When Angels Fall

Chapter 96

All four of the Archangels were in an open area of the subbasement while the Winchesters, Castiel and Uriel looked on.

Dean reached out for Gabriel's breastplate. "Hey Sam look! They make armor for mid-" Dean suddenly found himself on his back, on the floor, on the other side of the room. "gets."

Gabriel cackled at the downed hunter. "That's what you get for trying to put your grubby little Winchester pawprints on my armor."

"Ass hat." Dean grumbled as he picked himself up off of the floor.

"So don't plan on going out today." Lucifer said conversationally. "It's soon going to be raining cats and dogs." When Dean gave him a wary glance Lucifer added, "Figuratively speaking that is." Lucifer twisted as he tried to grasp and buckle a strap on his breastplate. "A little help here Sam?"

"What?" Sam looked at the Archangel. "Put on your own armor."

"Ahh come on Sam you were supposed to be my vessel, the least you can do is be my squire for two seconds." Lucifer said.

Raphael sighed and walked over to the former devil. Raphael and Michael were already clad in their armor waiting for Lucifer and Gabriel to finish donning theirs. "Go help Gabriel Raphael." Michael said as he walked over to Lucifer. "Lift your arm for a moment." Michael soon had the breastplate buckled in place and was adjusting the straps so in would fit correctly. "There all dressed and ready."

The two turned toward Gabriel and Raphael. Raphael was struggling to buckle the breastplate in place. "Gabriel will you stop being stubborn. Just will it bigger. There's no way in Father's name we're going to get this closed."

"It will fit Raph just pull it tight." Gabriel complained.

"Or put him in a girdle." Lucifer suggested.

"Maybe we should make Sam your nutritionist Gabriel." Dean said. "A couple of decades of rabbit food instead cupcakes and twinkies should do wonders for your girlish figure."

"Gabriel just will your armor bigger. Dean it is not fat, Gabriel has just outgrown his armor." Michael sighed.

"And we've gone through this same situation each time he's had a growth spurt. Obviously he's had another one since the last time we needed our armor." Lucifer said.

"Growth spurt? You mean you guys do grow?" Sam asked.

"Our grace increases, it is independent of our vessel." Raphael said. "The last time we wore armor was when we banished the Leviathan to Purgatory, Gabriel was comparable to a 19 year old human."

"And Stretch obviously had another growth spurt left." Lucifer said.

"Gabriel the sooner you get into your armor, the sooner we can get started." Michael said.

"Yeah, that storm front isn't going to move itself you know." Lucifer said. "And it's going to take time to drop enough rain to fill those culverts."

"Alright already!" Gabriel yelled and willed his armor bigger. "Happy now?"

Lucifer reached out and pinched Gabriel's cheek. "See that didn't hurt now did it..Baby Brother?"

The Gemini had picked up the scent of demons easily. Although he doubted what the demon he had scented was the one he sought. While it may not have been Abaddon, it certainly could lead back to Abaddon.

The advantage the Gemini had was the ability to be in two places at once. So One half of the Gemini set out to follow the scent of sulfur while the other made his way to one of the local funeral homes. Hopefully a body would still be there and he could examine the injuries and discover his prey's habits.

Thing One quickly traced the sulfur trail to Florida's main north-south interstate. The trail turned to the south. Thing Two soon discovered a large mortuary and made his way inside.

The two combined beings shared one brain so both were soon aware that the trail following the highway suddenly seemed to split into two trails. One overwhelming stench of sulfur seemed to leave the highway in Jupiter Florida while a fainter trail continued south. The decision was made without thought. Thing Two suddenly appeared in front of a large semi traveling southbound.

The squeal of tires came too late for the driver to stop. The impact tossed the man to the right over the guardrail. Thing Two laid therewith it's eyes shut not moving while two beings suddenly split from the now dead body, both of them bearing a tattoo that said 'Thing Two'. One turned toward the woods disappearing into the undergrowth while the other continued traveling south. The replication process had begun.

Raphael looked up at the clear skies just north of the town of Lebanon Kansas. "Michael and Lucifer are working effectively in changing the direction of the winds." He commented to Gabriel.

"Yeah they are. This is going to be a millennium storm." Gabriel commented.

"And did you find an appropriate storm system?" Raphael asked.

"There's a good tropical depression stirring right now in the Pacific off the coast of Baja. The meteorologists are going to crap their pants when it rolls in with Hurricane force winds and torrential rain this far north." Gabriel said. "You'll keep the hail to a minimum, right?"

"With the storm system we're stirring up, hail is unavoidable, as are tornadoes." Raphael answered. "I cannot prevent the hail from falling but I can keep the size of the hailstones down to a minimum. You just keep the tornadoes under control. It would be a waste to go through all of this work only to have the town destroyed by a force of nature."

"Uriel and Castiel will protect the town from damage." Gabriel said.

The sound of feathers and waves of angry grace behind the two archangels let them know that they were no longer alone. Gabriel sighed and turned around to find Zachariah and Nathaniel standing behind them.

The veins in Zachariah's forehead were throbbing and the Seraph was an interesting shade of red. Nathaniel had his arms crossed over his chest and was puffed up like a blowfish which made him look like the child his vessel actually was throwing a temper tantrum.

"You have finished construction Nathaniel?" Raphael asked. "The rains will soon begin."

"No I haven't, and thanks to this dickweed I won't!" The angel huffed.

"Zachariah what is the problem?" Gabriel asked. "Nathaniel was given a task by us, you know that and you still interfere?"

"He's destroying our father's throne!" Zachariah yelled. "I found him with his fellow builders taking stones from the summit of the throne! Our father's seat has been dismantled!"

Gabriel and Raphael both looked at the younger seraph in alarm.

"Peace be unto you elders." Nathaniel quickly said. "Yes, we have dismantled the seat of the throne. But with good reason."

"See! I told you!" Zachariah interrupted.

"What possible reason could you have for dismantling his throne?" Gabriel asked waving his hand and striking Zachariah silent as he started to interrupt again.

"You impressed upon me that the waters in this culvert must be holy water and that it is a hell knight you deal with." Nathaniel said. "Our father has sat upon his throne countless times It has been blessed to offer him ease and it is a part of the very fabric of heaven itself. We would place the stones at intervals along the culvert and add the blessing of our father to what we have built."

"An interesting realization." Raphael said. "But it still leaves our father without a throne."

"But not for long. Upon completion of this culvert, we will build him anew throne. Several of the greatest architects who ever lived now collaborate to design a replacement." Nathaniel said. "I tried to tell this jackass but he wouldn't listen. He has taken my entire crew and confined them and we are quickly falling behind schedule."

"Zachariah, you will release Nathaniel's workers and you and your underlings will work with them to make up the time that they have lost." Gabriel ordered. "Nathaniel and his crew are skilled workers you don't possess those skills, but I figure even you can handle the menial labor of transporting the building materials. Now get to work."

"Michael will hear of this, this outrage!" Zachariah sputtered.

"If Gabriel's solution does not satisfy you then perhaps you would prefer that we confine you and place a more obedient seraph from among you assistants in your place?" Raphael asked. "I am sure that Michael will totally ignore the fact that you have halted work which he has ordered completed to rescind our judgment and praise you for once again interfering with the orders of an Archangel."

Zachariah lowered his head and mumbled his agreement.

"Oh Zach, you might want to get out of that suit. I understand it's not exactly comfortable attire for menial labor." Gabriel shooed the two angels off then turned to Raphael "If you weren't just as prissy as Michael, I'd give you a high five right now."

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