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Goodbye Cruel World

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Chapter 11 – Goodbye Cruel World

Once Serenity left, Harry got back to work on building the defenses around the growing city. He and Simon would go out every morning and work for about an hour on the walls. Once the goblins started bringing the stones out of the ground and to the areas, the work was relatively easy for Harry to use his elemental powers to create the walls. All he had to do was to blend the stones together and make sure that they had a solid foundation to stand with. Once he had that done, others would come in and take care of the rest.

Harry noticed that he had taken a serious liking to Runes. For whatever reason, the subject seemed to come easy to him. He started working with people like Filius and Minerva in the subject as both were fairly proficient in the subject. When they didn't have time, Harry would talk with others who had taken it in school. He read all of his books on the subject and even went so far as to read Slytherin's works. Godric and Salazar were both masters in the subject and wrote their own theories and notes on how to use them effectively.

Griphook had informed Harry that they found an ore vein and were already creating iron and steel so that they could make the gates for the openings in the walls. It wasn't long before Harry had the privilege of being presented with his key for his vault. He and Simon had already moved into their temporary lodgings. Thanks to his ability to manipulate the earth and such, Harry was helping the goblins to build his manor on the edge of the forest. By creating the walls and such, the goblins could go in and with their brand of magic place the wires and pipes they needed to have plumbing and electricity added to it. It was a wonderful day when Harry and company found out how to effectively use magic and electricity together. They took what they did on Infinity and moved it to the growing city.

The school got started and when Simon wasn't healing someone, he was learning rudimentary magic from the different professors. Under Harry's watchful eyes, Hermione instructed Simon in potions and Arithmancy. Harry still didn't trust her enough to not hamper anyone's magical abilities. The Dark Lord asked that Harry just keep Hermione as he had other things to worry about. She and her parents would have been killed on sight if they returned to earth. This way, Harry had another wand and a good pair of dentists in his colony.

"Why do you insist on standing there while I teach him magic?" asked Hermione one afternoon when Harry was busy examining the potions notes that Hermione was going to use for the day. "I am more than capable of teaching him how to brew potions correctly. I don't need you to stand over my shoulder while I do this. It is both annoying and degrading."

"Let me see," mocked Harry glaring at her the entire time. Minerva and Augusta weren't far and were listening to the entire conversation. "It might have something to do with the fact that you were not teaching me properly when you were tutoring me. It might also have something to do with the fact that if you aren't the best, you do what you can to make the person feel inferior. It might also have something to do with the fact that you are a bigger perfectionist than Severus is. So don't speak to me about why I stand over your shoulder and watch as you instruct my mate in potions or anything else. Just do your damn job and be lucky that I didn't send you back to Earth and the Dark Lord."

"Why aren't you teaching me potions?" asked Simon trying to get Harry to calm down. "You help me with so many other things that pertain to magic. Why aren't you helping me with this as well? While I appreciate Filius, Pomona, and Minerva, you are just as skilled when it comes to teaching as they are. You seem to be a natural when it comes to coaching someone through trouble in a lesson. I would actually prefer it if you did teach me rather than make me nervous while she is teaching me."

"I don't fully trust myself to teach you potions," admitted Harry with a small sigh. "While Severus has made great headway with me in the subject, I don't feel comfortable teaching this particular subject. The only reason I'm letting Hermione do it is because she WAS the best in our year. While she is a bitch, she is still good at what she does. That doesn't mean I trust her, but until Severus returns, she is the best of what we have. I could have sent you to Poppy, but she is busy doing other things. Now that the hospital is set up, she is busy there making sure that everyone that lives here is healthy and whole."

"I guess that makes sense," admitted Simon. "After hearing what she did to you and others, it doesn't really surprise me that no one trusts her to tutor them. I know you have a good heart and you are trying to be civil to her, but she does need to learn that she isn't the friend she once was to you. She also has to learn that she can't just keep snapping at you whenever she feels like it. You are the leader here. There is too much animosity between you and her to be friends like you were when you were younger. At least her parents are good people and are working hard to help those that need it. I've heard nothing but good things about the parents."

"I just don't understand how she could have parents like that and be such a rotten apple," stated Harry with another sigh. "She used to be such a sweet person that was always willing to do the right thing. I think the only reason she listens to me half the time is because she is scared that Bella or one of the older witches will hex her."

"I AM standing right here you know," hissed Hermione practically spitting fire in her anger. "I can hear you just fine. You have changed Harry Potter and that isn't a compliment. You used to be such a nice and mellow person. The man standing in front of me right now is an asshole and needs to be slapped back into reality. Just because you have all this money doesn't make you better than anyone else. You are no different than anyone else and someone will need to knock you off that pedestal that you are standing on to prove it. Draco Malfoy had better manners than you do."

"How would you like a stint in prison for running your mouth?" asked Minerva coming up behind her and hitting her with a stinging hex. "You are a fugitive and you think you have the right to talk down to Harry like that. Everything that he has stated about you to his mate is the absolute truth. If you don't shut your mouth and head back to your quarters, I might just forget to pay you this month for your services. You are walking a tight rope right about now Miss Granger and you had better well remember who the boss is. If Harry has changed, it's due to having to take care of all of these people and make sure that they stay safe, alive, and in relative comfort. As much as I loathe admitting it, you are part of that equation. You had better NEVER let me hear YOU running your mouth like that to anyone else ever again. Out of everyone here, you are the lowest on the totem pole. You have NO rights at all."

With that, Minerva grabbed her by the arm and led her out of the school. She didn't want Hermione near some of the younger people. While they didn't have any young witches and wizards, the group of teachers were busy teaching the mundane people how to read, write, and many other forms of education. There were fifty families that were now on the planet not counting the original members of Infinity. Those that didn't have money for their children's tuition traded needed goods and services. The colony had small problems, but for the most part, everyone knew that Harry Potter was the leader.

Amelia and others started a small force of Aurors to keep the areas safe. They managed to stop a couple of thieves from stealing from some of the people's homes on the outskirts of the growing colony. They were currently in prison and were made to do manual labor by the goblins for their misconduct. That was how things worked. If you were caught breaking the laws that were made, you were sent to the goblin mines to work.

Griphook and company made steady headway with creating vaults. They soon had around fifty vaults set up and were making more by the week. It wasn't long before Infinity was stripped of all money and valuables and had them in the proper people's vaults. Griphook enjoyed the spot of Director and King of the Miranda goblins. He sat on the council and helped Harry, Amelia, Minerva, and others make the laws for the governing of the planet. For the first time, there were goblins, centaurs, elves, and humans on the council to help make sure everyone was safe and working together.

While Harry and company were setting up the planet, months later, Serenity made its way into the Earth's atmosphere. Once they landed, they went to the bank where they were met by Voldemort personally. It wasn't long before the two parties entered into a private room and began to speak about what was going to happen on the visit.

"We have all of the animals, plants, and such that you requested for your planet gathered," he told Severus and Mal. "I have no doubt that you will want to go shopping in the alley for supplies that we don't know about and such. There are certain people that I want you to take with you when you leave. Some of them are questionable. Therefore I want you all to be careful with some of them. Their disposal to me is due to who they are rather than what they did. I feel that they would be better watched under Harry's care rather than mine as I would just kill them and be done with it."

"Whom are we escorting to Harry on Miranda?" asked Severus in a mild tone that showed some surprise. "We will do our best to make sure that they are watched carefully. From what I saw before I left to come here Miss Granger was close to getting what the muggles call an 'ass whipping" from Harry and a few others. She still believes that she is better than he is and he is steadily putting her in her place. More than once, she ended up in the infirmary due to being hexed. I don't know why she keeps thinking that she is better than he is, but she is still trying to prove that she is."

"I have the MacMillan family, the Finch-Fletchley family, the Chang family, the Patel family, and people like Aberforth Dumbledore, Rita Skeeter, and the rest of the professors from Hogwarts ready for transport," stated Voldemort ignoring the remarks about Hermione. "I have been successful in making sure that Remus Lupin has a fighting chance to keep his mind and some of his human emotions while traveling to your planet. You will still need to keep him quarantined should the need arise, but with the medallion around his neck, he should be tamer than a normal werewolf. Unlike most, he is already mild mannered. I have had a trusted wolf of my own working with him to make sure he accepts the change rather than fighting it like he has been. He seems to be taking the lessons well."

"Very well," stated Severus as the named families and people came forward with their possessions on them. The goblins were already busy helping some of the crew move the collected animals and the possessions of the people onto Serenity. "What is to become of Potter Manor and the last five businesses?"

"In exchange for the Manor and the businesses, everything that you have been given is free of charge," answered Tom. "The only thing you will have to pay for is what you want out of the alley. Everything else is free. I have even made sure that there is a large quantity of potion's ingredients in the supply crates. I didn't want to get something precious and not give something in return. Therefore, I made sure that the animals and such were gathered and brought here for free. You will be safe while you shop in the alley today. I have no doubt that you will probably not want to come back to this planet after this. Take your time and enjoy yourselves. There will be no danger to you."

With that Voldemort left. Severus and the rest shrugged their shoulders and entered the alley to shop. The bought every wand in Ollivander's. They made sure to stock up on books, clothing, brooms, and many other things while they were out and about. They bought many trunks that would help the magical population. All of the elves of the Potter household were either on the ship or were helping Severus and Mal pack the bought items. Severus was surprised to see that a few people asked to join Harry on his new planet. Severus saw no reason to deny them. He also didn't see any reason that the Dark Lord would say no.

Among the people to join were Ollivander, Fortescue, the owners of Flourish and Blotts, and a few others in the alley. Severus knew that they had to keep things somewhat quiet as to not start a stampede to wipe out everyone from the alley. He quickly told the people to get their affairs in order and to stay in the bank until they were bought to the ship.

As he was about to leave, he spotted four people that he hissed in annoyance at. Molly Weasley and her three children were standing there with a pleading look on their faces. He was about to turn around and ignore them when Molly spoke to him loud enough for him to stop and listen whether he wanted to or not.

"I know we have no right to ask," she said. "We just want to leave this area. We want to make a life for ourselves and to be with people that help one another. The Dark Lord has taken over everything and he has made life difficult for those that are not in his inner circle of supporters. We will work hard to do what we need to survive. Please Severus. Take us with you."

"Very well," he replied after seeing Mal shrug. "Head to Gringotts and let Zoe take you to Serenity. I will warn the four of you right now. Should ANY of you cause trouble for Harry or his mate, I will make sure that you are killed on sight. We don't have time for those that steal, lie, cheat, or threaten. We also don't have time for petty jealousy. Harry is in ULTIMATE charge where we are living. He is to be left alone by you unless it is a life threatening emergency. Even then, you will have to go through people like me before you get to him. His care and happiness is tantamount to me. Should any of you threaten his new way of life, I will make you wish you were dead."

"Of course Severus," mumbled Molly. "We will do what we said and not cause trouble for anyone. You have my word on that. We will work hard. You know that I like to cook and am pretty good at it. I can make sure that we have food and such. Just give us a list of duties and we will see to it that they are done to the best of our abilities."

With that, she and her children headed to the bank. Severus looked around and saw Voldemort nodding his head in amusement at him. Severus sighed and went about his work. The sooner that everyone got where they were going, the better his nerves would handle the situation. Already he was contemplating taking a migraine potion and rendering himself immobile. The only thing that kept him going was Mal and Kaylee. Both were his support on this endeavor.

It wasn't long after that, that Serenity was once more pulling out of orbit. Most of the new people were going about their lives in an orderly manner. The space was a little cramped, but for the most part, they were happy. They knew they were going to a better place and better way of living. They settled in and did what they could to help make the six month voyage a little more pleasant.

Of course, while most were helping, there were certain ones that were doing nothing but complaining and making a nuisance of. Ron and Ginny were constantly mocking the living arrangements and how things were done. Both were getting on Severus' nerves with their constant annoyances. It wasn't long before he cornered Molly and let loose with everything that he had.

"You will keep those brats silent, or I will have Mal throw them out of the cargo hold and let them float in space for the rest of eternity," he hissed. "We still have about four months to go and those two are already on the death wish of just about everyone that lives here. You are pushing it as you are being a bit overbearing. The only thing keeping you personally from joining them is the fact that you do take care of the galley and the food. I'm warning you for the first, last, and only time to keep them out of my sight before I curse them into oblivion."

"They are bored and not used to this," protested Molly. "Give it some more time. They will calm down when they are on the planet and near Harry again. I am doing the best that I can with them, but I have all of these mouths to feed and little time to harp on two children that are of age. I can't tell them what to do now. They are adults in every sense of the word."

"Very well then," said Severus with a sneer. "If you won't do anything about them, then I will. Also, I want to point out that just because they will be living on the same planet as Lord Potter, doesn't mean they will get to be near him. They lost that right a long time ago when half of your family decided to steal and be deceitful to him. As it is, Hermione Granger is under constant supervision as she snuck onto Infinity when she wasn't supposed to leave Malfoy Manor. For the last time, I would put Harry Potter out of your minds. You have NOTHING that he wants."

"But Severus, if he would just talk with them, I'm sure that they can forgive and forget and go back to the way that things were," insisted Molly. "Ronald was Harry's best friend and helped him. He and Ginny would make a great couple. They are perfect for one another. I know that the Potter men like red headed intelligent women."

"So that is what this was all about," stated an amused Severus. "You want to ingrate your children back with Harry in hopes that you can make a name for yourselves when we get where we are going. Well I have news for you Molly Prewett. Harry is SOULBONDED to Simon and there is nothing that you can do to break that. If I even get wind that you are trying, I will kill you myself and be done with it. You and your children will never get near Harry. Your daughter is nothing but a whore and even if Harry wasn't already bonded with someone, she would never be allowed near him. As for your son, he is nothing and will always be nothing. If you have ANY intelligence in your head, you will leave Harry alone. You are now under a probationary sentence. If you or your three children come within one hundred feet of Harry, you will be arrested on sight and sentenced to fifty years in the goblin mines."

"You can't do that," said Molly smiling at the man. "You don't have the authority to do that. Only the person in charge of where we are going can do that. From what you state, Harry is the only person that can make that call. So my advice to you is to leave me and my children alone. You had better start getting used to the idea that things will be different now."

"CRUCIO!" hissed Severus putting power into the spell. He whipped out his wand so fast that Molly didn't have any chance of seeing it. After thirty seconds, he stopped the spell and leaned over to snap in her face. "You will be sent to the brig for this. When we get to the planet, you will be shipped to prison. Master Goblin Griphook Stonehammer will be glad that he has one free worker already. We are no longer under Dumbledore's rule. I am Harry and Simon's right hand man. I can and did just pass sentence on you. I hope you are happy with yourself. Bella, would you be as kind as to escort her to the brig. For good measure, you should probably bring her tramp of a daughter and her moron of a son as well. For now Percy can stay out as he isn't causing any trouble."

"Can I have some fun with her?" asked Bella pretending to revert back to her insane manners. "I haven't been able to torture anyone for quite some time. I need to stay in shape in case the Reavers attack us. I don't think that Lord Potter will mind too much."

"Very well," stated an amused Severus. "Just remember to clean up any mess you make. The elves will be relieved that they can have the galley back so that they can fix food and stuff. Serenity hasn't been this clean in a long time. Mal is fussing because his ship is all shiny. He liked it the way it was. Make sure they are alive when we get to the planet. Amelia and Griphook can take it from there. I'll let Harry know what's going on in a few minutes so that he can get some laws passed about that trio."

Back on Miranda, Harry finished the recent call from Severus. He was spitting nails by the time that the call was done. He sought out Simon, Amelia, Griphook, and Minerva. He wasn't going to deal with this all on his own. He needed guidance and he needed people who knew how to deal with these situations.

"We are already having issues with three people coming in on this run with Mal and Severus," he explained to the group. "Already Molly, Ginny, and Ron are in the brig. Ron and Ginny are bitching and moaning about everything. Molly upset Severus so much that he used the Cruciatus on her. Apparently the dynamic trio has it set in their minds that I will make them rich and they will live like royalty here. This can't be happening again. I'm already tired of Hermione and now we have her counterparts joining the problem. What in the hell am I going to do?"

"First and foremost, you will relax," said Amelia. "If Severus is already dishing out punishment on her, then you don't have to worry. You have a soul bond with Simon and nothing can break that. Molly knows that. She is just being stupid. We can handle her when they get here. You still have about three months before they are scheduled to make it back to our new home."

"Is Severus going to be in trouble for using an Unforgivable on Molly?" asked a nervous Harry. "I would like to keep him out of prison. We never did discuss the uses of magic with everyone and what we were going to classify as dark and light and such."

"He will NOT be getting into trouble," assured Amelia. "This is a new planet. So long as he doesn't go around torturing innocent people, he can cast whatever spell he wants. The three Unforgivables will actually help us with the Reavers and such. The laws we had on earth are only a guideline. We won't punish people for using magic unless they are abusing it. Severus is highly intelligent and he knows when he should and shouldn't use those spells."

"That's a relief," said Harry with a shaky smile. "Have we figured out yet what we are going to do about Hermione and her mouth problem? I don't want her and the dynamic trio of dumbasses to have contact with one another. Jean and Dan are towing the line and I like both of them and their personalities. Hermione is still trying to throw her weight around that she is so much smarter than everyone else. It's starting to seriously piss me off. I know Minerva tore her up the last time she did it, but I am tired of her attitude."

"You leave her to me," said Minerva. "She is already not going to be doing much. I have a new job for her that will keep her VERY busy. With the information that you gave me regarding who is coming here, Hermione just found herself as assistant librarian. She will be under the watchful eyes of Irma Pince and she won't be able to throw around that she is intelligent. She will be busy dusting books and shelving them when people are done reading them. She likes books so much? Well now she can spend her life caring for and cleaning them."

"Make sure that Molly Prewett comes to me as soon as she gets here," stated Griphook. "I have the perfect goblin that will be her new caretaker. He will make sure that she doesn't do anything to try and get her daughter near you. As for the son and daughter, if they cause trouble, they can work outside the walls with someone watching them to dig ditches and other things that we will need for defense and such. Those three will NOT cause trouble for this colony or I will kill them myself. The time for people trying to take advantage of others is now at an end. If she thinks that what Albus Dumbledore proclaimed is so great, then she can share his fate."

"That just means that you have to live and enjoy your life," said Simon. "You already have so much going on that calls for you to be everywhere doing everything. It's time that you learn that we are more than capable of doing things ourselves. You need to rest and relax some. Inara tells me that you see her just about every other day for muscle spasms and such. You need to take some time off and enjoy yourself. We have things well in control and can do things to make sure our colony is running efficiently."

"We wanted to get you to go and buy extra smaller ships like Serenity when Mal and the others get back," said Amelia. "We are making great headway with what we are doing here. It will be better with more people contributing to it. We are able to do things for people and people are returning the favor. Now that we are getting more established, we can start making other businesses on the planet. Some of the people have plenty of skills. You are more than adequate to be able to create new things. I have seen some of your rune works and you are the most skilled that we have at this time."

"I should have taken runes in school rather than divination,' said Harry with a sigh. "That old fraud doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. We have a few prophecies in our ministry building thanks to me and Luna. We don't need someone like Trelawney predicting my death every few minutes. Someone will have to keep an eye on her and keep her away from me as well. I would be too tempted to hex her should she try again. As for the ships, wait until Mal returns and see to it that we get at least three more. Griphook and company can build us a place to park them. While the manor is coming along nicely, I would much rather live back on Infinity. It has everything that we need and can be the center of our community. We can build up a city surrounding it. It could be like Buckingham Palace. I can easily do everything that I need to do from there."

"Just have Dobby and Winky make sure that you get your offices and such set up," advised Minerva. "We can always use the docking bays to house the smaller ships in. That will save Griphook from having to build something. As for the manor you hare having built, you can always use it to house important dignitaries should we get them from somewhere. It isn't that hard to have the elves clean it once a week and make sure that everything is up to par. It isn't that big of a building."

"I like the sound of that," admitted Harry grinning. "I will be absent for the next week. Have River move the Infinity to a spot that is convenient for everyone. She is an excellent pilot and she will be able to decide where best to park it so that it will be usable for those that need to use it. Simon and I don't need all of those rooms and they can be used to help out our new forming government. For now, I will spend the next few hours helping Pomona and Neville with the trees and helping the forest to grow. When Serenity gets back, we will need to make a run to somewhere to get more deer and things like that. Now that the forest is getting bigger, we can have more animals."

"The farms and such are starting to produce food," said Amelia looking at her list. "We have fruits and vegetables ready for consumption. Thanks to the ingenuity of the people, we are producing plenty enough food for all of us. We even found that the rivers have fish and such. We can make our meat supply go better by supplementing fish and shrimp and such. Last but not least, I know you want to finish the walls around the city proper. By our calculations, you are about done. You just need to finish that one last wall."

"Once my vacation is done, I'll complete it," assured Harry standing. "I know that Simon has lessons in a bit with you all, so I will take my leave and go to the forest. Thank you all for your care and concern. You all are like the family I didn't have growing up. I love you all and I know that you love me in return."

With that everyone stood and went about their business. Simon called Dobby and had them move his and Harry's things back to Infinity. He knew that Harry loved the ship and it did make sense to use it as a government building. There was ample amount of room and Harry was the overall ruler of the planet. Everything would work out for the best. They just had to wait for the rest of their group to return from their soirée on the planet earth and then they could decide how to proceed from there.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Thanks for reading. This chapter was more of a filler than anything else. I have plans for the next one. I appreciate your support. This is especially for those that aren't familiar with Firefly and are reading anyway. Lots of love to you all. The next chapter is entitles Dead Man Walking.

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