Out of Space Potter

Building A Planet

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Chapter 10 – Building a Planet

Harry and company bid one final farewell to Voldemort before they boarded Serenity and left earth. They knew that there would be chaos on Infinity for a while as they got the animals and other occupants situated for the six month ride back to Miranda. To his utter surprise, Hagrid, Griphook, Pinto, and a few others had already started and were making great headway in keeping everyone happy. Even the animals were settling in quickly under the gentle ministrations of the half giant. There were a few centaurs that decided to come on the trip as well. They wanted to be free of the tyranny. Magoran, Firenze, Ronan, Aphrodite, and a few others were settling in nicely with the unicorns and thestrals. There were helping Hagrid keep the animals calm.

The flying animals that were small enough to perch were in the rafters watching the scene with something akin to amusement. Those flying animals that were too large to fly were settled in their spots. Hippogriffs and other beings such as them were settling in nicely.

"The goblins are going to take the upper levels of the ship that aren't being used by anyone else," explained Griphook as he and Harry walked around the ship to help where they could. "I already have a team of goblins working on getting people's vaults cleaned up and worked with so that they are more compact and ready for usage. We used expansion charms and such so that all of their belongings are in one vault. This includes your stuff Harry. You have your things spread all over the ship when it should be safely in a vault. Once we get where we are going, we are going to immediately begin excavating vaults underground again. We want all of your treasures safe from prying eyes of those that don't live on the planet we are going to."

"Thanks Griphook," said Harry with a sigh of relief. "Just send Dobby with a letter to everyone explaining what you are doing and things will go smoothly for you. If anyone has a problem, they can talk to me about it, but I seriously doubt that anyone will say anything. You are just making sure their money is safe after all. Once we get on the planet again, we will have some major work to do. You and your family will become indispensable to me. Trying to get this many people set up will not be easy."

"Not to worry," assured Griphook smiling. "You ARE family if you care to remember and we will help you as we promised. The people here will do what they have to because each one knows that you are doing what's best for them. None of them is unintelligent. They all love you and they all work well with one another. Things will work out as they are supposed to."

Harry and company were growing a bit restless. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks became months. No one on the ship was stupid enough to think that things would get any easier. They stopped at certain planets to stock up on items, people, and other things. Thanks to the magic possessed by most of the crew, Harry and company were able to get by the Alliance easily. These stops were also valuable as the residents of Infinity were able to stretch their legs and get some much needed sightseeing in. They were also able to buy things for themselves that were not available to them on the ship.

It was a couple of months later when they were at the edge of the Reaver territory. Harry and his crew waited with baited breath while Wash and River guided the ship through the area as quickly and quietly as they could. Harry was looking at some of the ships with curiosity pondering an idea. It was how to get his idea across to the others that worried him more than the actual idea itself.

"Dobby!" he called. The little elf popped in a moment later. "Can you pop to one of those ships out there as easily as you did when you came to Malfoy Manor? I have an idea that I think you and the other elves would be delighted to help me with. However, I don't know if elves can pop across space like this."

"Absolutely," answered Dobby quickly and assuring. "We elves can pop to anything that we can see. We don't necessarily have to breathe as, unlike wizards, we don't apparate and take time to move. We just go. I can't explain it any better than that Harry. Elves pop to those calling and to places that they can see or know of. Humans have to apparate to certain places and they actually have to travel unlike popping."

"I'm wondering if we should have some of the elves pop onto the Reaver ships and set a few bombs on them," mentioned Harry as the rest of the watchers listened to him. "If we can send bombs to the ships, we can distract them easier while reducing their numbers. I hate to commit murder, but in this instance, it is necessary as they would kill us without even thinking about it. By my count, I can see at least fifty large spacecraft of the Reavers sitting in this general area alone. Can we make about five hundred bombs large enough to blow them up?"

"We can always create time released spell bombs," mentioned Narcissa while others nodded in agreement. "The Dark Lord was famous for that in the first war. He would create something similar to a muggle bomb and have certain spells in it instead. Once activated, it would do the damage that way. Placing Bombarda spells in the bombs would do the trick and we wouldn't have to waste our ammunition on the ships themselves. We could just transfigure some of the animal excrements and be done with it."

"Aunt Cissy, you are a genius," exclaimed Harry with excitement. "Remind me to give you a generous pay packet. We need as many people as possible to start transfiguring things into bombs. From there, we can have those that are good at placing the spells in them do that. From there, Dobby can select a group of elves to go and place the bombs on the ships. We can eliminate some of our opposition before we even get to the planet."

"Consider it done Harry," called Narcissa as she and Amelia stood to leave the room. "We will have it done within the next hour at most. It isn't that hard to do. From there, I will see to it that the elves pop over to those ships and place the bombs in strategic places such as engine rooms and such. That would put the ships out of commission for sure. The more we take out of use, the safer we will be in the future."

Harry grinned as he sat back in his chair. Simon kissed him on the cheek to let him know that he was proud of him for letting others do some of the work. It was a sore point for many that Harry always wanted to be in the thick of things. Making sure everyone had what they needed and rolling up his sleeves to help started to get on some of the people's nerves. It got so bad that the elves threw him out of the kitchen and told him he was no longer welcome. Grinning sheepishly, Harry left the little people to do what they loved to do best.

True to her word, Narcissa was back with about seven hundred bombs in a crate. She placed them in front of Harry and began to explain what they did. As she was doing that, others were looking on impressed. She also explained that between some of them and the Weasley Twins, the Reavers would be having loads of troubles in the future as well should they start harassing the populace of the planet.

"Some of these bombs have a Bombarda in them," she said showing him the red bombs. "The blue bombs have a Reductor Curse in them. The green bombs have a Fiendfyre spell in them. The yellow ones have a Reducio spell in them. We felt that these could be used on the engines themselves. The purple bombs have Atmospheric Charms in them to cause rain and thunderstorms. The white bombs have Aguamenti Maximus charms in them to flood everything like a tidal wave was going through it. The black bombs have acid in them that will eat through EVERYTHING. Finally, the pink bombs have samples of things like Devil's Snare, baby mandrakes, and other plants that can cause damage to them in it."

"Bella, assemble the house elves and give them a list of what you want done," instructed Harry grinning like a fool at the progress. "Make sure that they understand that they are to place the bomb and then activate the time mechanism before they are to immediately depart. I don't want to lose any elves on this mission. I would be most displeased if our elves get killed trying to help."

Nodding, the grinning witch called forth about fifty elves. She gave each elf a bomb of each color. From there, she told them exactly where they were to place the bombs. Once that was done, she gave them the activation code for the bombs before she sent them on their way. Harry gave one final instruction that the elves were to check back with him before they returned to their normal duties. He wanted to make sure that each elf got back safely.

It wasn't long before pops could be heard as the elves left. Soon enough, they came back and one by one, the ships of the Reavers started having troubles. Some of them blew up with beautiful colors while others just started to crumble from the inside out. It wasn't long before all of the elves were present and accounted for. By the time that the last of the Reaver ships started to self-destruct, Infinity made it through their ranks and was heading for the planet.

Those inside of Infinity gave a sigh of relief as they were on their way to their new home. Even some of the people they picked up from some of the planets were grinning at the success that Harry and his people had when it came to dealing with the Reavers and Alliance. Harry was sitting at his normal spot in the dining room when Amos walked in.

"Harry, I would like to help Hagrid with the animals when we start to get set up," he stated. "I did that with the Ministry before I left and I know that you and Cedric were close. It would give me something to do and still be within the knowledge and position I had on our old home world."

"Amos, you are more than welcome to do whatever you want," explained Harry. "I don't make the rules. We really don't have any rules except to help each other out. If you want to work with the animals and help Amelia get a new Ministry set up, then by all means do what you want. You have my permission to do so. There are times when I will participate, and then there are times when I will just ignore everything around me and live life. Each person was brought with me to live life. You can't always be about business and duty. You are still young enough as is Mary to have more children. If for whatever reason, you are unable, see Simon and Poppy. They would be more than willing to assist you in becoming fertile. You know Severus is the best Potion's Master that we know on any planet."

"You have given me something to think about," admitted Amos. "When you asked me and my wife to come with you, I could only beam as a friend of my son would be so willing to protect his family. Mary and I consider you like another son. Though I would imagine that, every person on this ship considers you a son or brother in some sort of way. I can't help but be happy. Thank you so much for asking us to come with you. You have saved many of us from a life that would have been hard had we stayed and become fodder for the fighting on Earth."

"Tom may have done many unspeakable things with regards to his leadership role, but never once has he not had the safety of the Wizarding World in his thoughts," said Harry quickly. "He may have gone about things in a more insane way, but his ideals were in the right spot. For too long, the non-magical world hated and prosecuted us. He wanted to make sure that all magical beings were safe. His major flaw was that he wanted to be the ruler when it was said and done. WE no longer have to worry about that. WE are able to make our lives our own. WE can do things that he can't because we trust each other and we don't give a damn who doesn't like what we do."

With that, Harry and Amos went their separate ways. Harry returned to his rooms and went to soak in a tub of scented water. Dobby and Kreacher were there to help him if he needed it. It wasn't long before Simon entered and smiled at his mate relaxing in the tub. Soon he joined Harry in the tub.

"I have been able to help Mary Diggory," he reported. "There was something slightly off with her ovaries. I had Severus brew the potion that would fix the problem. Poppy was also able to assist me with the problem. From there, I had a lesson with Minerva and Amelia. I find that I can do mild magic. We were wondering if you would take me to get a wand from where you have them secreted. It is possible that I can carry a wand and not have any troubles. Filius said that I would do well with Charms and Severus said I would do great with potions thanks to all of my Chemistry training. Though with actual spell casting, I won't be able to do anything major, just minor stuff."

Harry told Simon he would take him to get his wand tomorrow. He was about to kiss his mate passionately when Dingo appeared in the room.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Harry and Simon, but we discovered a problem that needs your attention quickly," reported the elf. "We have found unauthorized squatters in the cargo hold with the thestrals and unicorns. One of them is magical and the other two are not. We believe that they have been there this whole time hiding out and stealing food from the storage units. We were finally able to catch the witch in action and have them spelled in place in Cargo Hold One."

Sighing, Harry and Simon got out of the water and quickly dried off and got dressed. Together with the elf, they popped down to the cargo hold and saw that Hermione and her parents were there bound and silenced.

"Dingo, we need Malcolm, Severus, Amelia, and Bella here please," stated Harry staring at his once best friend. "Please release Hermione and her parents. I will deal with it from here. Let the others know where I am and that they are needed here immediately. You will probably have to pop Mal down here as he isn't magical. From there, you and Dobby can sit with us as head and assistant head elf. We want our panel here as quickly as possible."

Dingo nodded and popped away. It wasn't long before Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher popped in. Their eyes grew large when he saw Hermione sitting there. Kreacher and Winky started to get angry at their intrusion, but a gentle hand on their shoulders by Harry and Simon calmed them down. It didn't stop the elves from glaring at the trio of people though.

Soon enough the four people requested arrived. Following them, Minerva and Filius with Jayne joined the group. When they noticed Hermione and her parents sitting there, everyone started to get upset. Harry held up his hands to calm the people down.

"Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't let Bellatrix deal with you right here and now," demanded Harry. "You have stowed away on my ship, deserted the Dark Lord, stole my food and supplies, and any other thing that you have done since we left earth. You have taken the cowardly way out and have been living in filth for almost six months. Why did you not get off on one of the planets that we visited?"

"I felt that we would have been safer with you and your group," answered Hermione truthfully knowing that Harry would know anyway if she tried to lie. "I am supposed to be your best friend and you left me to be a slave to the Dark Lord. I helped you for your magical inheritance and you still left me behind when you left. How could you do that to me when I am supposed to be your friend?"

"You were NEVER my friend," hissed Harry in anger. "All I was to you was a way for you to get a good job in the Ministry. You sabotaged my essays so that you could remain the one that had the best grades of the class. You never listened to anything that I had to say as you felt that you were always right. Is that how a FRIEND is supposed to act?"

"I only did what I did because I knew better than you," she shot right back. "I made sure that you still passed all of your courses. I made sure that you made it through that stupid tournament. You owe me Harry Potter for keeping you alive all of these years."

Harry reached over and slapped her hard across the face. Dan Granger went to interfere, but Dobby snapped his fingers and pinned him to the wall with magic. Harry reached over and slapped Hermione a second time to get her to shut up and look at him.

"I don't owe you a fucking thing in this world or any other," he snapped in her face. "You don't know and damn thing if you think that you know so much better than everyone else. Even some of the professors were getting pissed off at you because you claimed to know more than them. You deserve for me to turn this ship around and to bring you right back to the Dark Lord. Once there, you would have sentenced yourself and your parents to death at best and torture unmercifully at worst. Now without insulting my intelligence further, explain to me why I should let you join my group. Be mindful in the fact that I don't want or appreciate you degrading my character or intelligence. I am both noble and smart and can easily outstrip you academically."

"We could always keep her wand and drop the three of them off at one of the planets nearby on our next trip through Reaver territory," suggested Mal. "That way, we don't have to deal with them at all. I can't believe that we didn't know that they were here this entire time. How did they hide so well when many of you that have magic?"

"For all of her boasting, the one thing she can boast about is that she learns her spells rather quickly," stated Severus answering. "She has had access to the books of the Dark Lord for the last year or more. She must have learned lots from being a pre Hogwarts teacher. She is famous for making sure she reads the books to the point that she can recite them verbatim. It also help that we weren't actually looking for foreign magic on the ship and she was able to hide here effectively. Hagrid doesn't know enough magic to detect a hidden person and the centaurs don't normally get involved in human affairs. However, Harry is right. She felt she knew more than her instructors at school. It is her major flaw in that she believes that books hold more sway than life experiences."

"What are we going to do with them?" asked Harry. "I never hated Hermione. I just didn't want to be her friend anymore as she lied to me and was hurting my grades at school by teaching me wrong information while she tutored me. However, she did stand by my side through it all and she did help me for the tournament. I just don't know what to do about this situation."

"May I say something?" asked Jean Granger quietly and hesitantly. Seeing Harry nod, she continued. "I know that Hermione did wrong, but the Dark Lord was going to kill us as a way to keep her in line. She did this to protect us. I know that doesn't give us the right to impose or to steal your food and stuff, but she did it for us to stay alive. Please show us some leniency. I beg you to let us stay with you all and work with the team. We brought all of our stuff from our dental practice. We can work as dentists again and earn a living. We just want the chance to prove that we can be useful."

"This is what we are going to do," said Minerva taking control of the situation. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger will do as she suggested. The teeth of some of the rescued people are not all that good. The elves can make them a dental room in the infirmary until we get a place set up for them on the planet. From there, Hermione will be apprenticed to both me and Bella. She will be one of the warriors of the planet. HOWEVER, she will curb her tongue and NOT act like she is the best that magic has to offer. Her intelligence will be useful in training younger witches and wizards, but she will NEVER hold a position of power."

"Let's take it one step further," stated Amelia. "If you even think about using Harry or anyone ever again to further your own aims, we will take your wand and send you to the nearest planet to make your way there ALONE. You will toe the line or I will make it so that you are either imprisoned or exiled. Do I make myself clear to you Hermione Granger? If Draco Malfoy can learn his place, then it is good enough for you to learn your place as well."

Harry stood there with his eyes glued to Hermione. She was both angry and scared at the same time. When she looked at him, he glared her into submission. She looked at the floor before she nodded her head in agreement. Harry relaxed his stance slightly and spoke in a tone that brooked no argument.

"You will work in the galley to help the elves to pay back what you stole for the next three months," he said. "From there, you will report to Minerva and Bella for your assignments. You will alternate weeks. One week you will be with one and the next you will be with the other. For now, while we get things set up on Miranda, you are to practically be a boil on Bella's ass. You will follow her instructions to the letter or you will be imprisoned by the goblins until further plans can be made for you. Let her father down and then escort the trio to a set of rooms. Make sure that they have what they need and then make sure that Hermione reports to Bella no later than tomorrow morning. For the record Hermione, I am an Arch Mage and an elemental wizard as you well know. Should you cross me, I will make sure that what the Dark Lord would have done to you will seem like a tickle."

With that being said, Dobby and Dingo escorted the three Grangers out of the cargo hold and to a suite of rooms. Harry took Simon's hand and then left as well to take him to their vault to let Simon claim a wand. Severus went with them to make sure that both young men remained calm. Harry's emotions were still tightly wound around his elemental abilities and Simon was still working on learning what he could about magic. It ended up that Simon was compatible with a wand made of Holly and unicorn mane. Harry grinned at the man and led him away to teach him what he knew of magic.

The next day, Infinity landed lightly behind their cleared out area. Bella and her group went in to make sure that the Reavers didn't get into their section while they were gone. Hours later, they came back with an all clear sign. Harry was standing there looking at the nice smaller forest that had grown in their absence. There were also fruit trees and some vegetable patches that were ready for harvesting. He knew they needed a bigger forest for the animals. With a sigh and a shrug, he and the others got to work.

Pomona and a few witches and wizards got together to plant some more trees for the forest. Hagrid already had the unicorns and other forest dwellers released into the wild. Though the forest was small, they were able to get comfortable in their new area. Harry joined Pomona and Neville in the planting and with his elemental abilities he was able to get the trees to grow faster. He talked with the centaurs and asked them to make safety trails for the humans to walk in the forest to gather supplies and such. Nodding, their four legged allies got to work. Harry found a nice clearing in the middle of the forest to create a small village for the centaurs. He used his magic to create houses and such for them to live in.

While he was doing that, Severus and his party were busy cleaning out other buildings for the people that they brought to the planet. Bill worked with the goblins to improve and create more wards to keep those inside of the new city safe from outside forces. With each new building they cleaned, wards, runes, and protective magic was instilled into the foundations. As they completed a building, people were allowed to move into them.

Griphook and his party began to create a bank for the clients of the planet. They took over one of the more sturdy buildings and were able to begin with their underground excavations while fixing up the building itself. It would take a while, but the goblins assured Harry that within a month, they would be able to begin moving the vaults from Infinity to the bank. They assured Harry that they would help by sharing any precious gems and metals they found with the humans that were assisting by sharing the food stuffs and other materials needed to the goblins.

Harry smiled as he watched his teams work seamlessly together. Every now and then, he would have to stop a small argument about how things were to be done and set up, but for the most part, they were well aware that they needed to get their lives into some kind of control and order. Harry and Simon stayed on Infinity for a while. They wanted the other people to choose their locations before they decided to set themselves up. Harry was still stubborn and wanted to help out all over the place until Bella and Minerva threatened to hex him.

Harry looked at some of the empty buildings and picked one that would work as a school. He and Severus got together and created the classrooms and offices for the instructors that were needed. While Harry was seventeen, there were still younger children that would benefit from the lessons that people like Minerva and the rest could provide.

Hermione and her parents faded into the throng of people and started to build their lives. Harry allowed them a building to get their dentistry practice set up. Hermione would work with those she was supposed to and from time to time, she would come in and assist her parents with the cleaning and set up of the practice.

Harry was standing at the top of the tallest building in the area looking down on the lay out of the area. The buildings were in a spiral pattern. He sent a quick patronus to Severus, Griphook, and Amelia. While he waited for them to arrive, he let his mind come to a spectacular conclusion as to what he could do to protect the city. From there, he contacted the Weasleys and then turned to greet his first guests.

"I just had a brilliant idea as to how we can defend the city we are growing from outside influences," stated Harry as the Weasleys popped in via apparition. "If you look down over the buildings, tell me what you see."

Harry watched as everyone looked over and gave a cursory overview of the situation on the ground level. Some of them had a confused look on their face. Severus and Griphook were quick to pick up what Harry was talking about.

"When the former residents of this planet got started, they made the buildings sit in a spiral pattern," explained Harry to the ones who didn't understand. "This will make it easier for us to build up defenses for the city itself. This building is in the direct center of the spiral. Severus and I have already begun creating a school in this building. Griphook and his family are already hauling out lots of unneeded stone from the vaults they are creating for everyone. We can use the stone to build walls around our area."

By fortifying the walls of the buildings, we can create stop points in each arc," said Severus showing them with his wand what Harry was talking about. "We can set up defense spots inside each area. Those that don't need to come to a certain area will not be able to get past a certain point. We can use spells and enchantments to prevent those that don't need to be in certain areas from gaining access to them."

The rest of the group was all interested in getting started with the project. Harry halted them in explaining that he would begin the process alone so that he could have something to do that wouldn't get in the way of everyone else.

"I'll start by making the wall surrounding this building," he explained to the group. "Everyone keeps running me away from the projects they are working on stating that it isn't necessary for me to assist. As this is my idea, I would like to work on it so that I stay out of everyone's way. I will need the assistance of two goblins and two elves. River and Inara can stay with me so that I can have someone making sure that I don't overwork myself. From there, we can make it so that the goblins can start having the stone delivered to key points around the spirals. Bill and Stonehook can come later and begin the warding process."

With a nod of agreement, everyone began to go back to what they were doing. It wasn't long before River and Inara were meeting together in front of the new school building. He quickly explained that their job was to ensure that he didn't overwork himself. He wanted them to make sure that nothing would break Harry's concentration unless one of the elves stated he was going too far.

From there, he centered and let his earth magic come to the forefront of his hands. Slowly, he pulled up with his hands and a small wall appeared around the building. Harry was smiling as he looked at his handy work. The wall was about two feet high so far. When he was done, the wall would be six feet in height and three feet wide. Slowly he let his mind and core back to what he was doing and pulled a second time. The wall rose another two feet in height. Dobby and Kreacher were watching Harry closely. The two goblins were already using their brand of magic to keep the wall stable while Harry cemented it in place. Harry let his magic flare once more and pulled for a third time. He sat down winded as the watched the wall grow the last two feet.

"That is enough for today Harry," said Dobby pointing a stern finger at him while he drank some of the water Inara handed him. "You may not realize it, but you have been working on this wall for the better part of three hours. You will cause yourself unnecessary harm and pain if you don't stop and rest for a couple of days. The goblins can make sure that the wall is finished. They just need to add their magic to it. In a few days, we will let you work with the stones that they are providing from the vaults and make the walls that way."

"Come on Harry," said Inara taking him by the arm. "Let's head to my rooms and I will give your body a massage. You need it after all of that work. Your muscles are tight and you need to ease them before you start cramping and hurting. I can fix that problem. From there, I want you to soak in a tub of hot water. I know you like certain scents. Dobby and Kreacher can make sure that your water is ready for you. Simon and Severus will want to make sure you are alright. Poppy will probably want you to take a couple of potions as well."

Smiling, Harry let the two women lead him away. True to her word, Inara had Harry relaxed and comfortable within an hour. Poppy and Simon both ran scans on his while he dozed to make sure he was alright. Both nodded their heads in agreement at his prognosis and then Simon had Dobby and Kreacher take Harry back to Infinity to their quarters to rest. Harry woke a few hours later soaking in a tub of scented water.

"Glad to see you are up," stated Simon from where he was sitting. "Poppy said that your magic was lower than normal, but nothing to be alarmed about. She agrees with Dobby that you will need to take it easy for a few days so that you don't collapse. The wall around the new school is complete. The goblins have it warded so that only teachers and children under the age of nineteen can get safely into the building. Even the Reavers won't be able to get through the barriers. They had it done about an hour ago."

"Well you won't get any argument out of me," assured Harry getting up and getting dressed. "Maybe it's time that we start looking for a place of our own here in the city. I want us to have a life outside of this ship just as much as the next person. If people like Hermione can have a house, then so can we. I just wanted everyone else to have a fair shot at what they wanted first. If push comes to shove, we can always take down some of these buildings that aren't being used and pay the goblins to build us a Manor to our liking. From there, we can always sell the other buildings to people from the outlying planets that want to move to a safer area away from both the Alliance and the Reavers."

"I have no doubt that we haven't seen the last of the Reavers or the Alliance," stated Mal coming into the room followed by Severus. "They aren't one to give up on the prize if they can. The more we can thin out their numbers, the better it will be for us. On the same note, we don't want to totally eliminate them as they do keep the Alliance on that side of the line. We are safer here from the Alliance than anywhere else."

"I'm here to tell you that many people are settling in nicely into their new homes and ways of life," said Severus. "There were a few problems, but they were handled quickly and efficiently by Amelia and Kingsley. You are one of the few that doesn't have a home yet. What are you going to do with Infinity now that we are basing a home here on Miranda?"

"We can use it to transport goods, people, and anything else we want," answered Harry waving away his concerns. "It will be plenty big enough to house hundreds of people on it comfortably. We can buy another ship like Serenity and get more people back and forth. While we have lots of magical animals running around, we still need to invest in normal animals such as pigs, horses, chickens, and other things. We want this planet to be as normal as we can get it."

"I'll get some of the crew to work on that," assured Mal. "We can get another smaller ship to help transport. It isn't like River can't fly a ship with ease. Wash can fly just about anything. I'm sure that somewhere in the last group of people that we brought here there was another mechanic. We can make a run in about a week to another planet to buy farm animals and such. The more we have, the better our food supply and self-sufficient we will be."

"I wouldn't mind a small farm of my own," said Harry with a smile. "We can get us a nice plot of land and then build some stables and such. This planet does have normal trees and such on it. There must be a way for us to build me a Manor with a farm. Simon and Poppy can always open up a small clinic. Others will want to be able to heal and such. That will be income coming in. Griphook already told me that my vault should be done soon."

"That's the other thing that I wanted to tell you," said Severus. "The vault for you and Simon is done. They are already moving your belongings into it. Once you get your home set up, they will move your possessions that you want in it to your new home. Like on our planet, the elves can get into your vault for you. We might want to go and get Remus now that we are settled. We don't even have to take Infinity if you don't want. We can always use Serenity using a small skeleton crew. Even having a few goblins on it will be nice. Just have Remus sell Potter Manor and strip it down. From there, he can collect animals and feed for them."

"I'll contact Voldemort later and tell him the plan," assured Harry. "I will also state that I won't be on the trip. I'm needed here. Mal, I want you to get a small group together of people that you trust and get ready to head to Earth. I would like for you to take at least three elves with you and five goblins. You will be on earth for about five months while the animals and such get found and brought to you. Ollivander will need to sell you as many wands with dragon cores as possible as we won't be bringing them here. Take about a million galleons with you and buy everything that you can. Hagrid needs to be on that trip. He is good at making sure that the animals are comfortable. Severus will go with you so that he can do any healing."

With that being said, the group headed out to get some things done. Harry contacted the Dark Lord and told him what he was after and what he wanted. He got assurance that the best he had would be put on the case and everything would be ready for him at Gringotts on the date of arrival. Harry also told him who was going. Voldemort even stated there were a few people he wanted to return with Harry as they were a thorn in his side and he didn't want to outright kill them. Harry agreed with that and ended the call.

Strolling along with River and Simon, Harry looked at some of the surrounding areas of where he wanted to build his home. Together, they pointed out a temporary residence and had his elves start moving his belongings into it. From there, they contracted the goblins to start tearing down some of the more dilapidated buildings and use the wood and stone from the area to start a manor for the trio. Harry spotted two people he wanted to talk to and headed in their direction.

"Fred and George, I would like a word with the two of you," he called and waited as the twins went to him. "I noticed that you guys have chosen both Luna and River as your girlfriends. I'm here to tell you that if either of you hurt either girl, you will wish that you were back with the Dark Lord. Both women are like sisters to me and I won't tolerate you hurting them. Severus has already gotten married to Kaylee. If you want to marry the girls, you may. All I'm stating is that you better take care of both or I will hunt you down and kill you myself."

"Little brother," said Fred with more seriousness than anyone had ever heard before. "I love River with all my heart. I would never do anything to harm her intentionally. I know that she will be living with you and Simon in your new house once it's built, but I can promise that you will at least have me under your eye as I intend to live with her. George feels the same way about Luna. Her father has a building for them and their paper. He will be living with them and we will just go back and forth to work."

"That's all I wanted to know," stated Harry nodding his head before adding. "Just remember my warning. Would the two of you like to join Severus in a run to Earth for supplies? You will be gone for close to a year. Luna can go with you, but I need River here. There are things that I want her to do for me as she is skilled in hand to hand combat. I have a long list of things that I need bought and Voldemort knows that we are coming. I will be staying here so that I can help get the planet growing."

When it was all said and done, Mal would be accompanied by Kaylee, Severus, George Luna, and Bellatrix. Wash and Zoe would go on the trip as they didn't want to be separated for a year. Bella was going so that she could help Severus keep Remus in a sane state of mind. The witch had really opened up and was enjoying life. Narcissa surprised everyone by asking to join the group. Harry immediately agreed provided that she kept safe and did what was told to her for her safety. Inara opted to remain behind so that she could assist the civilians. Griphook sent ten goblins and ten elves with the crew to assist them with the transport. Serenity would make it to earth a lot faster than Infinity would. Therefore, the crew would be fine on the smaller ship.

Within days, Serenity departed and Harry wished them well. He knew that this would be hard as this was the last time that they would ever go to Earth. He would miss his home, but they were building a new one where they were. There was no telling who would accompany the group back to Miranda. Time would tell. Harry would make sure that those that remained behind would have someone watching out over them at all times.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I think this is a good place as any to stop. There are time jumps as it takes about six months to get to Earth from Miranda. This will be the last trip that Harry and company ever take to earth. Next chapter is entitled Goodbye Cruel World.

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