Out of Space Potter


James and Sirius wanted to help Harry even after their deaths. What did they do? They bought him a spaceship. Crossover between Harry Potter and Firefly

Fantasy / Scifi
Stormy Lee
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The Stars are Shining

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AUTHOR'S NOTE – This story is dedicated to my mom and dad who have supported me in everything that I wish to do in life. This story is also dedicated to Sean Maher who inspired me to write this story.

Chapter 1 – The Stars are Shining Bright

Harry waited patiently for things to get started. He knew that the reading of the will was due to happen any day. Fred and George had come to his house a few days prior with a warning for him. He sat down in frustration as he knew it would do no good to continue wearing a hole in the carpet. Petunia and Vernon seemed to be smart enough to leave Harry alone. Apparently whatever Moody and Remus told them finally sank in. Harry offered to continue to work in the gardens so that he could have something to occupy his thoughts and time. Petunia graciously gave him a garden allowance to help with the project. Never let it be said that she didn't enjoy having the best garden on the street. Harry sat there and stared out of the window remembering what the twins had told him.

"We overheard some things that you might want to know," said George with more seriousness than the twins had ever displayed before. "There are plans in the works that will actually cause you more harm than it will good. We overheard mum and Dumbledore talking about stopping you from attending the reading of Sirius' will. They don't want you to know what it says."

"Why would they do that?" he asked. "They know that he was my godfather. I would assume that he left me everything that he owned as he already told me that he made me his heir. I have no doubt that he left stuff for everyone else, but what would be the point of Dumbledore trying to stop me from going? None of this makes sense."

"He wants access to all of your money," said Fred gravely. "He stated that he already controls the Potter accounts. Now he wants to control the Black accounts as well. He told mum that she and Ginny would get paid if they kept you occupied for the next school term. Once the reading of the will is done, they will move you to the Burrow where mum is supposed to start getting you to be with Ginny. Ron is working on getting some of your possessions from you so that he can feel important about himself. I would imagine that he will attempt to steal your cloak and your map."

"Now, we know that you bat for the same team, so somewhere, someone is trying to harm you," stated Fred. "We don't want to see you strapped to our greedy little sister. They may be family, but what we understood doesn't look too good for you my little brother. We have to work with some other people to make sure that you are safe from all forms of harm be it physical or magical."

"No offense guys, but half of your family is seriously fucked up," stated Harry with cold, hard eyes. "Why would they want to hurt me? I would be more than happy to give them some money if they really need it. I may not have much in my vault, but I have always been willing to share. There is no reason to try and steal it from me. You know that I'm very generous with what I own."

"That vault is only your trust vault," said Severus coming in. "Good afternoon boys. Sorry to startle you, but I was in the area and overheard what Harry said as I was coming up. Your family is very wealthy. The Potter family is probably the oldest family of the British Isles. I have no doubt that, somewhere along the way, the will of your parents was sealed and not given to you. By now, you should have come into your full inheritance. Being the last of the Potters, you should have had some access to your family vaults already. Now that you are sixteen, you should have complete access to ALL of your vaults."

"I don't understand why people insist on hiding things from me," hissed Harry in annoyance. "I know you did what you did to protect me Severus. I'm not angry at you. You did what mum and dad asked you too. Even Sirius knew what was going on and acted accordingly. What is it about me that seem to cause Dumbledore, and certain members of other families, to act like they have no brains in their head? We have him that acts like he lost his mind and is acting like a thief. We have Molly, Ginny, and Ronald acting like they should be made into kings and queens at my expense. We have Malfoy that acts like I'm the worst thing to walk the planet. We even have the Dark Lord that tries to kill me on a yearly basis. I'm starting to get sick and tired of people putting me down and making me feel inferior or stupid."

"Then don't do it," interrupted George with compassion catching Harry off guard. "We three have watched you closely since you came to Hogwarts. We know what has been going on as we are more than we let on. We are just as disgusted by some of this as you are. We want to help you as best that we can. You just have to learn to put your foot down and make your voice heard. You have more allies than you realize. There are people out there that actually care about Harry and not the fame that goes with it. The three of us are just SOME of them."

"In a couple days, the reading of the will of Sirius will take place," said Severus entering the conversation again. "I have talked with the goblins on your behalf to ensure that you get to that reading. We will work on not only letting you hear the will of your godfather, but also of your parents. If you sign this paper, I can act on your behalf. I took the liberty of going to the bank and getting the goblin in charge of your vaults to write this up for me. He said that all you have to do is sign it, and I can act as your voice should something happen."

Harry quickly took out a pen and signed his name on the document after he read it. Once he did, the parchment disappeared and a strange looking necklace appeared with a letter. Harry picked up the letter and read it out loud for the rest of the group.

Dear Lord Potter,

We at Gringotts value our top clients. In this aspect, we are working with your new proxy to assist you in getting all of your inheritances. The necklace will act as a portkey. Make sure that Severus Snape is with you at the time the portkey goes off. He and I will work on putting a stop to all schemes and irregularities that are going on with your accounts. We have been looking into your accounts and we are upset that some of your property is missing. We are already hard at work on a contingency plan that your recently departed godfather set up in case of his demise before he got cleared. You do not have to worry about any of your property from here on out. We have things set up that will assist you in your time of need. We will be bringing in a group of people that we trust to help you in your future endeavors. We have found a way for you to get away from all of this nonsense once and for all.


Ragnok Silverlance

King of the Goblin Nation of the British Isles

"Wow," said Severus in an awed voice. "It must be big if the king of the goblins is getting involved. I wonder what his plan is. There are going to be things that you will need. So depending on what's going on, depends on how much time we have to get things rolling. All supplies will need to be purchased. I have to go now as I would like to start getting needed supplies. If you give me your key, I can get you things that you will need for the future. I promise to buy what you need and nothing more."

Harry pulled out his key and was in the process of handing it to Severus when before he could do that, the key began to glow a golden color for a few moments. When the glow died, there was a second key sitting next to the first one. Severus ran his wand over it before he had a serious frown on his face.

"This key had Dumbledore's magic all over it," he stated angrily. "No doubt the old fool was able to get a copy made when he named himself your magical guardian. Not to worry though. The goblins are top at what they do. If they say that they will get your belongings back, then you need not worry. We will also ask them to do a heritage test on you to see if there are any more items you can take with you to wherever you are to go. I will be going with you so that I can act as defense for you while you learn to defend yourself better."

"We are going with you as well," said Fred while George nodded. "You are our little brother and where you go, we will follow. You have always been good to us and we will return the favor to you. We love you and that will never change. You might want to think about other people as well. There are certain people that will more than likely need your protection if they are to survive this insanity."

"I think that Neville and Luna and their families should be placed under the protection of House Potter," said Harry looking at Severus. "If you would be so kind as to speak with them, we can work to have them meet me at the bank during the reading of the wills. I'm curious as to what the goblins have planned for me. It sounds like something big. Knowing Sirius, I have no doubt that it would have both Dumbledore and the Dark Lord chewing nails in frustration. He was never one to do things half baked."

"You need to be patient," said Severus pointing a finger at Harry. "I know you want to get this over with, but we have to do things in a certain way or it could ruin all of our plans. I'll be here in the next couple of days to escort you to Gringotts. I'm sure that Chief Ragnok will give me some kind of clue as to what's going on so that I know what kind of supplies that I'm going to need. Once we have more information, we can work together to make sure we have everything that we need."

With that, Severus and the twins left. Harry sighed as he came out of his memories and once more began to pace. Time was everything right now. He called Dobby, and the two of them began to clean out the useless stuff in his trunk so that he could get some more stuff for his future. He made a list of things that he wanted and sent the elf off with the list. He hoped that it would be enough. However, he knew that until they learned what it was that Sirius set up, that they could never be truly prepared.

"Master Harry," said Dobby as he popped back in with the supplies. "The man at the bookstore knew what books the professors would want people to get for their next year. We don't know what your OWL scores are yet, so I took the liberty of getting you a copy of everything that the professors would want you to have. I also took the liberty of buying you a better trunk."

"I can see that you have been studying again," said Harry with a grin. "Your speech has improved to the point that it's perfect. You didn't stutter or use the wrong verb the entire time that you have been talking. How is Winky? Is she doing well? I wanted her to be part of my family also."

"The bond is already switched Master Harry," said Dobby. "Right now, she is working on a few things that you will need done. I can only tell you so much as Chief Ragnok said that we elves are better at hiding what we are doing than humans. Master Severus said to tell you that he has talked with the Longbottoms and Lovegoods and both families will meet you tomorrow at the bank. They want to be under the Potter-Black banner and they are willing to work with you to see to it that you have a better life than what you have had so far."

"There has to be something that I can do to ensure that I can be my own person once this is all said and done," stated Harry. "I'm so tired of people trying to use me, rule me, or otherwise harm me. Why can't I just be left alone? Is it so hard for people to understand that I am still a person who wants to do things like live and love? I just want to be a person instead of something that everyone expects to save them when they refuse to do it themselves and then blame me when the going gets tough."

"Something tells me that you will get it before long," said Dobby sounding both cunning and ominous. "If the goblins have anything to say about it, you will be well on your way to getting your life back into your control instead of everyone else's. You only have until tomorrow to wait. Things will get better. You have me and Winky to help you not to mention people like Master Severus and the twins. We all want what is best for you."

"I still can't get over Severus telling me that all he did to me over the years was on the wishes of my mother," said Harry. "She apparently sent him a letter asking him to make sure that he trained me to be able to be a strong individual. He even stated that my dad knew that he would be a good person to do the job. I thought they hated each other. Apparently, they didn't hate each other as much as I was told. They even became friends and a plan was made."

"Master Severus is only doing what he was asked to do," reminded Dobby. "He is skilled in many forms of magic, both light and dark, and he won't hesitate to use that to protect you from anyone that wishes to harm you. Winky and I will do the same thing for you now that we are your elves. The twins are with you all the way and can make sure that your back is covered. Please keep in mind that even though you don't like to show it, you are an intelligent person with ideas that are sound. You will be able to rise to the top without having to work too hard to get it. All you have to do is have confidence in yourself."

With that, Dobby and Harry got busy organizing his trunk. Everything was packed neatly and orderly. Harry was amazed at the new trunk. The drawers were built in to hold things like his ink pens and folders. Harry was tired of using the traditional Hogwarts methods of writing. He invested in a load of muggle supplies to help him with his studies.

Vernon and Petunia were watching Harry in a peculiar way the entire day. Whenever he left his room, the two would stare at him like he was deformed or something. Being used to animosity, Harry just ignored them. He made himself some dinner and ate quietly. When he was done, he cleaned up his mess and headed towards the den. Once there, he withdrew an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Petunia.

"Once I leave here tomorrow, I will never be coming back," he told them. "Consider what's in that envelope as a way of telling you that despite your horrible treatment of me, that you are still family and I wanted to do something nice for you. Don't expect me to ever do it again. As of tomorrow, you are all on your own. Once I'm gone, the wards will fall and your lives will be in danger. I suggest that you use what I have just given you and move away."

With that, he went up to his room and retired for the evening to read and relax. Downstairs, Petunia opened the envelope and was astonished to see a check for fifty thousand pounds in it along with a note and some documents.


I did some looking around and made some enquiries. It seems that my family is more generous than you lot let on. The house you are in is MINE. You were supposed to take care of it and me. I was never supposed to come to you, but it happened. You ended up using my property as a way to punish me. I signed the papers and have turned over the deed to you. Sell the house and combine the money with what I gave you. I suggest that you leave after that. I want Vernon away from Grunnings. Yes, I know all about how I'm the owner of that company. Move away and get yourselves a new identity and a new life. This is the only help I'm willing to give.

Good riddance,

Harry Evans-Potter-Black

Petunia and Vernon sat there and made some plans from that moment. They knew that Harry was right. The letter that Dumbledore left stated that so long as Harry called the house home that they would be protected from the Dark Lord and his minions. They knew that they had to leave and soon. Once Harry was gone, things could and would get nasty quickly.

The next morning, Severus and the twins appeared in Harry's room. After a quick greeting, the twins mentioned that they would meet Harry at the bank as they were summoned by the goblins to attend the reading of the will as well. Severus shrunk his trunk for him, and with a smile, he walked over and handed it to him.

"For now, keep this on you at all times," he said. "Dobby knew what he was doing when he bought you that trunk. It will hold more than enough supplies to get us started wherever we end up. I have made some purchases for us. I used half your money and half of my own. I had the twins buy some stuff as well using their money. We will be set. The Longbottoms and Lovegoods will meet us at the bank in about ten minutes. Everyone is pretty much waiting on you. So when you are ready, we can leave. Hedwig can just meet us at the bank. Chief Ragnok will make sure she is safe and healthy upon arrival."

Harry nodded and looked at the owl. She hooted in agreement and flew out of the window. Harry stood there and watched her until he couldn't see her anymore. With a deep breath, he moved towards Severus and pulled out the portkey. Without saying a word, Severus wrapped his arms around Harry and the two activated the portkey and left Privet Drive.

Upon landing, they were met by a phalanx of goblin warriors who quickly escorted them to safety. Harry and Severus were led to a plush room where they spotted a regal looking goblin sitting at a table waiting for him. In the room, Fred, George, Augusta, Neville, Luna, and Xeno were sitting on one side while Remus, Hagrid, Andromeda, Tonks, and the Malfoys were sitting on the other. Severus directed Harry to the chair nearest Ragnok and then sat in an empty chair behind him to wait. Soon Hedwig flew in and perched herself on the chair Harry was sitting in.

"As there is animosity between the Malfoys and Mr. Potter, I will warn you that Mr. Potter is here by MY safety and my sanctity," said Ragnok. "If ANYONE does anything to try and harm Lord Potter, then you will wish to whomever you pray to that you live to tell the tale. Should anyone in this room attack Lord Potter, your vaults will be taken from you and will be divided between him and the goblin nation as a whole and you will be banned from the bank. We are just waiting for the rest of the Weasleys and certain people from Hogwarts to arrive before we start."

Before he got to say anything else and before anyone else got to say anything in return, there was a knock on the door. Ragnok signaled one of the warriors to open the door and there stood Dumbledore, McGonagall, and the rest of the Weasley family. Hermione walked in shortly after and at seeing the heavily armed goblins, didn't even bother to say anything. She just sat at her allocated spot and didn't speak at all.

"We are here today to read the will of Sirius Black," said Ragnok before Dumbledore could protest Harry's presence. "Due to Harry Potter being the named Heir of the Black family, there is NOTHING you can do to prevent him from coming here today Dumbledore. Like I told the Malfoys, if anyone threatens MY client in any way, shape, or form, it will be the last thing that you ever do. So my advice is to sit down in your chairs, shut your mouths, and open your ears. You are here to listen, and NOT, make demands on people you have absolutely any right to make demands of."

"I do have one question for you Chief Ragnok," said Dumbledore to the annoyance of the goblins in the room. "Is there a reason that you have sent a squadron into Hogwarts to start removing items from the castle? That is a serious breach of etiquette, and I must insist that you return those items immediately. They belong to the school and should not be off the premises."

Ragnok didn't even bother giving Dumbledore an answer. He was busy staring at the door as if waiting for more people to show up. Dumbledore seethed in anger and made to make another comment, but at a poke with a sword in his side, he wisely shut his mouth and waited in angry silence. Another knock on the door saw Madam Bones, Rufus Scrimgeour, and Cornelius Fudge enter the room followed by Dolores Umbridge. Ragnok frowned at seeing Dolores there, but said nothing.

"Now that everyone is here, we can begin with everything that needs to be taken care of," said Ragnok. "I will remind you all once more to NOT cause any problems or you risk losing what you may or may not get from the deceased. The members of the Ministry are here to act as witness to the events taking place today. Madam Bones is here as co witness along with myself of these proceedings. Due to the delicacy of the situation, she has the utmost authority amongst the Ministry personnel today. Yes, that means she has more authority here today than the Minister and Chief Warlock. This was decided by all who feel that it is necessary to have Lord Potter under as many safety conditions as we can give to him."

"When the reading of the will of Sirius Black is done, we will ask certain people to leave," said Griphook taking over. "You will do so of your own violation, or be fined for a transgression should we have to make you. You will NOT make any outbursts or rude remarks because you don't like what the deceased had to say. Consider this your ONLY warning."

"Who are you to tell us what to do?" hissed Dolores in anger. "Many of us are purebloods in this room and we are NOT yours to make demands of. We are the Ministry of Magic and what WE say goes. You would do well to remember your place goblin. We are you superiors and what we want is what will happen."

Dolores was smacked behind the head with a sword hard enough for her to see stars. The goblins present as well as many of the people who were on Harry's side were appalled to hear the toad of a woman demand things from the King of the Goblins and his minions. Ragnok didn't speak yet due to trying to contain his anger.

"For your disrespect, we will be removing half of the funds from your vaults," stated Ragnok in a tone that brooked no argument. "For your demands, you will be arrested and spend a time in our prisons until you realize that we are NOT your inferiors. It is YOU that is inferior to us. You should count your lucky stars that we don't have you beheaded right here and now. We have no time for people like you coming in here and telling us how to do our business. The treaties and laws state that what happens in Gringotts is done by OUR laws. WE are the ones in charge here and your pureblood can spill just as easily as anyone else's. Now, you will surrender your wand to Madam Bones and from there, you will begin your two month sentence. That should teach you SOME manners."

Amelia stood and took Dolores' wand from here without even waiting for the witch to surrender it. She was sitting there with a mix of fury and annoyance written on her face at the gall of the uptight toad of a woman. She briefly wondered if the woman had a death wish. Not only had she terrorized students at the school, but now she was making threats to the leaders of the goblin clans. That she was even here without an invitation had already set Amelia's nerves on edge.

"How annoying can one toad get?" asked Harry as the woman was led away. "She doesn't have any intelligence in that head of hers does she? I know I heard the King of the goblins say that they were in charge. She has got to be one of the stupidest people that I have ever had the displeasure of meeting in my life. To be perfectly honest, she had better NEVER try that shit with me. She has already put me through too much in her short stint at being in Hogwarts. If I ever DO meet her out in public, I will beat the living hell out of her and not even think twice about it."

"Why?" deadpanned Lucius. "What has she done that has you so against a woman of her rank and prestige? She is a model person of our society. She has a nice background that goes with her rank and prestige. She is what all members of the Ministry should be like. So once more, I ask you what has she done to anger you so?"

"Oh let's see," answered Harry sarcastically. "She decided to NOT teach us DADA. You can ask your son for verification of that fact. She used a Blood Quill on people she didn't like as a form of punishment. You can see evidence of that on the back of my hand. She allowed certain students to have more authority in the castle than the professors did. You can ask your son about that as well. She tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on me at the end of the school year when the Headmaster ran away from the school instead of standing up for what was right. Do I really need to go on?"

"No you don't," stated Narcissa glaring at her husband and son. "We will be speaking about this when we get home son. I raised you better than that. You should not have followed that woman in her bidding. I am VERY disappointed in you for that. We do NOT do that to anyone even if you dislike the person. If you even think of trying to stop me Lucius, I will hex you into pieces."

"Shall we get on with the reading of the will now?" asked Griphook when everyone settled down. "The sooner we get that done, the sooner we can get other things done. I'm sure that Lord Potter has other things that he would enjoy doing with his time."

Everyone nodded at that statement. Ginny grinned in delight at hearing Harry being called Lord Potter. She was anticipating the time when she could tell Harry that she was going to be his wife and that she would have just as much say so in his vaults as he did. Ron was also grinning at the fact that Sirius would make him wealthy. He knew that his mother and Dumbledore made sure that most of the Black family fortune was turned over to the Weasley family. Griphook looked around and opened a file and began to read.

This is the last will and testament of Sirius Orion Black

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and body herby bequeath the following upon the untimely event of my death:

To Remus Lupin: I give to you, one hundred thousand galleons. I hope this money will help you in making your life a little easier to live with.

To Fred and George Weasley: I give to each of you, fifty thousand galleons. I also hope that the two of you will continue to stand with Harry against all of the diversity that comes his way.

To Rubeus Hagrid: I give you back Buckbeak. As he is an innocent creature, he should be returned to you so that he doesn't have to live in captivity.

To Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood: I leave each of you with ten thousand galleons. I also leave to you my sincerest thanks for being such good friends of my godson. He has never once spoken anything but high praises for each of you. He loves you like the siblings he never had.

This caused both Augusta and Xeno to give brilliant smiles to Harry. Harry, in turn, went a deep red and shrugged his shoulders with embarrassment at the praise given.

To Narcissa Malfoy: I give you your freedom. I am hereby annulling your marriage to Lucius Malfoy and reclaiming the dowry given for your wedding. Said dowry will be put into a vault under the name of Narcissa Black.

To Draco and Lucius Malfoy: I leave some words of wisdom to you both. Stop following the half blood. All that will do is get you arrested or killed. Draco, you are hereby dismissed from the Black Family tree along with Bellatrix Lestrange. All monies that the two of you have received from the Black family fortune will be removed from you and given back to the Black family.

Draco went to protest, but at a stern look from his mother and the King of the goblins he sat back and didn't put forth the words threatening to explode. He was under the current mindset that a half-blood had taken away his money. He knew that Black would leave everything to Potter.

To Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks: I hereby reinstate you to the Black Family tree and leave you fifty thousand galleons each. Family should stick together no matter what happens.

To Ginevra Weasley: I hereby void your marriage contract to Harry. It is illegal to set up a betrothal contract with someone who is not the legal guardian of the minor in question. Therefore, your dreams of becoming the next Mrs. Potter is no longer to be a dream. The fact that you have some similarities in looks to Harry's mother doesn't mean he should marry you. You aren't his type anyway. Add in that you are just like your mother in attitude, and you will make some man very unhappy. That man will NOT be my godson.

Harry sat there smirking. He had told Sirius that he preferred the same gender as him. Obviously Sirius had told no one about this. Ginny sat there fuming in her seat as was Albus and Molly. Fred and George were busy laughing quietly in the corner near Harry. They also knew that Harry was gay. Ginny went to make a loud retort and was silenced by a goblin finger pointed in her face.

"YOU WILL SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" snapped Griphook. "I will NOT tell you again." From there, Griphook looked back at the paper and began to read again.

To Ronald Weasley: You are loud, crude, rude, gluttonous, and someone who doesn't think before he speaks. You hate Harry because he has money. You want what he has. Your part in this reading is a question. Do you think that Harry would prefer the money or would he rather have the family life that you have? You think about that. Before you get jealous, you will NOT be getting any of the Black Family money.

To Molly Weasley: You are not Harry's mother. You claim you care for him, but in fact, you have been plotting with Dumbledore behind everyone's back to attempt to get your claws on Harry's money. You even treated me like I was a naughty child that HAD to do what you said even when you were living in my home. In this life, there are those that should be in control. You are not one of those people. If you were my wife, I would have had your mouth sealed shut a long time ago and your mind obliviated. You are a danger to yourself and all of those in your care.

To Arthur Weasley: I leave you five thousand galleons. I suggest that you go to St. Mungo's and get yourself checked for spell damage and potion usage. I often wondered why you never told your wife to shut up and sit down. Ask Severus Snape to check you if you would prefer. If anyone would know if someone is under the influence of a potion it would be him. He is a Master of his field and I trust him explicitly.

To Severus Snape: I leave you all of the potions ingredients in Grimmauld Place. I also leave you with ten thousand galleons to help fund your potion research. I also leave you with the job of acting as the voice of reason for Harry. He will need someone like you in his corner to watch his back. You are the only one I entrust this job too, as you have never wanted anything from him except for him to be safe. Thank you for all that you have done and will do.

To Albus Dumbledore: I suggest that you run. I have evidence that you have been taking money out of my vaults as well as the Potter family vaults. The goblins of Gringotts are friends with the Ancient and Noble houses of Potter and Black. I would imagine that you are in a deep load of shit right about now as they will give all of that evidence to Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge.

To Cornelius Fudge and Amelia Bones: I want Dumbledore and the three bad Weasleys run through the ringer. They are crooks and thieves. I have a memory that Griphook will give you that will show you that we switched secret keepers and that I didn't kill those muggles. Please clear my name and I hope that you will assist in keeping my godson away from both his muggle relatives and from those who would wish him harm in the magical world.

To Hermione Granger: I would have given you one hundred books from the Black Family library for your own. However, you decided to abandon Harry in favor of Ronald Weasley. Albus is NOT as light as you perceive him to be. It's time that you start using your so called knowledge to understand that just because certain people state things are a certain way doesn't mean they are right. However, in your own way, you have been a friend to Harry. Therefore, Severus Snape will chose fifteen books from the library that he feels you could benefit from and give them to you.

To Harry James Potter: You are a Black through and through. You have made me proud of your many accomplishments that you have made. You have walked in pain and suffering for your entire life and you still walk around in the light with a smile on your face and your head held high. Severus has told me about all of your experiences in Hogwarts. I am very proud of you. So getting to your inheritance, you are now the new Lord Black. You will get everything else that I own. The only drawback is that you inherit Kreacher as well. He isn't as mad as you think he is. Your blood is a lot more pure than he realizes. Then again, with as much as was hidden from you, I doubt you realize it either. I have Griphook and Ragnok working on something for you and a select few. Choose your crew wisely. It won't be long before you meet nine people that I met that will work with you. I love you pup. Never forget that as long as you have a memory of me that I will always be alive in your heart.

This concludes my will. If you don't like what I gave you, then it sucks to be you. If you are thinking about trying to cause trouble or to try and have this will overturned, you had better not even attempt it. Before I forget, I want Harry to be emancipated. He is the last Potter and now the new Lord Black as well. He should have been a free man at the age of eleven. Take care everyone.

With that, Griphook stopped reading and closed the file. Certain people were ready to start screaming and ranting. Dumbledore looked like he was ready to pull out his wand and start firing curses. The goblins made sure that Harry was safe and protected from anything that could happen in the room.

"There must be some kind of mistake," said Albus once he had his anger under control. "This is not the will that I watched Sirius write. Where is that will? As the Chief Warlock and the Supreme Mugwump, I demand to know what it is that you think you are pulling here. Harry Potter will return to his relative's home this instant. This is a farce and I will not tolerate the miscarriage of justice that we are being subjected to."

"Shut up Dumbledore," snapped Cornelius. "You are NOT the Chief Warlock, nor or you the Supreme Mugwump. We have found a few things that have come to our attention concerning you and your titles. It is NOT possible for one person to have the three positions that you have. You are only allowed to have ONE at most. You took oaths that stated you would work in that department as its sole figurehead. You have not lived up to any of your three oaths. In fact, you haven't even made the oaths. How you got to be all three is a mystery to me. Therefore, the only spot you hold is that of Headmaster. However, once we investigate these allegations, you may not even be that if you are found to be guilty. So sit down and stop making threats that you have no authority to make."

"Each of you that were to receive something, I just need you to sign the documents to have said items given to you," stated Griphook snapping his fingers and floating the documents to each person to sign along with something to sign with. "As for Miss Weasley, you are being given the documents that tell you that the betrothal contract between yourself and Mr. Potter has been destroyed due to it not being legitimate. Your father didn't sign the document nor did Lord Sirius Black. That by itself can have your mother and Dumbledore in prison for fraud and attempted line theft."

"The following people will leave this room so that we may cover the will of James and Lily Potter," said Ragnok looking around the room. "The Malfoy men may leave. Lady Black and the Tonks' may leave. Dumbledore and all of the Weasleys minus Fred and George may leave. Miss Granger you may also leave. Professor Snape will get you your inheritance within the next three days and have it delivered to your home. All professors of Hogwarts may leave as well. Minister, I appreciate you taking the time to be here today. I'm sure that Madam Bones will be happy to assist you with any information that you may need to know from here on out. I know you have business that you need to attend to in reference to certain Weasleys and Dumbledore. Good day to those of you who are being asked to leave."

With that, all named were kindly escorted out of the room. Those that remained were there for multiple reasons. Some were not necessarily in the need to know, but it wouldn't hurt for Harry to have allies watching his back. What the goblins had planned for Harry next would take a few people by surprise.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – What did you think? I wanted to do something different. The crew of Serenity will make their appearance in the next chapter. I hope that this story doesn't turn into a flop. Did the will sound good to everyone? I wanted to be stern but kind at the same time.

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