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Dead Man Walking

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Chapter 12 – Dead Man Walking

Serenity made it back to Miranda with little to no troubles. They had more trouble on the inside of the ship with some of its travelers than they did with outside attacks. It was apparent to all that went on the trip that the Reavers knew to leave things well enough alone for now. Even they weren't so barbaric that they didn't know messing with certain ships was deadly for them. It didn't hurt that the elves were sent with more bombs to blow up some of their ships. According to Severus, if it worked once, then it was bound to work again. This would be a plan to cull their population to prevent as few attacks on the colony as possible.

The ship landed, and the people were steadily leaving the cramped quarters and were waiting for someone to direct them as to where they would be going next. After all, magic can only go so far to make people comfortable in a place where there shouldn't have been so many people. Harry stood there with Simon on his left and River on his right. He smiled and waved to Remus before he schooled his face into the mask of the leader of the colony. The other leaders were standing all around and were smiling as old acquaintances were quickly reestablished. Harry began smiling at everyone as they stood there and waited for him to say something.

"Welcome to Miranda," he called out. "Things are much different here than you are used to, so bear with us while we tell you how things are done here. There are a few rules here that you are to follow. The first is the most important of them all. Never go anywhere alone if you can help it. While we are safer here than most places, the Reavers can still enter the area and attempt to get into the city. We are still working on ways around their weapons that can kill you faster than a spell. We ask that you travel in groups of three or more. We have guards and such posted, but this rule is ultimate for your protection and safety."

"Next, we want you to understand that everyone here works together," said Minerva from River's right. "This means that elves, goblins, centaurs, and humans work side by side with one another and we don't give trouble due to species. It doesn't matter if you have magic or not, we all work as a team. We don't tolerate prejudice here. Breaking this rule will see you in the goblin mines for two months while you sort out your prejudices within your mind. The more you break this rule, the harsher the punishment becomes."

"Third, we want all people to know that each person will do their job to the best of their ability," said Amelia. "If you have a trade, then we will ask that you get yourself set up and apply it to our colony. You will be given a place to live without even asking for it. We have ample space to provide you with comfort. This will include a startup kit of food and such. However, from there, if you want to barter, then you have to have something to barter with. We have a school and other things that we do. Each of you that have some sort of profession in the teaching business, we encourage you to carry on that tradition."

"We have a full medical and dental facility for all who need it," stated Simon speaking up next. "We want you to understand that if something is wrong, you need to let us know so we can fix it. We don't want anyone in unnecessary pain and suffering if you don't have to be. Even if you can't afford it, come to us anyway. We can work out something from there. The healthier you are the better we can stand united against those that would wish to either kill us or rule us."

"There is a council that we already have set up in place," mentioned Harry. "Bellatrix and Jayne are the leaders of our defense. Amelia Bones is in charge of the policing of the colony to help keep us safe and running something similar to our government. Griphook is in charge of our banking needs. Magoran is in charge of our forages into the growing forest. Simon and Poppy are co-leaders of the hospital. Minerva is in charge of the school. Last but not least, Severus is in charge of our research facility. There are other leaders and such that are in charge of certain spots. Each home has a booklet of who is in charge of what. The booklet will also give you a map of where the buildings are that are going to be most important to you. As it stands, we are working well together to live and have as much comfort as we can. Those not wanting to work with us can find alternative living arrangements."

"Harry has left out that, of everyone, he is in charge of everything," said Inara with a laugh while he blushed. "He has the ultimate say on what you get, where you live, and what you do. We all know that he doesn't abuse his power, but it's him that is in charge here. Therefore, if you do what you are asked, then you will have no problems. Infinity has been turned into a government building on the first fifteen floors. Anything above that is off limits to everyone as that is where Harry and his mate live."

"The council is set up to create all rules and laws," said Kingsley in his soothing voice. "We don't want anyone to feel like we are being intolerant of your ways, but this is a new planet and you should be expected to start working towards building yourself a new life. We will add to the rules as we see the need for it. Should too much trouble start, we will effectively start producing laws that will begin to form a more solid government. As it stands, common sense is more of a law than actual laws. Killing or stealing from someone is common knowledge and will get you into trouble."

"The last rule is the mainly for those of you that carry a wand," said Narcissa. "If you are caught using your magic to harm another of the colony maliciously and not in self-defense, then you will lose the privilege of carrying said wand. Magical people are no better than those that don't have the gift. This will include those of you that like to abuse house elves. They are family members and not a possession that you can kick around and abuse. Should you spot someone abusing a house elf or anyone else, you are to report it immediately so that we can deal with the offending party."

"We want to speak to you Potter," yelled Ron from where he was standing. Everyone was shocked that he interrupted the explanations of the new colony. Harry was standing there with a glare on his face, but as of yet, he didn't say anything, nor did he show how pissed he was. "Your pet Death Eater has placed my mum, sister, and me in jail. You had better tell him to knock it off or else. He even used an Unforgivable Curse on my mother. As your friend, I insist that you put him in his place. He has no right to do that to anyone much less me and my family. If I were you, I would restrain him before someone does it for you. Consider this your only warning on the matter. We are purebloods and should be treated with respect."

Harry looked over to Jayne and gave him the signal of a fist. Jayne nodded in understanding and reached over and punched Ron in the mouth knocking him clean off his feet. Molly went to scream, and Severus cut her off with a Silencing Charm. Hermione went to get offensive about the situation and was quickly restrained by Minerva. A quick twist of the hair and Hermione was held in place by a wand pointing under her chin. Minerva was rapidly getting tired of the young woman and her mouth as were many others around the colony. As it was, Hermione was standing there with the other leaders when she had no right to do so.

"Let me make one thing very clear to the Prewett family," hissed Harry in anger. "You are NOT my friends now, nor have you ever been. You are only after my money and I can tell you right here and right now that you will NEVER get your hands on it. As for who doesn't like what my friends have done to you, then let me make one more thing very clear. I DON'T CARE! He could have cast the Avada Kedavra on her and I would have patted him on the back for getting rid of a loud mouthed bitch."

"You have turned into a dark wizard," said Ron not knowing once more when to keep his mouth shut. By now others were getting just as upset as Harry was. Some of them were even being restrained to prevent him from being cursed or hexed by them. "I should have known that you would turn your back on your friends and do this to us. I guess you are no better than the Dark Lord on the other planet. You owe us Harry Potter and I intend to collect payment. You owe my sister money as she is supposed to be married to you. You went against a legal contract. You should have forfeited the money for breaking it. You owe me for all the times that you placed my life in danger and walked away with all the fame and glory. You owe my mother for taking care of you. No one else was willing to take care of you, not even your own muggle relatives."

Harry looked over to Jayne and nodded his head again. Once more, Jayne reached over and punched Ron squarely in the mouth. Bellatrix pulled out her wand and cast a Crucio on him for his troubles. Harry stood there along with everyone else and watched as the Dead Man Walking thrashed about on the ground like a fish out of water. At Harry's nod, she let the spell go.

"For you slanderous remarks about my person, you will receive six months in the goblin mines," hissed Harry in anger. "For your threats against the people that actually work here and contribute to our way of life, you will receive another six months. Just because I'm pissed off at you right now due to the garbage you are spitting out, you will receive a year on top of that. If you ever open your mouth to me again, I will ensure that you spend the rest of your life in the caverns that the goblins are building to store our wealth and never see the sun again. If you ever threaten me again, I will ensure that your tongue is removed from your mouth so that you will never be able to speak again."

"There is no such thing as Dark Lords or Death Eaters on this planet," hissed Amelia equally as furious as Harry was. "We sat and talked about the magic used and decided to wipe the slate clean. There is no such thing as dark or light magic here. Magic is all about intent. If you use if for dark purposes, you will be punished. We have no time for people like him. If our way isn't good enough for any of you, then speak now and we can send you to the nearest planet and away from us. We have no time for slackers or those that are intent on causing trouble."

"Harry," whispered Ginny slightly afraid. "I didn't really do anything but complain about being bored and cramped on the ship. Do I have to spend time in the mines also? I didn't really do anything wrong and I haven't been causing too much trouble. I swear that if you place me under someone as something like an apprentice, I will work hard and earn my place. I want to be able to do things and earn a place."

"You will be placed under the watchful eyes of Kingsley and be taught how to man the walls of the city," stated Harry after thinking about it for a moment. "I know for a fact that you are quite skilled with your wand. You can learn how to defend our colony. If you mind your p's and q's, you will avoid the same fate as your brother. You are intelligent enough to know that if you keep your mouth closed and your mind open that you can live a relatively good life. When you get your first paycheck, I will personally pay to have your vault opened up. You have always been like a little sister to me. My spouse is Simon and we will always stay together. The only place in my life that you can have is as my sister. If you can accept that, then we will have no issues."

"I know that now and I respect your honesty," she replied. "I would rather have you as a brother than not have you at all. What about Percy and mum? What's going to happen with them? I have no problems working with Kingsley. I want to make my own way in the world. This place is new and I would like to make a fresh start and learn how to make a name for myself. I want to be my own person and not someone that is told what to do every moment of my life. I need to be me and not what others want me to be."

This got her a round of applause. She was happy to see her father and brothers clapping along with everyone else. She smiled at the praise and went to stand with Kingsley while waiting for everything else to get finished. The tall Auror patter her gently on the arm and smiled down at her. He whispered something into her ear and she nodded in agreement.

"Percy, please step forward," called Harry. The named person stepped forward hesitantly. Harry knew from Severus that the man kept his nose clean and didn't cause trouble for anyone. "Due to your ability to follow rules, you will report to Amelia for your new job. She has many small offices set up so that people like you can do something for the betterment of our community. Your actions will be monitored, but that is standard for everyone. Like your sister, if you prove yourself worthy, you will be treated as such. If you do what you are told and do it to the best of your ability, you will see just how easy it is to live here."

"I would be honored to work with Madam Bones again," stated Percy with his head held high. "She is fair and easy to work for. Thank you for the chance to be able to do something useful again. I promise to do things to the best of my ability. When we got on the ship with Severus, I was interested in hearing what we would be doing. I talked with Mal often and I liked what he said was happening here. I want to be a part of that."

"I can't believe that you are doing this to people who have stood by your side since the beginning," hissed Hermione unable to contain herself any longer. "You are being an asshole Harry and it's unbecoming of someone that used to be such a mellow individual. How dare you sentence Ronald to an extra year in the mines just because you don't like what he said? You are no better than Hitler or Voldemort. Now you are punishing people just for voicing an opinion."

"You think I'm being unfair?" asked Harry raising his eyes and turning to her in fury. "Well, let me tell you something, you high and mighty bitch. I have had it up to Grawp's eyebrows with your mouth, attitude, and your constant dressing down of people. You are a tutor and nothing else. You are a castaway that has NO RIGHT to tell anyone anything. Your parents work hard and don't cause any trouble, UNLIKE YOU. I don't answer to you. You answer to others. For opening your mouth when Minerva told you to be silent, you will join Ronald in his sentence. If you think I'm being high and mighty then, well there you go smart ass. Griphook now has TWO prisoners for the next two years. Do you want to try for a third?"

Hermione and the rest were standing with their faces showing shock. Harry was finally showing that he was tired of people pushing him around and was making his voice heard. He was tired of the games and he was tired of the players. All he wanted was a life with his mate and to walk with his head held high for his accomplishments. Minerva was standing behind Hermione with a smirk on her face. Harry was always so kind to everyone and when people like Hermione said ugly things to him he usually just ignored it and let them talk. Now, Harry was a man on a mission and it was time for people to understand that he was the boss. Others were grinning as they felt it was about time that Harry lost it on certain people. After a few moments, people began clapping for him as he continued to stare her down and not retreat from his word.

Griphook signaled two guards to escort Ronald and Hermione to the goblin mines. The goblin leader saw the look on Harry's face and knew that he wasn't finished yet. There was much more to come and he wanted to witness the Lord of the colony stand up for his rights and for those that needed it.

"Molly Prewett," he hissed at her. She jumped at the venom in Harry's voice, but she wisely remained silent. "You caused Severus so much aggravation that he cursed you. You NEVER seem to shut up when people tell you to. You also don't know when to quit and not berate people that you have no right to. We are NOT your children and you seem to forget that. So I wonder what I'm going to do with you to teach you a lesson about treating others like you are the best there is. There are many things that I would love to do to someone like you. However, I want this punishment to be one that you will remember. You are skilled in a few things, but you seem to have a problem keeping your mouth shut. AH! I know what your punishment will be. You will be placed under a spell of my own design. The purpose of this spell is to stop people from saying things that they shouldn't. This punishment will last for two years. Someone else will give you the next part of your punishment."

Harry cast his spell on Molly to prevent her from berating anyone else. Should she try and dress someone down, she would find herself rolling on the floor in agony. He nodded his head at her and pointed to Amelia. Nodding with a small sigh, Molly went to stand next to the woman. Before she got there, Amelia spoke to her in a tone that brooked no argument.

"For your crass behavior in trying to threaten a prominent member of our community, you will serve a probationary sentence of two years cleaning the government buildings," stated Amelia. "There will be someone watching your actions the entire time. You will only be allowed to go to a certain height in the building to ensure that you not try and harm Lord Potter any more than you already have. We have what you said to Severus recorded and we won't tolerate that kind of behavior from you or anyone else. You will work for five hours each day in the Ministry. From there, you will have time to do what you want. Get a trade and earn yourself a living. From what we know of you, you can cook well. I suggest that you open a restaurant or something and earn a living. Your probation starts tomorrow."

"One last thing for Molly, Hermione, and Ronald," remarked Harry speaking again. "Should we have ANY more trouble out of you, we will snap your wands and move you to a planet far away from ours. If that were to occur and you are caught coming back here, you will be killed on sight. We don't have time for betrayers or conspirators. There are rules to the game and if you are caught breaking those rules, you will be punished."

"For the rest of you, please follow Filius and me and we will show you where there are apartments and other types of places for you to either live or set up some kind of business," called Arthur. "My name is Arthur Weasley and I'm in charge of helping new residents get started with their new lives. If you would all form a line and come with us, we can get you settled in. There will be a banquet tonight in the main square to celebrate your arrival and I'm sure that many of you will want to freshen up. For those of you that have house elves, please note that all elves work within the community. So please don't be surprised if we ask for the help of your elves. It will be rare that we do, but note that from time to time, we may need their assistance."

No one seemed to have a problem with that. The Hogwarts elves had joined the team which effectively put the number at close to three hundred of them. Winky and Dobby were on the council at Harry's request. Dingo and Kreacher were Harry and Simon's personal elves. Dobby and Winky both made sure that even though they were on the council that they would still work for Harry and earn the title of good elf. Both loved Harry and Simon as much as the two men loved them.

Remus approached Harry and the two of them were happily reminiscing about what they were doing and going to do for the future. Harry knew that they still had to work on the lycanthrope virus, but he knew that if anyone could deal with it, Severus and Simon could.

Severus was happy with Harry. He watched with a surprised grin on his face as Harry tore through his opponents with ease. He also was impressed with the way that Harry handled both Hermione and Molly. Both women were a thorn in many people's side and Severus was glad that both were out of his hair. He REALLY wanted to kill Molly, but he knew that Harry would come up with a better plan. He was definitely not disappointed in the outcome of that decision.

The council was something that Harry valued more than anything. Hagrid was on the council representing both him and Grawp. The strength of the two was good for those that needed help with moving heavy items and for dealing with some of the wild animals. Harry smiled when he saw how much Grawp enjoyed assisting those that needed it. Dobby and Winky represented all of the elves. They were easier to speak too now that they weren't terrified of offending anyone. Ronan and Magoran were on the panel to represent the centaurs. Harry and Amelia represented the magic users while Simon and Poppy represented the medical officers. Mal and Inara represented those that were skilled in space flight while a couple by the name of Andrea and Dennis represented those coming from the surrounding planets and moons and those that didn't have magic. Of course Griphook and Stonebreaker were there to represent the bank and goblins as one. Minerva and Pomona were there to represent the school while Severus and Arthur were there to represent the research and development for the colony. Bellatrix and Jayne were there to represent the defenders of the colony.

"This council is now in session," called Harry a couple of months later, causing everyone to quiet down. "We have a few issues that we need to discuss today. The first thing on the agenda is the Reavers. A few of our colonists on the outside of the walls have turned up missing. Evidence shows us that the Reavers are responsible for this. We need Bill and a few goblins to go and place ward stones around the different homes and such so that the Reavers can't get into their actual dwellings. There isn't much we can do about the farms and such, but we can defend them while in their homes."

"I'll get right on that," assured Griphook. "Bill will be excited for the work. He stated that his job is starting to get boring with not much to do. We can have him and a group of warders go to the surrounding farms and ward the homes. We'll also look into trying to get some kind of warding system around the actual farms as well."

"Next, I need Mal and River to go to some of the other planets and buy at least two more ships the size of Serenity if they can," proclaimed Harry. "We can use the smaller ships to head to the surrounding planets to get us more colonists. I'll have Griphook draw you up some counter checks if you describe them to him for where you are going to get it. If not, Minerva can go with you and transfigure stuff into the local currency. She is the best of the best in that department. Make sure that you take a few elves and goblins to help with defense getting passed the Reavers. We don't want anyone getting hurt. I want each ship outfitted with weapons. Now that you are training more people to fly, we can have our own ships in the air to help cull their numbers down."

"I'll have a crew ready to leave in the next couple of days," assured Mal while River nodded. "We will send word out to those that we want to escort us to the planets and back. It should take us about two weeks to get there and two more to come back. With the way that the elves place the different bombs on the ships every time we pass through, we can cull their population even more. Thanks to you, the Alliance is pretty much leaving us alone so long as we don't cause trouble. This planet is ours and no one will stop that."

"Ronan tells me that the forest is growing bigger and better," stated Harry pointing to said centaur who nodded in agreement. "He says that the herds we bought in are starting to multiply. This is great news for us as we wanted some of the wildlife to take off to supplement our food stores. Unfortunately, we have a few poachers that we haven't caught yet. We need Charlie Weasley and a team to head in and catch them in the act. We don't want someone stealing from our forest. We have a list of people that is allowed to go in and hunt the wildlife for things like leathers and food, but from what is being reported, the poachers are after the horns and such and not much concerned about anything else. So far, they haven't been able to catch the unicorns or things like that. We don't want them to do so either."

"I'll send out a few people to help the centaurs and Charlie to catch the intruders," proclaimed Jayne. "The people that I have in mind will work well with them and catch them. Everyone that lives here knows that only certain people are allowed in the forest to hunt game. Therefore, those that are doing it for leisure will be caught and punished. While it's good to be a kind person, sometimes we have to get tough to get people to understand that things need to be done in a certain way or it could ruin it for everyone. With the last batch of people that came from your home planet, we have warriors in abundance now. We can find and stop them."

"I have a complaint," stated Griphook as Harry nodded to Jayne. This caused everyone to rivet their attention to the goblin. For him to complain, it had to be bad. "It would seem that even after being told to shut up and work, that some of our prisoners are still unable to do what they are being told to do. The girl still thinks she knows more than everyone else and is constantly bossing everyone around. This will include the overseers who have threatened to quit. The one you call Dead Man Walking is just crude and lazy. No matter how many times he gets hexed or cursed, he refuses to do the work presented to him. We have tried everything short of killing them and they still oppose the law. I want them OUT of my vaults and either dead or away from here. The boy only talks about food and money and his rights. The girl is always on about facts, laws from the old planet, and other things."

"Bring them to the square tonight," stated Amelia. "It's time to go through with Harry's threat and bring them to another planet and let them fend for themselves. Without being able to use their magic, they would not survive long where we could place them. It's time that those that want to go against our government to learn that doing so has consequences. I've been receiving reports about the other prisoners, and from what we are being told, they are towing the line. I also received the reports about those that have finished their sentence. As it stands, for now, they are towing the line. Kingsley has stated that Ginny is doing her job and doing it well. Percy is basking in his job and is doing great. Molly is working hard and is keeping her head down for the most part. She isn't causing trouble, but she still has a shifty look about her. This could just be me looking for a reason to punish her though."

"The lower we place the vaults, the more we are able to move those that are high profile to a safer spot," assured Griphook. "The numbers stay the same, but the location changes. Harry, we were able to get you two more vaults and thanks to the hard work of some of my goblins, your vaults are better organized and look more like a museum than a vault. There is no way that ANYONE will get to those vaults except you and Simon. We goblins don't even go in there except to clean and to move them further down once we have a spot for them in a safer location. As it stands, we have well over three hundred vaults in all sizes. Many of the colonists are opening vaults and are depositing their money and valuables in them to keep them from being stolen."

"Maybe we can send Hermione and Dead Man Walking to a planet together," mused Harry while others snickered at him not paying that much attention anymore. "It will be hard enough for them alone, but if we give them the option of staying together, they may have a way of finding some sort of living. We can discuss it as time goes on. Before I forget, I want to thank the goblins for building that safe house for Remus. He loves his home. He does change, but it's only for the one night instead of three and the change is not like it used to be. He doesn't even need the potion to keep his mind."

"I did see you talking with him through the door," mentioned Minerva. "It was odd, but nice. I didn't know that werewolves could speak when in their animal form. Apparently, there are things that they can do that we didn't know about. Remus seems to be just as sane in his wolf form as he is when he is in his human form."

"I talked with him about that," answered Severus. "He didn't feel the bloodlust that so many of the earth wolves had. He just grew into the creature, but felt like it was more of an animagus transformation than the curse. Maybe it's because we live in an area with a different sun and conditions and such. He has retained all of his wolf gifts such as smell, hearing, and rapid healing, but other than that, he is normal whether as a wolf or man."

"He seems to love teaching the children," stated Minerva. "He is just as gifted teaching the non-magical children as he is with those who have magic. I like having him in the school. He makes a great Deputy Head. He handles the children quite well and they seem to adore him. We can do many things for the children now. We could even consider opening a day care for children under a certain age. There is no limit to what we can do."

From there, the council left the meeting room and headed to the town square. Messages were sent to everyone to meet in the assembly. It was a stroke of genius on Harry's part to make it similar to an amphitheater. It easily held everyone that lived in the colony. About an hour later, everyone was in place. Harry stood at the center and beckoned to Griphook to have the guards bring in the two prisoners.

"The council met today and we discovered that after everything that was said and done, that Hermione and Ronald still insist on opposing rules set for the safety and betterment of our colony," addressed Harry to the crowd. "It has gotten so bad that Griphook and his kinsmen refuse to have anything to do with the two prisoners. Therefore, we are putting to a vote as to what to do with them. Before each of you, there is a basket with different colored balls. This will be how we will cast the vote."

"Option one is that they be sent to regular prison and leech off of us by getting free food and not doing anything to help the community," said Amelia. "They will sit in their cells and not be seen or heard. We will even place silencing spells and limit their food intake. If you wish to see them in prison for the remainder of their sentence, place a red ball in the tube and it will deposit itself into the counting pool."

"Option two is to just have Serenity bring them to a planet and drop them off," said Harry. "We wash our hands of them completely. They will not be allowed to have wands and will have to learn to live as those that don't have magic. If this sounds like an option you would like to have happen, place the blue ball in the tube to be counted as a vote."

"Option three is to wipe their memories of magic and our planet and send them away to another planet or moon," said Amelia. "This will keep our planet and the secret that we have magic to help our community here where it belongs. Tampering with memories isn't something we are that fond of, but it will keep our community safe from the Alliance. We will still bring them to a planet and let them fend for themselves and we won't have them as trouble makers anymore. If this is something that you would like to see happen, then place the green ball into the tube for your vote."

"Before we ask you to cast your vote, is there another option that we haven't looked at yet?" asked Harry. "We value your opinions just as much as you value the safety that we give you. Please note that the option to release them back into our society is NOT going to be considered. Both have broken the law and deserve to be punished. Neither is cooperating with said punishment."

"What if we send them to the forest to work with the centaurs," suggested Molly. "They can be taught how to gather herbs, plants, and things that we need for the community. If we give them both a small salary while they are doing it, they will spend most of their time in the forest and away from the city. Let their salary be very small as we aren't awarding them, but at the same time, put them to work and give them something. This way, once their punishment is over, they will have money saved up so that they can try and start some sort of career for themselves."

"That is an interesting option," mused Harry. "That might work on one, but I doubt it would work on the other. If this sounds like an idea you wish for us to implement, place the yellow ball in the tube. However, a point of reference is that if the goblins can't handle them, then the centaurs might not either. It was stated that the goblins would like to see the two of them dead. If we send them away, then they can at least stay alive. I have no doubt that if they upset the centaurs that they would end up being brought back to us looking like a pincushion."

"The black balls are for those that don't have an opinion on the matter in any way," stated Minerva. "Once you are done voting, please remain seated and we will let each of you know what has been decided by the colony as a whole."

"Please place your vote now," called Amelia waving her wand to fill the baskets with the balls of appropriate color. "Remember that Ronald is in trouble for threatening the leaders and Hermione is in trouble for being unable to keep her mouth closed about things that are none of her business. There is two of each colored ball in the basket. Please cast your vote ONLY after you think about their offense and what you would like to see happen."

With that, Harry and Amelia sat in their spots and placed their votes. Soon, the voting baskets were filling up with the colored balls. The counters above the baskets were counting the colors. As of yet, there were no red balls in the basket. Apparently no one wanted either of them sitting in a jail cell where they could continue to leech off of the community and not give anything back. Most of the magical population voted green. They didn't want either of them to remember anything that could cause harm to their new lives. The non-magical population was divided between green and black. The non-human groups were predominantly green.

"We have a tally now," said Harry standing up and pointing to the counters. "Hermione Granger, it has been voted by many that you will be moved to the forest and work with the centaurs. Should you cause problems for them, there will be no more chances. Should they send you back, your memory will be wiped, and you will be sent away. Do you understand that this is your LAST chance?"

"I understand," she said with tears of frustration in her eyes. "I understand that you would rather your best friends working as slaves than to be given their fair places within the community. I thought that coming here would be better for me and that you would understand that you need me to help you. Apparently you are so arrogant that you think we are beneath you now."

"That's because you are," hissed Severus in fury. "As you can't seem to keep your mouth shut, you have just lost the privilege we were going to give you. You will have your memory wiped and you will be sent away. We don't have time for people like you who feel they are the best of everything. You should have just nodded your head and kept your silence. You can't seem to understand that just because you are intelligent doesn't mean you are wise."

"You will join Ronald in his punishment of being Obliviated and removed from the planet," said Harry. "You will be placed in a jail cell until Mal and River head to get more transport ships. From there, you will be given a small stipend to help get you started. It won't be that much, but it will at least give you the chance to survive. That is the only leniency that I'm willing to give to you. You just needed to shut up."

"I'll kill you Potter," screamed Ronald. "I want you dead. If I can kill you, then I can take your place and rule this deadbeat colony like I want. You will no longer be able to make comments about people like that. You will die by my hands."

With that, Ronald broke from his captors and raced to Harry with a knife in his hands. No one knew where he got it, but he had it in his hands. He stabbed Harry with a smirk on his face and pressed on the knife.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" yelled Bellatrix pointing her wand at the red head killing him instantly. From there, she turned her wand on Hermione and held the girl in place. Simon, Severus, and Poppy were already working on Harry while others were just sitting there watching their leader lying on the ground. Kingsley was furious with himself at not keeping a closer eye on the prisoners. Amelia was already calling for the assembly to leave. The goblins came in and assisted with the dismissal of the group.

"Come on Harry, you just have to stay awake," said Severus as he and Poppy worked on spelling potions into his system. "This will be over before you know it and you will be back on your feet. We are going to bring you to the hospital and from there we will work on removing the knife. Thankfully, he didn't hit anything important. You will live, but you need to stay as calm and relaxed as you can."

"He hit the bone with the knife," explained Simon showing them as they put Harry on a conjured stretcher. "He will be sore for a few days, but he will be just fine. Let's get him to room ten and we can work on him. What are you going to do about the girl? I get the feeling that she knew something about this."

Severus turned to Molly and Hermione and scanned their minds. Hermione was in on the plan and Molly was innocent. However, she was pleased with what she saw. He immediately ordered her arrest.

"Hermione was in on it and Molly is disappointed that Ron didn't succeed," answered Severus. "She didn't know anything about the attack, but we can't have her wanting someone to die just because her son did the stabbing. She will have time added to her sentence and she will be fined. That is something that I will demand."

No one disputed him on that. He was part of the council and he was skilled at what he did. He was a model figure within the colony and did his work with impeccable timing and skill. He rarely asked for anything, but when he did, everyone made sure he got it. He and Harry were very similar in that aspect. Neither wanted much, but when they asked for something, they were usually asking for something mild and it usually benefitted everyone.

Once Bellatrix heard that Hermione was in on the scheme to assassinate Harry, she flicked her wand and another body was ready for disposal. In the couple of years that she had been working with Harry, she came to respect him a great deal. She loved him like a son she never had. She had taken Harry, Simon, Neville, Luna, and River under her wing and lavished the four with love and respect. She was a fierce combatant, but she was able to show love and affection just like everyone else. In this instance, someone hurt one of her "children" and she couldn't let that slide.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Don't hate me for getting rid of Hermione and Ronald. Neither was supposed to be a good guy in this story. What do you think about how I'm portraying Bellatrix? I like this side of her. I hope that you enjoyed it.

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