When Angels Fall

Chapter 97

Lebanon Kansas City Hall had become one of the major shelters since the demons had descended on the town. With the help of the angels (and weren't the religious leaders of the town taking every opportunity to say 'I told you so' over that one) the citizens still free of possession had been gathered in the municipal complex. Another group of the un-possessed were also safely gathered in the community hospital.

"We will do what we can to prevent damage to your town but we cannot protect all you have built." Castiel explained "You will suffer storm damage. Our priority will be the designated shelters."

"But you are angels." Father Ambrose spoke up. "God's messengers and helpers."

"What we do here is of our own design. Our father has long since lost interest in this world." Uriel said.

"What he means is that Father has created us and charged us with caring for this world in his absence." Castiel said using one of his unseen wings to smack Uriel in the back of the head. "But you must understand that this storm is not a storm, it is the destructive will of the four Archangels. However, the end result will be a benefit to you."

"Understand that the severity of this storm has not been witnessed by human eyes since the drunkard built his ark." Uriel said "Remain inside until we come to you. If you have need of anything before then, pray to us and we will provide it."

"You call Noah a drunkard?" Father Ambrose asked, offended.

"It is well known in heaven that Noah was overly fond of his wine." Castiel deadpanned.

Gordon Walker was an accomplished hunter in life. Then he became a vampire. Vampires were also accomplished hunters so this made Gordon doubly lethal and the former hunter was well aware of that fact. So he quickly picked up on the fact that he was being stalked.

Most people finding out that they had picked up a tail became uneasy but not Gordon. He found himself eager to face whoever it was that thought to turn him into prey. He however made an assumption and that would be his undoing. He assumed that the person or persons following him answered to the name Winchester.

Sam and Dean Winchester. Gordon had a certain respect for Dean. Dean had the heart of a hunter, he saw his prey for what it was. Sam was tainted, a monster himself. But Sam was also manipulative, like any demon Sam used those around him for his own purpose.

He had used innocent civilians, the state police once before knowing that Gordon would not attack a human. Gordon was not the same being that once thought all humans must be protected. Gordon now accepted the idea of collateral damage and he would kill any human who got in his way. Maybe it was the demonic side of him that made him now focus solely on his goal.

Gordon stopped and looked around the swampland. This was home to him now. When Sam Winchester had managed to get the better of vampire Gordon, he had ended up in a place similar to this. The terrain would give him no problem; Sam Winchester on the other hand, was not versed in hunting in such a hostile environment. Gordon found a spot off the path so he could hide and ambush the being doggedly following him.

The Gemini smiled as the demon stopped. If it had been anyone save The Gemini following him, the demon's choice would have been a guarantee of victory. The three beings that now made up the Gemini stopped and each moved independently to a different location.

The Gemini with the 'Thing One' tattoo began moving along the path towards Gordon Walker making just enough noise to give the impression that he was being cautious, knowing the demon was under the impression that there was nothing in this swamp more skilled at hunting than it was. It grinned a toothy smile when the demon leapt from its hiding place to plunge a large knife in its back.

The remaining Gemini watched as the demon wiped the blade of the knife on Thing One's shirt and then got up to run off deeper into the swamp. The two stood quietly as two more Thing one's stood up and joined them, the four Gemini following the careless trail left by a demon that falsely believed it had vanquished its foe.

The humans in the bunker sat at the large conference room table watching television. Unfortunately the only thing on was the news. Or rather, news about the weather. The storm that was now making it's way inland from the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula had already spawned several major tornadoes and dumped 10 inches of rain on everything in it's path. And that monster storm was heading straight for Lebanon Kansas.

"At least there aren't any fatalities." Kevin said.

"That would be because we have garrisons of angels out trying to protect the innocent." Balthazar said as he appeared in a chair at the far end of the table.

"So why aren't you out with them?" Dean asked.

"Because someone had to handle Winchester babysitting duty and I drew the short straw." Balthazar explained. "And why are you watching this?"

"Because it's the only thing on." Sam said. "It's not like we have cable."

"Well that is easily fixed." Balthazar waved his hand and suddenly Dean was onscreen closing the door to a refrigerator before he turned to look happily on a sandwich that would have made Dagwood Bumstead proud at how high the ingredients had been stacked.

"I'm going to need a bigger mouth." The onscreen Dean noted just seconds before the soundtrack erupted in applause as Sam came through the door onscreen.

"No!" Sam and Dean both yelled in unison.

"Oh alright, then how about this instead." Balthazar asked flipping the channel to a shot of Dean driving the Impala that sported a red LED light dancing in the front grill while Knight Rider-esque music played in the background and a title flashed on screen that read "Sampala Chronicles starring Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester as Sampala."

"Just kill me now." Sam groaned.

Abaddon was many things but stupid was not one of them. This 'storm' carried all the earmarks of angelic interference. Archangelic interference. No seraph was powerful enough to interrupt the predesigned weather patterns that God himself had put in place.

The four self righteous pricks were flexing their muscle. Evidently Disneyworld was not enough of a message to make an impression. Abaddon would need to send a much clearer message this time. She grabbed a random Demon. "Where are Gordon Walker and Ava?"

"Gordon has not returned yet from Florida. Ava I have not laid eyes on since she went for a walk yesterday." The demon answered.

"Find them and send them to me." Abaddon ordered.

"I will do my best." The demon said.

"I don't want your best, I want you to do as I have ordered, now!" Abaddon snarled. "The two had best be standing before me within the next hour or there would be hell to pay. For all of you!"

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