bed of iron. "Nathaniel said pointing to the diagram. "All you would lack was holy water."

"Holy water would not be a problem." Raphael said. "If my brothers and I could cause enough rain to float Noah's ark, filling this moat would be simple. Although it would involve torrential rains."

"And that would cut off the town." Dean said.

"And with the detachment of angels that Michael has placed under my command, we would soon have no demons within the trap." Uriel said.

"I offer my assistance also." Castiel said. "We could clear the town even faster of the stragglers that remain. Although there are numerous sigils around Lebanon, there are gaps that the demons have been able to exploit."

"You should begin building immediately Nathaniel." Raphael said. "I will speak to the rest of the Archangels. We will prepare to shift the weather patterns."

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