When Angels Fall

Chapter 98

"Come on lets put a spring in our step!" Nathaniel yelled. "We quickly run out of time here. Look to the skies. The clouds blot out the sun and cast darkness upon the land. Our older brothers will not stay their hand for much longer."

"I still don't know why we are paying such disrespect to our father's throne." Zachariah complained "The very stones that Father rested upon cast down into the mud."

"The fact that father plunked his divine arse down upon them is the very reason we place them here you fool!" one of the 'foremen' for lack of a better word said as he gave Zachariah a push toward the pile of stones yet to be placed. "Father's holy arse blessed these stones and they now line the culvert surrounding this town. When the rains start they will fill these trenches and the blessings of our father will be transferred to the waters within."

"No demon will consider crossing this barrier." Nathaniel said. "Now get to work Zachariah. The rain is starting!" Nathaniel said as fat raindrops began to fall from the sky."

Horton the cupid suddenly appeared next to Nathaniel. "Brother!" The cupid grabbed heavens builder in a hug lifting the vessel completely off his feet. "Gabriel says to tell you that this is just the leading edge of the storm. The rains will arrive full force within the hour."

"Thank you Horton. Balthazar went to stand guard over the Men of Letters. Would you mind informing him that we are almost finished and will check in with him when we are done here?" Nathaniel asked.

"It would be my pleasure brother." The cupid said as he tried to stifle a grin at the sight of Zachariah sweaty and filthy straining to position a large stone slab in the bottom of the culvert. "I'm sure that he will be interested in how diligently Brother Zachariah is applying himself to completing this project."

Gordon Walker hadn't felt fear for long time and he refused to feel it now. He was a hunter, a predator; and whatever manner of creature this was, it could be killed. Gordon just had to figure out how.

He had stabbed it in the back and left it for dead and yet less than an hour later the thing had risen up from the waters of the bayou not two feet in front of him. That time Gordon had shot it and watched as it fell back and sank beneath the surface.

He hadn't hung around after that. Perhaps he should have. He would have seen the two being slog their way to the bank unconcerned over the water dripping from their clothes as they joined the other three in following Gordon's trail.

The creatures continued on the path for a while longer before the group split off in different directions. Each following a path until one of them heard the sounds of the demon making his way through the swamp. Having located their prey they all began to converge on the spot where Gordon Walker could be found.

Gordon was wary now. He was listening closely to the sounds of the swamp but he was not yet panicking. He listened to the sounds around him and hearing a sound that did not belong to the swamp, he spun around in time to meet the Gemini's charge. The creature was swift and agile.

Gemini let his eyes bore into the former hunter's. "Gordon Walker, We meet finally." It said.

Gordon hid his surprise. The thing knew who he was. "So you know the name of the man who is going to kill you." Gordon shifted his grip on his knife.

"You have killed me and yet here I stand." Gemini said. "This meeting is long overdue. You are prey and you have been since the moment you set foot in my domain."

"No," Gordon said as he struck out with his knife severing the creature's head. "You're the prey." Gordon said as the thing fell to the ground.

"Am I?" A voice questioned from behind. Gordon spun to find another creature standing behind him exactly like the one who was on the ground. Gordon spun around to look and saw two more approaching and the one on the ground was forming into two separate but identical creatures. Two more were approaching him from each side.

"What the fuck are you?" Gordon demanded.

"The Winchesters call me a Jefferson Starship, but you can call me…Gemini" They all said at the same time as they lunged forward.

Gabriel grinned as another demon ran blindly in his direction. The rain was causing flash flooding and in places the water overran the culverts built by Nathaniel. The demons were panicking as the water levels rose and even a small puddle would begin to boil when it touched the flesh of a demon.

Gabriel took flight and landed right in front of the terrified demon who impaled itself on the point of his sword. "Wow! You guys are literally dying to get away aren't you?" Gabriel said as he pulled his sword from the now smoking carcass.

"What has gotten into them?" Michael said as another demon fell at his feet. "They are lining up to be smote."

"Yeah, I know I made them stupid." Lucifer noted. "But I didn't make them suicidal."

"This is Nathaniel's work." Raphael commented. "The waters of the culvert carry a higher blessing than we could ever bestow."

"The only way the water could have higher blessing is if father…" Michael started.

"Yeah but not how you're thinking Mikey." Gabriel said reaching out and smiting another demon. "Nathaniel placed the marble stones from Father's throne all along the culvert."

"He what?!" Michael roared.

"Relax Michael, it's not like the old man has been using his easy chair lately." Lucifer said. "Although I have to wonder, where did this streak of inventiveness come from?"

"He spent quite some time with your vessel, Lucifer. I believe a bit of Sam Winchester may have rubbed off on him." Raphael said as he smote another demon. "This is ridiculous! I'm a healer and my body count is as high as Michael's. and through no more than their stupidity. Has Abaddon lost all sense of strategy?"

"I believe that this," Michael gestured to another burnt out demon at his feet, "Is cannon fodder meant to wear us down."

"Thanks to Nathaniel, they're not even a good warm up." Gabriel said.

Michael lazily swung his sword decapitating another Demon. "Tell me Gabriel, how is it that you are so well informed of what is happening here?"

"Well it could be because Raphael and I knew what Nathaniel was up to?" Gabriel said cautiously.

"What? You knew that Nathaniel was destroying Father's throne to use as a 'building project'?" Michael demanded.

"Yeah, thanks to Zachariah. And well Raphael and I sort of gave Nathaniel the green light to finish tearing down Dad's throne." Gabriel said.

"And we ordered the pompous ass to work under Nathaniel's direction to make up the time that he caused Nathaniel to lose." Raphael said. "Zachariah too often acts with authority he has no right to claim. He needed to be put in his place." Raphael said stubbornly. "When this is over if you wish to yell at us about it fine, But neither of us will apologize for our decision."

"I don't think Michael has a problem with you putting Zachariah in his place." Lucifer said. "I believe his concern is the fact that Father's throne has been dismantled."

"Oh chill out and smite some demons Mikey." Gabriel said. "Nathaniel couldn't exactly build the new throne that has been designed for Dad with that old relic in the way. Nathaniel was just recycling the old one."

"Your ability to spin a line of bullshit never ceases to amaze me." Michael said.

"Yeah I am good at baffling people with bullshit but in this case it's true." Gabriel agreed. "Nathaniel is building Daddy-o a new throne."

"Anyone else notice we've run out of demons besides me?" Lucifer asked as he wiped off his sword and slid it in the scabbard.

Michael looked around at the dozens of corpses littering the ground. "I guess the hell bitch ran out of cannon fodder."

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